Why YOUTUBE TV Is A Game Changer! And Why You Should Be Excited.

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100 thoughts on “Why YOUTUBE TV Is A Game Changer! And Why You Should Be Excited.

  1. When I first got on the call with Youtube I thought…eh I don't know about this, but as they described every feature, every opportunity, and how they want to expand from this launch, I became incredibly excited. Obviously time will tell if this will be successful, but they have a very big unique opportunity here. I'm hoping for the best.

  2. Let me guess. YouTube TV is only for USA, right? Once again, YouTube only cares about USA and not the rest of the world.

  3. Just like everything else google ever owns, It will start out decent and it will quickly turn into complete shit.I've learned my lesson multiple times already. I'm not stupid enough to buy a single google product when there are 'far better' alternatives.I was a long time google user since their conception. The google everyone knows and loves and the modern google of today are 2 completely different things.google's services have gone so downhill since 2014, I don't even use their search engine anymore and I'm patiently waiting for a good alternative to youtube service.

  4. I like Kodi it is free and has every show on it unlike Netflix or HBO. The only problem with it using it is it is slightly illegal.

  5. The only thing I appreciate about regular cable right now is that my Dad buys it so I just use his account to watch everything on HBO and ABC. Other than that I just pay for Netflix and Crunchyroll and I have all the entertainment I'll ever need. I think YouTube TV is exciting however because normal cable is on its way out with our generation.

  6. Honestly, I'm concerned for cable company employees. Yes, YouTube TV may seem nice, but what about all the people these cable companies employ? If they go out of business, those people will lose their jobs. Last time I checked, the United States was trying to create more jobs, not get rid of them. YouTube is almost turning into a little Hollywood and I'm not really into that. I'm a bit nervous about this whole thing. Just my thoughts.

  7. I hate TV because it is so invasive. It's too easy to turn into a vegetable when you're plopped down on the couch. YouTube gives you some opportunity to multitask and hopefully be more productive.

  8. Let's just dive into it? Dive? DIVE? You mean jump. Jump into it Phil. Some of us talk along with you in the intros and this change in intro affects us!

  9. Still on legacy Cable, what a fool. Verizon FiOS HD baby for speed +. I use that and PSVue. I had SlingTV but it stopped working and loading on everyone of my devices and Windows 10 along with AmazonTV and Android tablets too. Check them out on my channel now..

  10. funny that Philip is so stoked here and that YouTube contacted him about it in advance…only to block his channel out.

  11. Philip. You're tongue appears to have entered Youtube's colon. Youtube TV is the last chance attempt at a cash grab from a platform already in its death throes. I understand that your livelihood is at stake here but you have to adapt.
    If anybody wants a better understanding of the situation from an unbiased source, see the video '#AdsenseGate: The Truth About Youtube Demonetization' by ComputingForever.
    If/when that video disappears from this site it will always be available at vidDOTme.
    Times are changing people, if, like me, Youtube plays a big part in your life I highly recommend you familiarize yourself with alternative platforms like vidDOTme and prepare for this party to end.

  12. I've never had a cord to cut, I live on youtube, netflix (which my mom pays for, dont judge Im 21) asn I've been considering sling TV but this may be better for me and I may be excited to share my account to save money. I wish they had like a 2 account one for a little cheaper but its okay :3

  13. The only, THE ONLY thing that matters to me, is no ads. I will pay $200 a month for a full TV package if there are no ads. I am smart enough to buy what I want and need when I want and/or need it, leave me the fuck alone!

  14. Wow! I came to see a review on YouTube TV and ended up watching a movie critic being critical of a movie critic. Go figure!!

  15. I have no interest in YouTube TV personally, because I don't watch TV, but this isn't an issue. My concern is that YouTube content will now be controlled and sanitized by the networks' standards and practices divisions and by the network's sponsors. Already we've seen demonetization and some censorship. One of the nice things about producing content on the internet has always been that we've been free from such limitations and from control by external authorities. If bringing TV onto YouTube brings this to an end, YouTube may become a very boring, lifeless place. On the other hand, maybe it will spur the creation of competitors to YouTube, which I've been hoping for for some time, because it's never good to have only one player in any industry or arena.

  16. You should have talked more about Netflix and Hulu plus comparisons. They've turned live TV to on demand. However, Netflix acts as a storage basin for "old" conent. If YTTV adopts the concept of older, "classics", then they would own the game.

  17. YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service with major broadcast and popular cable networks. YouTube Red gives you a premium music experience and uninterrupted YouTube—ad free, offline, and in the background.

    Both memberships give you access to YouTube Red Originals, but YouTube Red isn’t included in your YouTube TV membership. However, if you are a YouTube Red member, you can watch the YouTube content on YouTube TV without ads.

