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Alex Jones is the internet’s most notorious conspiracy theorist and with his site Infowars He’s peddled a number of dark and bizarre conspiracy theories, Sandy Hook It’s got inside job written all over this cover pitch gate. We have covered it We are covering it and all I know is god help us We’re in the hands of pure evil after weeks of criticism YouTube Facebook Apple and Spotify all acted to essentially erase many of his videos and posts from their services In many cases the companies are saying he violated their terms regarding hate speech and a number of other rules Alex Jones today and his show dedicated nearly all four hours to what he called censorship of his platform and President Trump the Republican Congress the state houses independent media all leader rally together against this global move to censor America and the planet and this is something that he Essentially has been warning his followers of because it was sort of ticky tacky Enforcement for several weeks and he sort of saw this coming. This is the internet purge people I think for those who have tracked the social media policies by some of these big tech firms today was a significant moment because these tech companies have really struggled with this dilemma of wanting to Combat misinformation online, but at the same time not wanting to become arbiters of truth. Can you define hate speech? Senator I think that this is a really hard question And I think it’s one of the reasons why we struggle with it for months and really for years The tech companies have been reluctant to weigh in on a lot of these controversial speech issues But it appears after months of criticism. The tech companies have finally said in the case of Alex Jones that enough is enough

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100 thoughts on “Why Tech Companies are Booting Alex Jones | NYT News

  1. Not as much of a conspiracy theorist as msm. All the racist trash that is overlooked simple because it’s against white people. Or what about people arbitrarily changing the definition of racism. Pathetic.

  2. Where's the evidence? If you have legitimate evidence and everyone has the same standards, but you don't. Convince me. Don't be Hypocrites

  3. In a normal country a person like AJ just wouldn't have an audience. Only in this crazy country nutjobs are an important faction.

  4. You can't advocate banning any journalism if you call yourself a journalist. Its biased and unfair shame on you

  5. This is not a free speech issue… this is an anti-trust issue. Corporations( social *MEDIA* ) in this country are bound by laws to operate fairly for the benefit of the consumer. There's plenty of content leading up to the coordinated ban where media competitive to Alex Jones have openly lobbied for his termination from social media platforms. State and Federal agencies can easily find collusion between social media platforms and mainstream media if there is any. State and Federal agencies can also find any collusion between government officials/representatives coordinating widespread censorship of not just Alex but other right of center media figures and government officials/representatives for the purposes of manipulating elections. The timing of the coordinated censorship of right of center figures is suspiciously considering the election season we are currently in.

  6. I am glad that they took this ugly lunatic off their air. Channels have a right to disallow hate speech and it’s a responsible stance to ban those that violate their ethical standards.

  7. The government is not censoring this Alex clown. No one is stopping the boffun from starting his own wacky network.

  8. TRY AS YOU MAY, NYT!! THERE ARE FAR MORE OF US IN THIS COUNTRY WHO ARE AWAKENED TO THE TRUTH, THAN AREN'T! Hence…we know the REAL reason you booted AJ! But that's okay, because we can still follow him elsewhere, and "WE WILL!"

  9. Co-ordinated attack, with a few virtue-signalling followers in train behind the big boys. Done in concert with MSM outlets like CNN who have been lobbying for months to get this done. Even worse we've had members of Congress like Representative Ted Deutch lobbying for censorship. He asked during a public hearing why InfoWars and Alex Jones had not yet been banned. Then we had Senator Chris Murphy coming out to lobby for more banning of conservative media outlets. It looks like political racketeering and election meddling to me.

  10. Well that explained next to nothing that couldn't be gathered from context. Well done, NYT, earn that pay-wall…


  12. Old media has lost it's monopoly on the power to push information to the public, and now they are having to enlist help from silicon valley to help them try and get some of it back. They are scared of the power of new media and their inability to "control" it's growth.

  13. NYT is the enemy of the people… They are the real racist liars..

  14. It was narrated that Hafs bin 'Asim رضى الله عنه said:
    The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said:

    كَفَى بِالْمَرْءِ كَذِبًا أَنْ يُحَدِّثَ بِكُلِّ مَا سَمِعَ
    "It is sufficient lying for a man to speak of everything that he hears."

    [Sahih Muslim » Book of Introduction » Hadith no. 5]

    But 9/11 was an inside job, done by the jews to gather disbelievers against Muslims.

  15. Im tired of the hate speech by NYT editorial board, I demand that youtube de-platform this channel and delete all their content.

  16. Almost twice the amount of dislikes as likes. Your organization would do better if you reported on Batboy and UFOs. The American people do not trust you.

  17. Alex Jones bans people on Facebook when they say things he doesn't like. He doesn't support Free Speech. He's a FRAUD! Listen to his Ex-Wife, Kelly Jones. She'll tell you the truth about Alex. She says he's a CRIMINAL and belongs in prison!

