Wilbur Ross on China trade: October tariffs are off the table

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100 thoughts on “Wilbur Ross on China trade: October tariffs are off the table

  1. Not only don't we need them we are getting hundreds of millions off them in tariffs alone. So we are making bank . China is a known liar. So deal no deal. It doesn't matter. Commie Losers.

  2. I think China is playing us. They are buying time acting like they are willing to deal. As soon as the economy gets a little bad they will strike and force a deal because they know us Americans do not have the will power to to suffer for the greater good. We have been taught to take the easy route for the short term.

  3. Let’s end China while we can. Slowly pull out. Maybe on the way out they will agree to reforms. If not oh well. Let’s just bite the bullet for the long term.

  4. China was desperate to buy food products. Buying from Brazil they do not know the quality of food products and bugs shipped to China, just like African swine flu.

  5. 🔴 Manufacturing is not coming back. Stop dreaming about that. Capitalism abandoned this country a long time ago, it went to China, Brazil, mexico etc. The private companies that left nobody told them to leave, they did it because is more profitable. They don’t care about you or being American. Wake up and start accepting they don’t owe you nothing. Want free markets? there you go. Companies are privately owned and they can do whatever they want. It’s unfair you say. Well, that’s the real world🙄🤷‍♂️

  6. the chinese are not going to change they will come to an agreement and break it ,so do not bother with them they have had a free ride for too long and if they could not be fair and try to buy some stuff from america on their own initiative and have a balanced trade they wont ever

  7. Great Job…BUT…I hope we just didn't trade more soy beans from the USA for more manufactured goods from China. AND..we wanna see MORE goods manufactured in the USA going to China. We also want to see the 4:1 trade imbalance cut down to something closer to 1:1. And Wilbur Ross hit it RIGHT on the head. That European lady "defines" US "leadership" as allowing THEM to have all kinds of trade barriers while the USA drops its pants and lets them sell anything and everything in OUR markets….while we're shut out of their's. THAT kind of "leadership" we don't want and we don't need. Europe…China…Mexico…Canada just have to accept the fact we're DONE with the "old ways".

  8. Christine Lagarde was NOT brought up as "a citizen of this world", she was brought up as a citizen of France. Somewhere along the line, she became a hardcore globalist.

  9. Trump is Francis from pee wee movie 😂!Nothing got done with china,trumps regime just feeding their cult their 💩 of lies🤮

    No excuse for the lie that it was a spontaneous uprising!
    BIG ARMS SCANDAL: Smoking gun docs uncovered by

  11. Wilbur “one foot in the grave” Ross is a blatant criminal, you might want to research his background, the man should be in prison for fraud, theft and insider trading as well as failing to divest assets and falsifying his disclosure papers. I guess Trump supporters prefer criminals in the administration.

  12. The EU and their talking heads can take their opinions about the US and shove it. We’re done caring what you think and don’t want to be globalist like you.

  13. USA should stop AMD from being taken over by CHINESE just like BlackBerry, and Motorola and many more technology companies

  14. Teachers Unions support to elect “Democrats” in the cities and states public offices, then go on strikes against them! If that’s not mental disease, then it must be the way to “milk” taxpayers money through the Backdoor deals and kickbacks!

  15. please USA do not allow any product from any other country to come to USA if the owners are from China because China is moving thousands of companies to MEXICO, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Vietnam and many others countries using all these countries to continue killing usa economically. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CANCER corrupt communist China

  16. Trump likes to play games with China.

    Because of China, his life is so interesting.

    The old man is most afraid of loneliness.

  17. please USA don't allow any product or any parts or materials from any other countries if China is even 1% of ownership, ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CANCER corrupt communist China, so USA should made in USA only using parts or materials that are ZERO CHINESE.

  18. hey USA if China takes over Taiwan then China will take over lots of technology companies also the will be telling the world that now they really are the owners of the south China sea 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🙈🙈🙈👹👹👹😱🙉👎👎👎👎🤬🤬🤬💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🙏

  19. China is so so so EVIL that China will pretend that they agree on USA demand but CANCER corrupt communist China can't be trusted at all because eventually when China is more strong and rich then China will be turn against USA and USA will never be able to win on any thing against China practices so the only solution is ZERO trust ZERO TOLERANCE ZERO trade ZERO dealing ZERO China in USA life.

