Why People Freaked Out On Belle Delphine, Dr. Lupo, Bitcoin, & Why Shocking Turkey Election Matters

– Sup you beautiful bastards. Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday. I’m so glad you survived
the up to 72 hours that we were apart, but, with that said remember
to hit that like button otherwise I will choke you, and not in the way that you like, I’ve seen your text messages. But with that said,
let’s just jump into it. And the first thing that
we’re gonna talk about today is a brand new segment I
call “Troll of the Week”. There’s even an award, oh wait, no, that’s just a Beautiful Bastard
candle, always plugging. This week we have to give the award to, I don’t know what the proper
descriptor here would be, a person by the name of Belle Delphine. A model-y meme person who
makes this face a lot. She has garnered a just massive following, I mean, just one of the
places she’s massive, Instagram, 3.6 million plus followers. And last week she announced in a post that I can only show you one third of, otherwise my video will be flagged, that “If this photo gets one million likes I’ll actually make a PornHub account. The time has officially come.” And apparently there was
a lot of support for this, even from PornHub itself, who wrote, “This is the best news
I’ve heard all year.” Then she posted another picture which I could literally
just show you her hand and whatever that thing is, but it was a tease for the
videos that she was creating. And then people saw that she actually made that PornHub account. And when the time officially came she announced in another post, there are 12 videos to watch and then people rushed to those videos only to realize that Delphine
had made clowns of them. It turns out that the 12 videos that she uploaded to PornHub
were just, just puns. For example, one of her videos was called, “PewDiePie Goes All the
Way Inside Belle Delphine”. And that video was just Belle Delphine eating a picture of PewDiePie. Right, the other videos
included things like her playing with this stuffed animal, which goes by a different name if you want to mislead people, and the internet was- well, the internet wasn’t angry, but a lot of fans were angry. A lot of people like
myself found it humorous because we had no stakes in this. And as far as the true,
meaningful backlash, like will she still have a career? Yeah, of course. Since she made the initial announcement, and proceeded to troll all of her fans, she gained around half a
million new Instagram followers, and long story short, personally I find it all hilarious, and that is why Belle Delphine
is our Troll of the Week. But, with that said, of
course, that’s the story, my personal takeaway, and maybe you agree, maybe you disagree, and I pass the question off to you. What are your thoughts on this? Did you personally find this to be funny, or were you someone that was angry, and if so, why? But with that said, if we are gonna be doing
the Troll of the Week, I feel like we should also
do the BAMF of the Week. Bad Ass Mother-what- that
puts some good into the world. And today, that is the
internet’s own Dr.Lupo. And there’s also an asterisk there, because there’s also a lot
of other BAMFs on that story, but I’m gonna start with Dr.Lupo, who if you don’t know,
is a massive streamer, he’s known for playing Fortnite. And the reason we’re
talking about him today, is he closed out an
event called GuardianCon. And for those who’ve watched
the show for a while, you know that GuardianCon is
this massive charity event and they raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital thanks to just a community
of badass gamers. This year they were seeking to
raise three million dollars, one of the big stories last week with this was that Bungie helped
raise 400 thousand dollars. It broke a previous record, but people had their eyes set on the last four and a half hours, where Dr.Lupo was hosting. And this year, not only did he then beat, the now broken record, he, and all those giving givers, just destroyed it, raising
920 thousand dollars. It was awesome to see, and yeah, just a big shout out to
GuardianCon in general, Dr.Lupo, and all the other fantastic
streamers and people that helped make this a reality. And ultimately, where I’ll end
this story, kinda two-fold, one, even though that
particular stream is now done, I’ll still link down
below so you can donate, and two, you should also
follow GuardianCon on Twitter, which I’ll link down below. Because they’ll be in Orlando
the weekend after July Fourth, raising more money. Then, somewhat quickly, we
should talk about a kind of news we haven’t had on the show in a while, and that is cryptocurrency news. Today, you might have seen a headline, like this one from CNBC reading, “Bitcoin soars above 11,000
dollars for the first time in 15 months – now up 170% for the year.” then going on to add the key point, “Experts said Facebook’s
cryptocurrency project Libra has been a catalyst for
bitcoin to go higher.” Although there’s been some
debate there about why, some arguing that Facebook and other corporations’
involvement and interest in the space legitimizes it. Right, so those who had
maybe always been scared, or after the drop had been scared away, all of a sudden they were
interested and felt safer. And also, at the same time,
you had people saying, You know, these companies
can’t be trusted, Arguing what they’re doing with Libra is not going along with the
intention behind crypto, of it being open, neutral,
censorship-resistant. And so we’ve seen people putting
