Wi-Fi CLOTHES? — Mind Blow #82

Clean your clothes in the future by simply
dropping this electrostatic spherical washing machine into your laundry basket. And this new vibrating pill has a tiny motor
that begins vibrating 6 to 8 hours after being consumed and it produces contractions in the
intestines that help relieve chronic constipation. Vsauce! Kevin here…. this is Mind Blow A Dutch designer has created wearable technology
that turns your clothes into an MP3 player. The 3-D printed fabrics that make up the BB
suit give the user Wi-Fi, GPS, and bluetooth components. And the idea is to provide wearable
as opposed to carryable technology but producing these on even a small scale is difficult right
now especially due to questions regarding durability and washing. SCiO is a pocket molecular sensor that can
detect the chemical makeup of objects. Use it to get nutritional facts about food, analyze
soil, authenticate medications, see how ripe an avocado is through the skin or know which
watermelon is sweeter. Spectrometer technology isn’t new but shrinking one down to the palm
of your hand is and it could allow us to build a database of matter. Professor Scott White and his team have developed
self-healing and regenerating plastic. In the past self-healing and regenerating materials
were only able to fix small damages, but this new technology has the ability to regenerate
materials to fill in large cracks and holes. The future of this breakthrough has a range
of applications including a car bumper repairing itself within minutes of an accident. CleverPet is a Wi-Fi-connected feeding dish
that teaches and entertains your dog while you’re away. Your dog learns how to play with
the cleverpet by hitting different buttons to receive treats and as the dog learns the
challenges get harder. It’s basically like video games for dogs. The Hive Inn is a hotel concept from Hong
Kong where the rooms are built out of shipping containers. And that’s now a thing that you
know! Mink is a 3D printer that prints makeup. It
allows users to choose any color from any image online and turn it into a wide array
of makeup products from eye shadow to lip gloss because most makeup products are created
from the same basic substrates. This new technology could provide access to any makeup at an affordable
price since many products and colors are not available in chain stores. The University of Engineering and Technology
in Peru has created a billboard that purifies air as efficiently as 1,200 trees. It creates
100,000 cubic meters of clean air by filtering polluted air through a water system and releasing
clean air back out to a radius of 5 blocks. And it’s in response to the pollution created
as a result of Peru’s booming construction industry. The LIX is a pen that writes in 3D allowing
you to doodle in air. It melts and cools colored plastic as you write which creates the rigid
freestanding structures. All you have to do is plug it in for power to heat the material
as it flows through the pen. And it could lead to a whole new way of crafting. This is the world’s smallest comic that was
microfabricated with an ion beam onto a human hair. Microsoft is developing a keyboard that eliminates
the need for a mouse. The Type-Hover-Swipe has gesture control sensors between its keys
and allows you to swipe and pinch mid air to navigate through web pages. And even claims
to have gaming functions including an invisible steering wheel. Solar Roadways is a concept for replacing
roads and parking lots with a modular solar paving system to power the world around them.
The panels would be heated to keep roads clear of ice and snow as well as smart to alert
drivers if something is in the road. The roads would also be marked with LED lights instead
of painted markings and parking lots would be able to reconfigure parking in an instant. A researcher at the MIT media lab has created
super shoes. A pair of flexible soles can be placed into any shoes making them smart.
They work in conjunction with your smart phone and can act as a navigation device sending
vibrations in your feet telling you when and where to turn. The shoes learn your regular
patterns as well as likes and dislikes and can navigate you through different routes
for variety or lead you to a great restaurant you might not know about nearby. Finally Technicolour Alaska is a time lapse
capturing the Northern Lights as seen from Alaska.. I’m going to leave you with a camouflaged
robotic snake. And as always thanks for watching!

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99 thoughts on “Wi-Fi CLOTHES? — Mind Blow #82

  1. Haha the solar roadways scam… The names of all the people who gave their money to that guy should be made public, and they should be forbidden to donate ever again to anyone except humanitarian agencies.

  2. Technology is looking crazier and crazier… 2015 is gonna be big… but just imagine 2019… and so on… technology will be intense and we will be able to do whatever pretty much

  3. The air purifying billboard interests me, but if it uses water in it's filtration, I assume the water gets dirty, what do you do with that water?

  4. The keyboard is completely retarded and literally is a waste of technology. Mice are so more precise and have way more applications that swiping through the air

  5. Solar Roadways? You should be ashamed of yourselves for falling for that. What else have you presented to us that hasn't been vetted?

  6. The solar road way is the stupidest idea ever nobody will ever be able to see them during the day, and replacing the roads will be expensive as fuck.

  7. so,i guess the future future (like from back to the future 2..just not as futury-y) is here? cool. i rate that.

  8. Sorry I had to thumb this down due your lack of critical thinking and research, I expect better from this channel.

    The handheld spectrometer, whilst being an interesting idea doesn't appear to be able to give any useful data which can't be gathered more accurately from other means.

    Solar roadways? How does anyone with an IQ over 90 believe this is feasible?

    Well done, you've just promoted two scams and sent $10,000s their way.

  9. The laundry ball, if it really works, is a game-changer.  Any student apartment can be one where your clothes are always clean, and laundromats go out of business.

    Authenticate medications?  So now you know if that stuff you bought is MDMA or caffeine/Valium, before you take it.

    Solar roadways: if they could do nothing but keep themselves ice-free and light up the street lamps, it would be an improvement well worth having.

  10. Sadly most people who have commented here have not done their research, if the glass panels were large you may have a problem but not with these small ones. The glass is made of silica and we have deserts full of sand.  If it can be proven then why not do it? These guys have been working with universities to craft their product and they have tested it.

  11. Why spend all the money and take the time to Solar Power the roadways? Hook the LEDs up to the electricity mains, still using the LEDs to change roads and lane divisions.

  12. What a wonderful idea? I was thinking something similar like this several years back. I'm a Semi Truck driver, and had a thoughts of something to melt and light the roads automatically. I'm all for it, this will a 10 stars in the future.

  13. About the solar roads when a guy takes up 4 spaces I hope it says asshole right next to it or v.I.p parking

  14. I would like to see semi wheel fall off and then scrape down the solar road for 1/2 mile with the bare axle, would it survive stuff  like th at

  15. The future looks exciting. Spectrometers, 3d pens, gesture keyboards and super shoes. I'm a little uncomfortable with the super shoes though. The amount of data and location tracking would be huge.

  16. Can't believe they made a Mind Blow video for solar roads but not the SpaceX Falcon 9 landing. That one is truly worth looking out for.

  17. solar roadways are seriously the worst possible use of solar panels someone could possibly think of. put the same panels on rooftops for at least 6 times as much power per dollar.

  18. this solar roadway is just a kickstarter con.these people should be sued for lying.
    do the math..this would cost about 50 trillion dollars a year .
    let alone the fact these panels generate about 1/3 of a standard panel.

  19. 0:07 seconds there is a pill next to a "penny". It's a quarter that's colored to look like copper. US quarters are like, twice as big as a penny, and they are silver colored.

    Just a little misleading, eh?

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