  18. yea, but would one also get Google music with youtube tv's service? I only ask cause with just youtube red, you get Google music.

  19. 40 channels for $35. Take away the 13 sports channels that I'll never watch, that's 27 channels for $35. "Game Changer" my ass.

  20. How is this a game changer? It's the same shit that cable companies offer. They give you a bunch of channels you don't want for 1 price. This is not a game changer.

  21. I just cut cable.  Put in some HD antenna which is fine except when we have bad weather and channels get fuzzy.  I am excited about this!! Will totally try

  22. Thirty five a month? Hulu is like 8$ month. Just get that and Netflix. What the fuck is the point. The other channels are free. Shouldn't be charging anything.

  23. 2:20 Phil, thank you for understaning my college life. lmao couple buddies and I are splitting a place and hate paying for cable cause its ass, just started paying for youtube TV last night, its a beauty

  24. this Key underline confidential
    hints Blacklisting original content creators
    Don't Buy in to this foolish Project of a product

  25. Thanks Phil now independent news sources can't make any money because of new guidelines but yet coincidentally YouTube spits out a new TV service that brings old, dead and tired news outlets back to consumers. Great now CNN can be shoved down our throats again. Also weren't many of you opposed of old media like WSJ which many of you opposed yet you support a platform that brings that media to a new and unique outlet like no other!

  26. Youtube TV.. well it better have EVERYTHING for 35 dollars a month.

    Netflix manages to push out a tonne of great quality content for 1/3 of the price with out ads.

  27. Yea, $35 a month for garbage television that I stopped watching in 2003 and it DISABLES the ability to even fast forward through their forced commercials. Uh huh. Sign me up baby…

  28. A couple of questions: first, can you watch this service on a actual tv not just tablet, smartphone, or computer? Can you add time to recordings for example, can you add an extra hour or more to a sports event in case it goes into overtime?

  29. It is not cheaper than Sling. I have Sling Blue + Best of Spanish TV for international football and it's cheaper than what youtube offers in their basic plan.

  30. I couldnt care less about Youtube TV, but I know this could save my parents about 60 extra dollars a month so its worth looking into

  31. Yes – I'm excited. Finally way to avoid cable news monopoly. and also being able to watch TV anytime and anywhere I want. I also appreciate that I do not need to get 150 different channels and I can watch only what I want.

  32. 1) 10-15 years too late
    2) Too expensive at $35/month
    3) Limited channels-especially for that exorbitant price
    4) Half of the fucking channels are either sports or propaganda networks
    5) You need internet access

    Despite all of this, I still think the fucking terrorist American population will subscribe to it in droves.

  33. 1) 10-15 years too late
    2) TV is passe/old/boring/outdated/unsophisticated
    3) Too expensive at $35/month
    4) Limited channels-especially for that exorbitant price
    5) Half of the fucking channels are either sports or propaganda networks
    6) You need internet access

    Despite all of this, I still think the fucking terrorist American population will subscribe to it in droves.

  34. it's like a handful of channels for 35 bucks a month, when you take a look at directv now and what they have to offer, it's obviously the better deal.

  35. Screw that shit – it's just another way of getting into peoples money. $35 +Soccer $15 and +Showtime $11 basically I would have to pay the 35 just to be able to pay the 26 for Soccer and Showtime because I am very sure the rest is cheap shit that you get to watch. I saw already that you get to watch the Kardashian shit – I wouldn't pay a single penny for those!

  36. TheyTube is pushing out the original content creators. There's no reason to be excited about this.

  37. YouTube TV Disrupts Network TV

  38. Would you pay $35 per month for YouTube TV, I'll pass, but then again I live in Chicago and there's plenty of good shit on regular HD-TV.

  39. All I really want to know is will I be able to watch this stuff on my TV or will I have to watch it on the computer?

  40. I really want to switch to YouTube TV, I want my parents to get rid of those clunky old cable boxes, but my dad still likes cable for some reason, and he doesn't believe me when I say cable is dying, and I'm the person that wants cable to die the most, but I will get YouTube TV when I move out of my parents house, I'm not only gonna sign up myself, I'm also gonna maybe sign up my girlfriend and maybe some other my closest friends

  41. I hate Comcast and they horrible customer service. If Google ends up offering internet in the future, I'g get their internet service and YouTube TV, done deal.

  42. a-la-carte TV. Something that should have happened decades ago. I've never paid for cable as I can't stand damn commercials. I am a YouTube Red subscriber and I love it. Pay a little bit each month, get all the content, support the creators, NO COMMERCIALS. You hear that TV networks???? You want my money? DO THIS!

  43. So glad I don’t have cable lmao. $100 a month for gigabit internet. Watch all my movies and tv shows on Hulu and Netflix and YouTube. Who needs cable anymore.

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