money into what they know. But also I will say, as someone who has continued to track this from when it was at like
19, to 20,000 dollars, as far as bitcoin, to all
the way down to 3,000, you know and on. To just credit Facebook
would be kind of silly. It’s been growing
steadily for a while now, but it will be very
interesting to see what happens with the entire kind of
marketplace in general over the next few months. But you know, ultimately, we’re
gonna have to wait to see. And of course, with this, I’m fascinated to know your thoughts. What do you think’s gonna happen here, is it off to the moon? Or do you see this as a bubble going to
pop sort of situation? And in general, what do you
think’s gonna happen here? Whether it be with Libra, or
the cryptomarket in general. But from that, I wanna share
some stuff I love today, and today in awesome,
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to me, to give to you. So go check it out, see if you like it, maybe use it, and enjoy. And the first bit of awesome for today is the announcement that not this Friday, but the Friday after next, the first official episode of “A Conversation With”
podcast will go live. And for the first episode,
before we go out there into the world, and bring people in, I thought it’d be fun to have a different kind of special guest. ‘Sup you beautiful bastards, I hope you’re havin’ a good one, welcome to A Conversation
With, where today, we’re having a conversation with a person that probably knows me
the most, in the world, even more so than myself, and has awesome stuff going on herself, Lindsey DeFranco. – That’s me. I do know you very well. – [Phil] And BonAppetit gave
us every way to cook a potato, which they say is 63 ways, which is 60 more than I thought about, Tan France making over Nick
Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, and Emma Chamberlain
guessing how fans responded to a survey about her, a trailer for Black and Blue, we got a vignette for
Spiderman: Far From Home, and then our filled-out Chrono.gg partner game of the day today is Crossing Souls, which
is a very well-reviewed action adventure game with
a really heart-felt story, if you like 80’s nostalgia,
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the regular 15 dollars, but 75% off, just $3.74. If you wanna see the full versions of everything I just shared, the secret link of the day, really anything at all, links as always are in the
description down below. And then, let’s make like Thanksgiving and talk about Turkey. I hate myself, I hate
myself for having said that on a video that is on
the internet now forever. Doesn’t even make sense. You don’t talk about the
turkey, you eat the turkey. You do though, talk about
politics while eating the turkey, so maybe? Still no? Okay. We should though, talk
about the massive news coming out of Turkey. That’s because yesterday,
Turkish president Erdogan suffered what experts have described as his biggest political defeat ever. And that’s because his candidate for the mayor of Istanbul
lost the election. With the opposition
candidate Ekrem Imamoglu receiving 54% of the vote. And following this,
Erdogan’s guy, Yildirim conceded the election in a
televised speech, saying, “As of now, my competitor
Imamaoglu is leading. I congratulate him, wish him success.” and during a news conference last night, we saw Imamaoglu say, “16 million Istanbul
residents refreshed our belief in democracy and confidence in justice.” and also telling Erdogan, “I am ready to work with you in harmony. I put myself up for that, and I announce this in front
of all Istanbul people.” Erdogan, for his part,
congratulated him on Twitter. Right, so with all that
said, you might be wondering, well, why is this election for mayor such a big deal for Erdogan,
who is the president? Well first of all, the big twist here is that this is actually the
second time that Imamaoglu has won this election. I mean that as in, just
in the last few months. He first one the vote
for mayor of Istanbul on March 31st by a small
margin of around 13,000 votes. But Erdogan’s Justice and
Development Party, or the AKP, they contested the results, claiming that votes had been stolen, and voting officials had
not been legally approved. And so then, in a rare move,
Turkey’s high election council annulled the election,
and ordered a do-over. Right, a move that made
a lot of people very mad. The opposition’s Republican
People’s Party, or CHP, condemned the move,
saying that it undermined the democratic foundations of Turkey, and that it was clearly
just a power move by the AKP to try to maintain their
foothold in Istanbul. And also claiming that the
high election council’s members were beholden to the AKP for their jobs, and so they could easily be manipulated. But, as we know now, it turned out that
holding the election again completely backfired. Because this time Imamaoglu didn’t kind of eek across the finish line, he won by over 800,000 votes. With a voter turnout even
going up a percentage point from the March election. And that turnout, and the massive support for the opposition party is a huge deal, because Erdogan’s party, the AKP, has held power in Istanbul for 25 years. For a quarter of a century, they have held power in Istanbul, which is Turkey’s largest city, and its main commercial hub. So it is a big defeat for
the AKP on a populace level. It’s also a massive blow
to Erdogan personally, because he’s from Istanbul and considers it his political base, having started his political career there, and even serving as the mayor himself. And so now experts are saying
