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– Hi, I’m Tony. – I’m Mikaella. – My name’s Andy. – And we’re the founders of Vessi. This is one of the hardest decisions that we’d had to make so far. We’re taking a brief pause. That means, we’re not gonna be taking any new orders for now. And we think it’s for the best. Here’s why; Vessi started off as an idea. Could we make one shoe
that could do it all? One shoe that does not just look good, but is also super comfortable and completely waterproof. Something that we can
wear through any weather. A truly everyday,
anywhere kind of sneaker. – We brought our idea
to the world in 2018. And what came next was just
beyond all our imagination. The support that we got
was just so incredible and I think initially we had about six months of inventory. And within one month, it was all sold out. So we kept of restocking and restocking and it would just sell out right away. And at one point we actually thought our website was broken. – So over the past six months, we have been expanding
our production lines to try and meet this rapid growth that we’ve been experiencing. We have around three times
as many shoes coming in on a weekly basis but even then the orders are coming in
quicker than we can make them. – So during this time,
our priority is to really take care of our current customers. That means we wanna give
them the best experience. We’ll also be bringing in more shoes, so when we come back we’ll have the most seamless
and memorable experience from our website to your doorsteps. – We’re confident that we
can meet your expectations. We’ve grown an even stronger team. And we’re continuing to
expand our production lines. We’ve been working on some
really exciting projects and we can’t wait to show you. – Thank you so much from
the bottom of our souls. This past year has been
nothing short of amazing. And we cannot wait to
show you what’s to come. And don’t forget to follow us on social. Because we’ll be right back
and it’ll be better than ever.

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