Why We Need To Talk About The Insane YouTube Kids Problem… #Elsagate

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100 thoughts on “Why We Need To Talk About The Insane YouTube Kids Problem… #Elsagate

  1. THANK YOU for covering this! People sit their kids in a corner with their tablet and at a glance it looks innocent but because it's YouTube kids, our kids are exposed to this! This problem IS STILL prevalent! Now they're using the algorithm in other languages, so you can't even read the title of the video and they're popping up all over the place!

  2. I've been watching youtube since I was 4, and I'm 12 thank god I watched people like: "Nerdcubed", "Jacksepticeye", "DanTDM", "Deadlox", "Skydoesminecraft (Or today "Netnobody")"

    Edit: And smosh also you might say that I have bad parents please go away swearing is just words and I never repeated it.

  3. A couple years ago when my brother was 4 he was watching YouTube and didn’t know how to read so he would pick videos by their thumbnails and one time I sat next to him on my phone and looked over to what he was watching and it looked weird it had Spider-Man and cat woman in it so I grabbed his phone and looked at the title it said something about Spider-Man and cat woman and said SEX TAPE if course he wasn’t in trouble cus he couldn’t read. I’m so glad YouTube made it safer for kids 🙄

  4. Why is it only up to the algorithm you would think content for kids would require an actual team of humans monitoring the content

  5. This just happened with my 7 yr old daughter. I walked by her and it caught my attention so I stopped and watched.. it was women dressed up as princesses singing about sexual things while motioning sexual things. I was so confused when I saw it. I asked her how is this on.. she said she typed in Disney princesses. Super disturbing people do this.

  6. pedophilia has forever scared me. me and my sibling were swimming and my mom took pictures for facebook. i told her not to post them but she didn't understand. nothing happened when i searched myself up but i make sure my sibling doesn't watch these videos since pedophilia and child harm makes me anxious.

  7. There is a lot of stuff like this on the net! Don't let your young kids anywhere near the net without checking on what they are looking at!

  8. I accidentally found out about elsagate while watching random youtube rants. I am scarred for life. Can't imagine what it does to kids to see this shit.

  9. 4:15 That's just out right disturbing. Even as an adult. Imagine kids watching that. Explains why kids these days have such a fug up mind.

  10. Was using this video in a conversation about the new ones surfacing. Its horrible they are getting more clear waiting till halfway though a video or starting at a random time once we as parents decide a video is trustworthy. Not only depicting suicide and sexual things and violence but I've heard about is a song that suddenly starts singing about how you should go turn your oven on when your parents are sleeping and leave it. Awful this is still being found on YouTube kids.

  11. I watch ASMR videos. I was sickened to see a toddler being filmed by her Mother creating an ASMR video. I feel it is wrong.

  12. My parents closely watched what i played/viewed. They knew that i would one day find content that im not supposed to and they made sure that i knew that its not what im supposed to do/how im supposed to act. So when i did find innapropriate stuff i just clicked away and kept it moving. Nowadays i see so many people giving their kids a tablet and not watching them.

  13. I have seen some of these now that i think of it but i always turn them off. It makes me so angry. The thing is you flag them and more are going to come back up, we need to get more proactive.

    Exactly what's been said. If you can't know what your kids arw watching. Delete the app.

  14. This is exactly why my children haven’t been able to watch YouTube in several years!! This is absolutely absurd and I could kick all these bastards in the nutt sac.

  15. If I ever get kids,
    Video games, sure, maybe
    TV, yeah, maybe, why not

    But my kids won't get their own PC or phones until 10,12, or 14 unless I'm seeing what they're watching.