that this could be a sign that Erogan’s long-running
grip on power is weakening. There was some quick context here, Erogan has been the ruler
of Turkey since 2003, first serving as Prime
Minister, and then as President, he has largely been perceived
as an invincible strongman, and by many he is considered Turkey’s most dominant politician
since its founder, almost a century ago. During his rule, Erdogan
has significantly expanded his authoritarian reach by
strengthening his own powers under Turkey’s constitution. He’s also consolidated his
power by jailing journalists, isolating opponents, and
purging Turkey’s police, the military, and courts. But until recently, even with everything, he has also been largely popular. His party has a lot of
support with the religious and conservative populations, and under his rule, Turkey’s economy has grown significantly. But, and you knew that one was coming, recently Turkey’s been
experiencing an economic recession and a financial crisis. And so that, along with the fact that some voters are
concerned about Erdogan’s efforts to increase his
control over the government, has shaken his support significantly. In fact, Istanbul is not
the only place where Erdogan and his party are losing power. The AKP had a poor showing
in many parts of Turkey in the March election. Very notably, the party
also lost to the opposition in Ankara, which is the capital of Turkey, and the second biggest city. Still, this recent loss in
Istanbul is the main thing here, and it really cannot be understated. Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city by far, with a population of more than 15 million, which is basically triple of Ankara. And that opposition party, they’re also in control of
Turkey’s third largest city, which is Izmir. So Turkey’s three largest cities
are now fully in the hands of opposition party. So as a result, you have
experts and analysts saying that this will likely usher in a new chapter in Turkish politics. Some members of the AKP could splinter off and even form new parties, others who had previously
supported Erdogan, seen as an ally could run against him in 2023, and this election in Istanbul could trigger a cabinet
reshuffle in the capital, as well as shift Turkey’s foreign policy. And on that note of foreign policy, the election also comes amid
a very interesting time, specifically amid tense
relations between Erdogan and the United States. We saw the Trump administration objecting to Turkey redoing
the Istanbul election, arguing that it disrupted
important negotiations on Syria and other issues. The US has also objected to Turkey’s plans to install Russian missile systems, which the US has even
threatened sanctions over, and of course, Turkey’s
close economic ties with Iran aren’t doing them any favors. This timing is also interesting because Erdogan is actually
set to meet with Trump at the Group of 20
Summit meeting this week And there it already appears
that Erdogan is trying to shift the focus from the
election to that of the summit. But meanwhile, to look back
at the source of the story, in Istanbul you have tens
of thousands of people celebrating Imamaoglu’s win. Fireworks were set off, the streets of Istanbul were
packed with his supporters, waving national flags and
hanging out of car windows. Those street parties also
reportedly continuing into Monday morning. Many people believe that this
election has reinvigorated the young people in Istanbul. One university student telling the BBC, “Many young people desperately
want to leave Turkey. But now we might consider staying here. We are hopeful once again.” But
of course, at the same time, there are others who are not happy with the outcome of this election. We saw another student telling Al-Jazeera Imamaoglu was less qualified
than his opponents, saying, “People just voted for the promises… because they appeal to them… but I don’t think they’ll be able to get what they want from Imamaoglu.” And throughout the whole election, Turkey’s state-run media outlets have been openly against Imamaoglu. They were quick to attack him, while also reporting favorable
news about his opponent. But hey, the results were the results, we are where we are now. It’s gonna be very interesting
to see the short-term and long-term impact of this election. And it makes me really
wonder if we’re going to see some sort of escalation in the country. Will we see this authoritarian strongman break things apart to maintain power? Because he has to genuinely be nervous or understand that there is a
real threat to his power now. Because as Erdogan himself once said, “Whoever wins Istanbul, wins Turkey.” And based off of these
redo election numbers, that is not a good statement for him. But hey, that’s the end of this story, and actually the end of today’s show. Thank you again for watching today’s show, allowing me into your life, and remember, if you like this video, let us know, hit that like button, if you’re new here, you want more of these
Daily Weekday videos, hit subscribe, definitely ring that bell to turn on notifications, which actually, on that note, if you missed the last
Philip DeFranco Show, or the last Deep Dive, you can click or tap right
there to watch those, but, with that said, of course, as always, My name’s Philip DeFranco, you’ve just been Philled in, I love yo’ faces, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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