Why People Are Freaking Out About The Omarosa Controversy, Viacom Buying VidCon, and More

‘Sup, You beautiful bastards, hope you’re havin’ a fantastic Friday welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and if you’re new here on Fridays we do things a little bit different. I try to cover more viewer requested stories, stories that I wanted to cover this week but then because of the sake of time we didn’t get to film it. So with that said, let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re going to talk about today is something that I feel proves that we are in one of the weirder timelines and that is because we are getting news about the White House from a reality TV show called Celebrity Big Brother. And this situation revolves around our Omarosa Manigault-Newman. Most who know about her call her Omarosa, she was on The Apprentice several times which of course was Donald Trump’s reality show. Then, during the election, she was involved with Donald Trump again. During the RNC she said she had been named director of African-American outreach for their campaign In December of 2016, she was named as one of nine people on Donald Trump’s transition team. Then in early 2017, she was brought on to be part of Trump’s White House staff. And her specific title ended up being assistant to the president and director of communications for the office of public liaison. But that was then and this is now and we’re living in a post Omarosa White House. In December of last year it was announced that she was “resigning”. There are a lot of reports that said otherwise but sure. And now we are in February and Omarosa has now come back to reality TV, but this time on Celebrity Big Brother. It’s the first time they’re doing it in the States and Omarosa has already made national headlines. So if you’re not familiar with the show consider yourself lucky. I am for some reason addicted to Big Brother. I don’t know why. I don’t care about these people once the show is over. I mean they’re watching the live feeds most season for some reason. And whoever’s in the house is being filmed at all times. There’s cameras everywhere. And so this conversation between Omarosa and Ross Matthews gets filmed and Big Brother then just puts it out. He’s talking about her time at the White House and she says this, ” ‘I felt like it was like a call to duty, I felt like I was serving my country, not serving him. Whenever was it– I’m accepting a political appointment, it was always about the country. Like I was haunted by tweets every single day, like what does he go to tweet next.’ ‘Does anybody say to him, what are you doing?’ ‘And I tried to be that person and then all the people around him attacked me. It was like ‘keep her away from him, don’t give her access, don’t let her talk to him’. It’s not my circus, not my monkeys. You know I’d like to say about my problem, but I can’t say that because like it’s bad.’ ‘Should we be worried?’ ‘Don’t say that…’ ‘Cuz we are worried, but I need you to say no it’s gonna be okay.’ ‘No. It’s gonna not be okay’ ‘It’s not.’ ‘It’s so bad.’ ” And so there were two main reactions to this; one being ‘Holy shit, this is terrifying!’ and the other being ‘This is just Omarosa putting on a show. She’s angry at the White House for kicking her out. She wants people to buy her book. This, this is just a show.’ Then in response to this and a question about the White House’s reaction to what Omarosa said, deputy press secretary Raj Shah said this, “What is the White House’s reaction to comments made by former White House aide Omarosa on Celebrity Big Brother where she said quote ‘She is haunted by the president’s tweets’. She described the situation inside the White House as bad and said it is not going to be okay Not very seriously. Omarosa was fired three times on The Apprentice, and this is the fourth time we let her go She had limited contact with the president while here. She has no contact now.” So, one they’re dismissing what she’s saying and two, now they’re being very straightforward and saying that she was fired. And as far as where the situation is right now because she doesn’t have documentation, the people that want to believe it are gonna believe it, the people they don’t want to believe it, they’re not going to. And my personal reaction to this is I don’t know what to believe because the source of this information the source of this story is Omarosa. She’s a reality TV star veteran that knows how to use the platform, she knew that there were cameras on, her first jump was to go back into reality television where cameras were on at all points where she could whisper things that she wanted to get attention. So this kind of news coming out in a whisper conversation, that’s going to have a big impact. Promo and strategy aside, that doesn’t mean necessarily that she’s lying about what’s coming out of her mouth. Now does that guarantee that everything coming in our mouth is a lie, no but it does make me skeptical. But I will say it is kind of funny that she’s putting herself in this position now considering what she said back in 2016 which if you do not remember. I shall read. “It’s so great our enemies are making themselves clear so that when we get into the White House, we know where we stand.” She then alluded to there being a list of enemies adding, “Every critic, every detractor will have to bow down to President Trump.” “It’s everyone who has ever doubted Donald, who ever disagreed, who ever challenged him.” “It’s the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.” But with that said I do want to pass the question off to you What is your takeaway from this whole situation? Lying, telling the truth? I’d love to know your thoughts. But that also wasn’t the only story about White House staffers we had in today’s news because there was Rob Porter. Rob Porter is an, as of this week, former senior White House staffer. Specifically he was the White House staff secretary which meant that he was essentially the gatekeeper for the papers on their way to the president. And porter became an international story this week because his first and second ex-wives came out with stories that he abused them. The first article we saw was from his second ex-wife, Jennifer Willoughby. And interestingly enough before describing the abuse that she received