Why We Need To Talk About The PewDiePie Racial Slur Controversy and Fallout

Sup, you beautiful bastards, hope you having a fantastic Monday Now, if you don’t know this week is going to be a little bit different Over the weekend my wife and I welcomed our second son into this world Carter William DeFracno Carter, the beautiful bastards of the nation.
Beautiful bastards, this is Carter. While I was initially gonna take the full week off Because I wanna be home, I wanna be there for- for my baby My wife pointed out, because she’s smarter than me, the baby take multiple large naps during the day I can easily hop in for 2 hours instead of doing a full, 10 hour work day I can make a single story video while not missing anything with the new baby So that means there still will be episodes this week, but I will only be covering the most requested story of the day And today that story, without question, was the crazy Felix/Pewdiepie situation And it’s not surprising we’re talking about Felix today because it’s not just YouTube drama that means nothing While more and more (YouTubers) have been passing Felix in daily views, in large he is still seen as one of the main faces of the platform.
When people talk about YouTube, YouTube controversy they think about PewDiePie
they think about Jake Paul of course one of the biggest controversies in the past
year was mainstream media attacking Felix saying he was anti-semitic, a hero to the alt-right, a Nazi and while many outlets involved in that character
assassination took things out of context saying video is where in the video he
actually says people are gonna view me like this and playing a Nazi clip, or saying
the YouTube heroes program is like this and showing himself watching a Hitler
rout. And many of the outlet just took those clips out of context and said look he
loves Nazis, many of the outlets said hey look at this anti-semitic youtuber who got these
people to hold a sign that says death to all Jews. They posted that without the
context of the whole point of the video was can you believe that someone would
do something this horrible there’s a website on the internet that you could
actually get this done isn’t that crazy and he’s seen laughing because wow
that’s outlandish how did this happen but today’s story is different it does
not appear that there is any context offense it does not appear that this was
a really shitty joke that went wrong it’s simply PewDiePie was live-streaming
a game PUBG he was in a moment that frustrated him and this happened
Felix: What a fucking nigger jeez oh my god Felix: what the fuck sorry but what the fuck
what a fucking asshole I don’t mean that Felix: in a bad way
Phillip: Oh god Felix the hard R and everything you called someone the n-word and then
said I don’t mean it in a bad way Make me have a Tyra Banks moment over here
Tyra (screaming): I was rooting for you we were all rooting for you how dare you And as you’d expect the outlets jumped
all over this and that of course was expected but what was really interesting
to me is the massive divide it seems to have created between YouTube creators
some defending him some going after him so let’s take a look. KSI tweeting “I’d
like to see you get out of this one PewDiePie. In before all his deluded fans say
he didn’t say the N word on stream today” FouseyTube writing “Like imagine what the
internet would do if Jake Paul just did what PewDiePie did but the internet favors
their friends and heroes if a youtuber like me said the N word like PewDiePie
did I would get crucified the community and fans always give him a free pass”
Kristopher London tweeting “PewDiePie wouldn’t have accidentally dropped the N
bomb unless he comfortably says it off-camera
wait he said it too wasn’t for laughs” Boogie2988 writing “Youtubers like
myself and especially Felix have a very important responsibility as they can
often represent we creators as a whole It is obviously disappointing when stuff
like this happens because it gives ammo to those folks who would tear us all
down and it stinks. It’s also kind of disappointing that perhaps he and others
do not fully understand the weight those kind of words carry in the damage they
can do in your personal life perhaps those words are ‘just words’ but when
said in public with thousands of people watching those words can sting. I’m sure
it was a stupid mistake, one he regrets immeasurably but it sucks for everyone
that this happened” But there are also those that defended him like Faze Banks,
Banks tweeting “Please don’t blow this PewDiePie shit out of proportion he’s
obviously not a racist don’t let words run you, words are words” adding to follow
up “Obviously what he did was stupid and not okay I just don’t think he deserves
to be executed for it, it was dumb for sure” We also saw people saying why are we so
angry at Felix but there are other creators that have said or still say it
and they just get a pass. Some pointing out Tana Mojo or Mongeau or
however you pronounce it. So for her and people like her they say well she
said that a long time ago you know she and other have been caught saying in the past
they’ve grown and people pointing out creators like idubbbz who uses the word
in his content now and then although the defense people are using there is the
context offense this whole shtick is about being as outrageous as possible
that when he uses the word he diffuses the word, takes away the power he’s not
using it as a way to say hey you’re an asshole I’m saying he’s not using as an
insult or attack which is what people pointed out in the PewDiePie video he
used the n-word and then corrected himself by saying no asshole so it
appears that felix was using it in just an obviously derogatory way. Also a big
point to note is something that boogie hit on many creators are worried that by
this story blowing up we’re going to see adpocalypse 2.0 because when you look
back to when YouTube was having its ad pocalypse there are a lot of people that
are crediting Felix for this his whole previous scandal which we mentioned at
the beginning of the video may have been a part of it but that was not the main
reason there were there were people getting killed
in videos and ads playing next to those videos yes some advertisers might
have pulled out specifically because of the Felix story but that wasn’t the main
reason despite what many people think that said sure there may be some
validity to your fears that this could spawn off an adpocalypse 2.0 or 1.5 we
can’t control how we’re seen as a community there are people but let’s see
a Jake Paul video and go well that’s all youtubers. That doesn’t make them right but
ultimately we’re just gonna have to wait and see if advertisers see Felix as an
individual or as a representation of the whole. Could Felix serve as the catalyst
for something bad again? Yes. But are the advertisers who would paint us all with
a broad brush because of this incident stupid? Yes. Now that said there was also
a response to the situation that seemingly came out of left field.