  20. It would be best if we had nothing to do with China… they hate the USA. Everything we do to help their economy will only give them more strength to oppose the US in the future.

  21. CHINA lost their selfish ways in their own mess , china communism government have no idea what going to happen after 2020 , Trump first priority sink communism and exposure of XI JINPING madness.

  22. WHYYYYYYY china, don't trust them…they need to change their evil ways, fentanal, body parts,organ harvesting…from prisoners of their own kind, theft, liers…USA definitely needs "signed contracts"!!!
    You could have a deal with USMCA and the UK, don't get greedy!!!

  23. The Chinese are criminals. China is a dystopian communist society. China is a huge threat to global security and stability.

  24. China’s hoping for a new president like the past five or six president like the ones that let China rip the country off .and the DEMORATS dont mind getting rip because they don’t want president trump to make them look like what they are IDIOTS.

  25. WOW a globalist banker decrying what Donald Trump is doing. How unexpected? These are the same people that created the system of Fiat money that is totally collapsing, and have been ripping off economies all aver the world for the last 60 odd years and beyond. I think they may have a major credibility issue. Don't believe everything you hear.

  26. Their is no China deal. Their is no wall. Their is no cease fire in Syria. Their is no December tarrifs. Their is still missile test in North Korea…. hahahaha! Trump hasn't done nothing but lie and give out nicknames and tweet.

  27. what is so great about soy beans, tell me about tomatoes, or potatoes or cumbers, what about sweet pees good lord, soy beans soy beans soy beans WHO WANTS TO EAT, BURN OR BUILD WITH SOY BEANS !!!!

  28. Trade should have been agreed to last.. not first. They will just take the trade stuff and forget about the rest.

  29. CHINA needs to be held Accountable NOW for their PAST CRIMES
    Anything involving the CLINTONS is CRIMINAL……what part of this is NOT UNDERSTOOD?
    NO DEALS with CHINA…..and start taking away the property they have purchased here

    NO FOREIGN COUNTRY should EVER be allowed to buy Property from a SOVEREIGN Country!


  31. In democratic countries the laws and existing institutions allows these concerns to be catered for automatically….. China however is not a democratic country….. So watch this space!!!!!

  32. China has never honored a deal in their entire existence. How about they honor the deal for at very least 3 months and then talk about relieving the tariffs? You're out of your mind if you think that they are ever going to deal straight

  33. Chinese are amazing. America’s days are over and we are taking the place over. We already own half of your country. Sure we are physically repulsive but that won’t stop us!

  34. China breaks promises? Well, I know for a fact that the US reneges all treaties it has signed, but I am yet to know which promise the Chinese has broken recently.
    Intellectual property? China is filing twice as many patents as the US each year. If there is one country that should Make sure that other countries are not stealing its intellectual property, it is China, not USA.
    The policies of the USA towards China is based on lies and blinded by hatred and jealousy. The US is unable to look at things as they are. Because of that, the policies that the US is having towards China are very dangerous to the US itself because they will lead to the rapid decline of the US. The US must stop lying to itself, must stop its hatred and its jealousy towards China. Then, and only then, will the US return to its senses.
    Unlike China, the US is utterly focused in its trade war with China and on a trade deal with China. China, on the other hand, is less tense and is making plans in case of the worst scenario, which is the complete decoupling of the two economies.

  35. When the Chinese president says that anybody involved in trying to divide China will have their bodies shattered and their bones grind to dust, he really means it!!! Goes for foreigners as well !!!!!

  36. Wilbur Ross knows that imposing U.S. tariffs on all goods imported into the U.S, would give the U.S. government enough money to run its operations – thereby eliminating the need for the government to borrow money from the Federal Reserve at interest.
    He is a traitor to the American people. America needs to revitalize all of its factories and start making our own goods again.
    Forget Trump's call for "foreign investment" to open our factories. Use tariff money to loan to AMERICANS at no interest to open up the factories.
    So who benefits from all this global free trade? Certainly NOT the worker or the consumer, that's for sure – wages go down and prices go up.
    This free trade experiment needs to come to an end.

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