  18. Not detailed enough. Crappy video on a vital issue. More background and analysis was needed. Don't see why this couldn't have been a 5-6 min video

  19. This may be censorship, but not an attack on free speech(as written in the constitution). Most of you need to read that amendment. I don't know who Alex Jones is and don't care, so I won't take sides on something I don't know and don't want to look up. The thing that make companies censor/ not censor someone is profits aka capitalism.

  20. Oh no?!!! Conspiracy theories, you say? Well, no one like that should have 1st amendment rights. Gee, thanks New York Times!! What would we do without your authoritarian slant?!!

  21. more like why was your boss kicked from bbc? oh yeah for covering up for ole jimmy savil you pedophile sympathisers

  22. Racist New York Times should be next. They spread conspiracy about Russia etc and they spread hate by hiring known racists.

    But really, nobody should be next because YouTube etc aren’t supposed to be publishers of content. If they want to act like they are by banning non-illegal speech then they should be treated like it. Liable for all their content.

  23. Plus: no one gave examples of "hate speech". And if publicly saying you fear what Isalm might do, is hateful, than any atheist (or anyone) that raises concer/fear of fundamentalist christianity on their channel is "hate speech too". Im.a Christian, but I believe that they have a right to do that, no matter how much I disagree .

  24. You couldn't find a clip of Alex Jones with his shirt off? That's when he's at his best. That stuff is pure gold.

  25. From the looks of the comments it would seem more people are for free speech than against it. Look out Dems Nov is coming and your silencing of conservative ideas will come back to bite you.

  26. NYT are just dying for more ppl to be punted so they can charge ppl to view content. If they tried responsible non bias reporting they wouldn't have to do this and ppl might pay to see their stories.

  27. As these companies do not belong to any government i would not say this is taking away the freedom of speech. Alex jones has not complied with the companies' rules and thus was banned. Its as simple as that. A company (including social media sites) has the right to choose its customers

  28. I will never twitter..facebook..or use spotify again. How dare they try to control the 1st amendment. It's OUR right.

  29. What about you "left wing provocateurs"? Making up mental excuses for why your hate for conservatives is JUSTIFIED? Double standards in everything you say.

  30. True fascists are those who CONSPIRE to destroy every voice of dissent. And they do that to have TOTAL THOUGHT CONTROL. The arbitrary term "hate speech" was made up as an excuse to do exactly that. Control all information on the internet, control what the masses see, and how they make up their minds. We are on to your lies NYT. As long as you cheer for thought control, you ARE the enemy of the people.

  31. These platforms, google and facebook are NOT PRIVATE entities. They are not privately held. They are publicly traded companies on the stock market making them public companies. Therefore they are subject to anti-monopolistic/anti-trust laws and regulations. Chinese style censorship is here. Next step is they will ban all speech including conservative, liberal/progressive speech as well. This is the game plan folks. WAKE UP!!

  32. Doesn't matter the truth can only be censored for so long….POS like the NYT who hire and defend racist show how corrupt and sick our MSM is…shows what petty immature losers work for your company.

  33. Alex Jones is deplatformed as a first public move to take free speech from the people and place that control in the hands of corporations who will be hand in hand with the government. They have been attacking the the 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, 4th amendment – all our natural God-given rights so We The People are helpless, ignorant, and dependent. And mainstream news outlets like New York Times, CNN, etc, are already under corporate/govt control and are part of the effort to take human rights from the American people.

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  35. I would say boycott the NYT, but it would be ineffective, provided the billions of dollars they receive from globalist groups.

  36. Hate speech ? Yeah ok he never even talked about that he knew they wanted him to jump on it there trying to just control what we view that’s hate

  37. I can define hate speech, everything Trump says. YouTube needs to ban the White House from their platform. Twitter needs to ban Trump from the internet. They are responsible for all the havok caused by Trump's tweets.

  38. once upon a time I would regularly buy this paper but that was until the bad fairies took over …now I get my news from my divining stick

  39. Neptunian lizard men are very sad about this development. A subliminal invasion of Earth is imminent, and they will stop at nothing until Alex Jones is back on all media outlets. First, they will use their psionic powers to brainwash liberal democratic homosexuals into infiltrating the Masons. They will then launch a major propaganda campaign advocating a "one-world government" and it will be secretly funded by the Rothschilds and Illuminati. Once the "Ivy League Elite" (led by the secret Clinton Communist Cabal) are recruited to their cause, CNN will transmit subliminal satanic messages instigating a race war. White America will respond by banning the AFL-CIO, Jesuits, Girl Scouts, and the failing New York Times and re-instate Alex Jones to his former glory; thus giving the Neptunian lizard men back their favorite internet entertainer/comedian.

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