Sean Vanaman, a game developer, co-founder of Campo Santo, They created the game Firewatch
he’s on the situation with Felix and he took a big swing tweeting “We’re filing a DMCA takedown of Pewdiepie’s Firewatch content and any future Campo Santo
games. There’s a bit of leeway you have to have on the internet when you wake up
every day and make video games there’s also a breaking point. I am sick of this
child getting more and more chances to make money off of what we make. He’s
worse than a closeted racist he’s a propagator of despicable garbage that
does real damage to the culture around this industry. I’d urge other developers
and will be reaching out to folks much larger than us to cut him off from the
content that has made him a millionaire. Furthermore we’re complicit I’m sure
we’ve made money off the 5.7 million views that video has and that’s
something for us to think about. Lastly I love streamers I watch them daily and we
sent out over three thousand keys to professional and amateur streamers of
Firewatch. Freedom of speech is freedom of prosecution. His stream is not
commentary it is ad growth for his brand. Our game on his channel equals
endorsement.” Now while some people cheered on this move for a game developer taking a
stand there were also many people that were concerned and angry. People pointing
out that on the game developers website they literally had “Can I stream this
game? Can I make money off of those streams?” Where they say “Yes. We love that
people stream and share their experiences in the game. You are free to
monetize the videos as well.” And as Vanaman mentioned PewDiePie did put out a video
that got 5.7 million views of him playing through Firewatch. So those that
are angry are saying you gave everyone the right to do this but now because you
don’t like someone you’re now going after them legally after the fact for something
they did in a video that doesn’t feature any of your content and from this there
are people shouting that this is illegal and others saying even if it is legal
that it’s disgusting. That by Campo Santo doing this they’re letting everyone that
might stream or put up gameplay from their video which does give them
promotion by the way if you break essentially a morality clause in a
contract you never signed we can just pull your videos down and so
there’s this very weird situation because for the most part Let’s Plays
aren’t 100% seen by everyone as fair-use even noted voices in the gaming
community like TotalBiscuit saying that “Let’s Plays have never really been
considered fair use.” That outside of companies like Nintendo who really cracked down on
their content or games like Persona 5 there’s just been this kind of wink and
nod agreement between game developers and the people that are doing let’s play
and that agreement is it may not be covered by fair use but we do not care
because that is going to ultimately result in us getting more video game
sales. In the case of Campo Santo Games that part on their website is
essentially them giving a universal license and they are then deciding to
revoke Felix’s. So essentially he was safe before but the moment it was revoked now
he was in the wrong well I can understand the pull, the not giving
Felix a 24 hour warning, going straight to making a claim against the video which
can put a strike against the video saying you’re going to go to other
developers to have them do the exact same thing. A move that if you do not give
him warning so he can take the video down will result in the shutdown of his
channel. While we’re talking about Felix and Campo Santo here this is something that
anyone that puts out streaming content should know. And so while many people are
talking about ad pocalypse 2.0 this might actually be the bigger concern and
story this could potentially change many relationships moving forward with game
developers and the people streaming those games. But we’re gonna have to wait
and see what happens this is an ever developing situation as of recording this
video Felix has not made a public statement yet. And as far as where I stand on
this story I think it’s important to point out just beforehand there’s no way
I can say with 100% certainty that I’m keeping bias out of this. I’ve known Felix for a long time I’ve talked about him I’ve defended him in the past on
other issues, so even if I put my bias aside there’s always gonna be that perception
I understand that. And with all of that said I will say I’m extremely
disappointed and I’m disgusted at the use of that word like that. Now do I
think that Felix is racist? No. Do I think he should have said it? No. Felix strikes me
as a guy that blurts certain things out because they are ridiculous because they
are offensive, so you have to understand there are tens of thousands of people
watching you live if this goes to a video-on-demand they’re going to be
millions of people watching this video and you as a grown man as one of the
biggest faces in gaming it looks like you’re signing off on the use of this
word. Even if just for a brief moment before correcting yourself saying I
didn’t mean to say that racial slur I meant that guy’s an asshole. It’s fucked
up and you can’t be surprised if people are offended but I also can’t completely
crucify the guy because when I look to my past I know that I’ve said racially
insensitive things while it may have been in the context of a joke or more
imporantly a failed joke I’ve learned from it and grown. Granted my situation
was different it’s lesser than just straight up calling someone the n-word.
The question becomes will people see Felix in this same light of he can grow from
this or are people gonna be more of the mindset of he said messed up things in
the past he said he was gonna be better about it he’s still doing bad things and
to that I’ll say well I think that there will be people like that I by no means
think that this is the end of PewDiePie there are creators who got caught doing
this exact same thing and worse that have careers that are flourishing
especially since a lot of the reaction from this even from people that are
angry that he said is that he said it as a stupid disgusting throwaway fill-in
word and not something with actual hate in his heart at that point you’re
talking about intent thought crime etcetera also if he’s accidentally
saying this word during a live stream does that mean that he probably uses it
in his regular life? Yes. There it becomes a question of so does that make it racist
because he’s using it in his personal life is that then a showcase of how
toxic parts of the gaming community are that they’ve normalized those words. Because
as a gamer 24/7 if you’re exposed to that does it remove the teeth from that
word and then you end up adopting and blurting it out I don’t know. But that
is where I’m gonna end today’s show and then pass the question off to you, what
is you take away from all of this you think it was a simple mistake or
something much greater and telling do you think this will hurt his career or no
you think it hurts the careers of all the other youtubers on this platform
what do you think about the game developer using this situation as a reason to go
after him for a different video I’d love to know all your thoughts in those
comments down below. Also remember if you liked this video like what I’m trying to
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yo faces and I’ll see you tomorrow

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