Why wear merino wool in the summer?

hi I’m Doug Dea from Campers Village and I’m here today with one of our fantastic store our guides Chelsea and Chelsea today we want to talk about why would you wear Icebreaker merino in the spring and summer when it’s hot, I mean you were recently in Africa so you had this experience yeah can you tell us what are the properties of Icebreaker why would we want to wear it? So first off merino is a type of wool but unlike traditional wall it’s very very soft the fibers of it are very very thin so it’s not itchy at all like traditional wool and because it’s a natural fiber it’s just super super comfortable. Yeah it’s not pokey you can see when I when I press it against my hand there’s no nothing pokey or sharp it’s going to itch us or bother us. It doesn’t have the natural scales of most traditional wool. Beautiful it’s amazing you have to feel it to understand. Most people they feel it and touch it they wouldn’t think it would be wool at all it’s a more like a cotton so. I mean when we look at the merino’s story I mean the great thing about it it’s totally a natural fiber it’s a natural product and it’s got all those great features like its UV inhibiting it doesn’t build up body odor it’s wickable it’s highly breathable and of course as we’ve shown it’s really soft and comfortable to wear next to skin as well. Tell me about some of the layers that you’re wearing in those climates and how you adjusted those layers yes for sure so this main tank top somewhere was one that I wore a lot this is actually a merino wool blended with lyocell which is from a natural wood fiber so those two together make it even more breathable it wicks away moisture a lot. Same with the t-shirt if it is plus 40 and I can’t be in my bathing suit this is definitely either one that I I would wear you’re so much more comfortable unlike a synthetic that is made of a plastic you don’t feel like you’re trapped in a plastic bag it keeps you cool when it’s warm and then I’ll also warm when it’s cool. And even if you do get it wet it still keeps you warm it has such a good it’s such a good insulator. So show us some of these other layers that you would add like if it’s getting cool in the evening or it’s cool in the morning what are some of the additional layers you would put on? So first thing in the morning I would usually throw this on over top of a t-shirt if I was feeling a little bit colder but then in during the day when it the Sun did come up and it was that into the 30s up to the 4 this definitely protected me a lot from the Sun. What about something you know if you need something even to add another layer for a little bit more warmth. Exactly so when I got colder in certain mornings or certain evenings this is a perfect piece to keep me well insulated I was wearing it underneath my rain shell and And of course you know when you’re traveling or whatever your activity is Icebreaker is really easy to care for isn’t it in terms of washing it and you know you’re on the road and you would need to wash in a sink and you can hang it up. Yeah oh yeah for sure all this washes really really well you can throw it in a sink in a bucket scrub it a little bit with some soap rinse it out hanging out to dry it’s dry within a couple hours and then even if it is a little bit wrinkled you throw it on and the wrinkles will go away so it’s very very easy. Right on Chelsea thanks so much for giving us a run-through on Icebreaker merino today and thanks very much for joining us and watching.

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2 thoughts on “Why wear merino wool in the summer?

  1. Nice post ! I'm also a big fan of Merino wool T-shirts. I like them because I can wear them several days in a row without any small or wrinkles. They are just so comfortable! I have some Icebreakers and Patagonia T-shirts and I recently found this great brand Wolk (www.wolk-antwerp.com). They have really nice T-shirts in a special Climaforce blend and dress shirts in 100% merino. Super quality!

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