  16. Whenever something like this comes up people who don't have kids are suddenly experts on how to be a parent. I think that people really need to stop making such a fuss. When I was 5 I watched Arnold Schwartzinger pull his eye out in the sink in the move Terminator. I thought thought it was funny and asked my sister to rewind it several times. I turned out fine. People really need to stop wrapping kids up in cotton wool. Nothing terrible is going to happen to them if they stumble upon a video of Spiderman grabbing cat woman's boobs. My 6 year old self probably would have found it hilarious. For those who say that kids should be outside, well there are packs of stray dogs in my neighborhood. There are also brown ticks everywhere that carry diseases and there is a large road with heavy traffic. I was once outside playing as a kid and a man tried to get me to go off with him. Playing outside unsupervised isn't exactly safe in many environments.

  17. I think there might be some sort of fetish or they have a love for needles because I see this in almost every video my little sister watches, it's a little ridiculous

  18. Most people who make these videos are usually pedophiles… my little cousin used to watch vids like this…
    People like this have their channel took down.

  19. I had too watch someone’s kid at a party and I did not do that and I come back and see what she is watching and I see Mickey Mouse cutting an ear ;-; I was like WHAT THE FU- I toke her iPad and changed it to a real no Momo popping up peppa pig vid and made her watch that,then I left again and then she clicked on a vid of Momo saying…..Momo Momo Momo is gonna kill you, I said out loud soo scared WHAT THE FUC-! AHH!!! Everyone got soo scared, and then I deleted YouTube kids and searched up daddy finger and it was normal,then I toke her iPad and just made her wheez for 80 minutes lmao

  20. Here's the thing. Put a block on YouTube on your Kids' Devices in your Router's settings. That way, They can't watch YouTube at all and in turn prevent them from watching that Fecal matter

  21. Was looking for a vid to show my daughter to back up what i try to teach her about youtube. Then, I bump into THIS idiot dropping F bombs! Guess I won't be using THIS vid for educational purposes! MORON!!!!

  22. I think that uncensoring soft gay porn on YouTube would be way more family finger… Oh shit I meant family friendly.

  23. (in the tune of Bingo)
    Don't be brutal,
    vulgar, obscene
    or else you could be banned-o.
    And thankfully, I'm not-o.

  24. Phew I'm Not The Only One That Likes Paw Patrol…


  25. What about kids who actually do YouTube videos? This topic is a major issue as well, but I'm shocked at these children doing videos wearing adult clothing and themes like nails makeup bfs gfs being 18 for a day etc. Why are parents exploiting their children? Comments are always disabled as well. Perverts out there watch these kids. And other children being influenced poorly.. these videos are horrifying.

  26. Youtube should absolutely be taking down these videos, but the best thing for parents to do is to simply create a playlist for their toddler or child to watch on repeat, where the parents themselves go through Youtube Kids and find appropriate videos that are child friendly and not this… borderline fetish porn disguised as kid content.

  27. Needle in a haystack? Don't you mean literal needles? Because a lot seem to love the use of syringes

  28. 4:10 reminds me of Hoops and Yoyo
    Also I've seen an ad about "gli Incredibli 2" (the elsagate one) It showed dash and violet scared in a cemetery

  29. Phil is such a hero for watching and summarizing these videos, they'll probably be in his recommended for a while

  30. I'm just getting more reason's to buy out Google and YouTube I can run them better then those morons called their staff.

  31. I used to watch courage the cowardly dog
    Ed Edd eddy
    Jonny bravo
    No YouTube just Cartoon Network
    Good old days

  32. bruh my kid's gonna be watching the quality content 👌 if I ever have one. I'm talking epic gaming and commentary content 😳😳😎😎

  33. These videos on Youtube are so rotten, it makes Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon look beautiful by comparison!

  34. Dude. These videos are a nuisance to parents and a nightmare to kids, they must be wiped off the face of the interweb.

  35. 4:09-I would do that to my Mom when I am a little kid, throw a ball at her head, and send her car on a collision course on the road and send it crashing into a streetlight.

  36. The videos Toy Scouter creates are pure nonsense, violence, and madness. I think Toy Scouter should be terminated.

  37. “then chase, yes i watch paw patrol i have children” that killed me and idk why
    edit: “them rubble, once again i told you i watch paw patrol!” killed me even more

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