she says, “I want to be very clear when I say this.” “I don’t want to be married to him. I would not recommend anyone to date him or marry him.” “But I definitely want him in the White House in the position he is in.” “I think his integrity and ability to do his job is impeccable.” “And the majority of the issues he suffers from are very personal and intimate.” But then she goes on to describe his extreme anger, how he was verbally and emotionally abusive. Then describing Porter getting more violent. Things aren’t working, they get separated. She says he violated the terms of their separation, she files for a protective order against him. There was an instance where he punched through a glass door. In December of 2010, she says Porter assaulted her saying it happened. Just after our first anniversary I cannot remember what the fight was about but I excused myself from the fight in a way that was typical at that time I Certainly was not meek and mild and said I’m not going to fight you anymore and stormed off and went to take a shower he Was not done fighting with me. It was a glass shower door He opened it and dragged me by my shoulders out of the shower to yell immediately upon seeing my reaction to that he released me and apologized But it doesn’t take away that he was angry enough that that Happened also Porter’s first wife in this article is asked for comment She says it was verbally emotionally and physically abusive and that is why I left now following this we see senator Orrin Hatch General Kelly’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders all speak up for port all supporting him Kelly saying order is a man of true integrity and honor and I can’t say enough good things about him. He’s a friend a confidant a trusted professional I am proud to serve alongside Sanders Hank Porter is someone of the highest integrity and exemplary character Orrin Hatch who Porter had worked for as chief of staff Saying it’s incredibly discouraging to see such a vile attack on such a decent man shame on any Publication that would print this and shame on the politically motivated morally bankrupt character assassins that would attempt to sully a man’s good name I’ve known him for years both as a close friend and as a personal adviser He is kind and considerate towards all the country needs more honest principled people like Rob Porter Which is why I hope that this cynical campaign to discredit his character ultimately fails And then the other story comes out remember I said that he had a first wife Hobie Holderness gave that small statement for the first article and then separately shared her story She says he was never physical with me while we were dating and now I see there were red flags left and right she talks about him being verbally abusive, emotionally abusive and saying after their marriage in 2003 things escalated. The first incident was during their honeymoon when Porter allegedly kicked her because quotes weren’t having sex when he wanted to have sex Adding that was the first time he hurt me and then the doors open I didn’t do anything and it continued and then Holderness describes an escalation in the violence Pushing, digging an elbow into her, then it escalated to choking her She says it was not hard enough for me to pass out but it was scary humiliating and dehumanizing. Holderness then describes an incident in Italy where Porter punched her in the face saying we were arguing and he punched me in the Face he left visible marks when he punched me and I have pictures of that I didn’t go to the police because I was scared I was in Italy alone And I didn’t know what to do now following all this Porter resigned from his position at the White House and said in a statement These outrageous allegations are simply false I took the photos given to the media nearly 15 years ago And the reality behind them is nowhere close to what is being described I have been transparent and truthful about these vile claims, but I will not further engage publicly with a coordinated smear campaign We also received new quotes from the previously mentioned three who defended him Sanders saying It’s not a matter of believe or don’t believe I heard for anyone who’s experienced anything like that I haven’t in whatever degree But at the same time I can only talk about my personal experience and interaction Kelley’s saying I was shocked by the new allegations Released today against Rob Porter. There’s no place for domestic violence in our society I stand by my previous comments of the Rob Porter that I have come to know since becoming chief of staff relieve every individual deserves The right to defend the reputation senator hatch saying I am heartbroken by today’s allegation in every interaction. I’ve had with Rob He has been courteous professional and respectful my staff loved him and he was a trusted advisor I do not know the details of Rob’s personal life domestic violence in any form is important and unacceptable I am praying for Rob and those involved and in the press briefing yesterday deputy press secretary Raj Shah said we all could have done better over the last few hours or last few days and dealing with this situation now what I Will say is the most Interesting response that we’ve seen here is probably the one from General Kelly the reason I say that is because according to reports It’s very likely that he already knew about these allegations According to the intercept Holderness shared her story and photos with the FBI Yes Because the FBI was conducting a background check on port which then leads to the report from Politico the FBI Investigation results of importers inability to receive a security clearance in November is preventing him from becoming general Kelly’s top deputy Which then brings us to the New York Times? Who say they have two White House officials two sources who said Porter told White House staff these? Allegations were made up and so if all of that reporting was true It’s very interesting to see Kelly’s statements kind of chain so it’s just very interesting to see the kind of change of tone based off of Information it seems that they already knew becoming public and so then that of course brings up the question Why do they wait to move on this? Well the beliefs around that is it might have something to do with him dating or at least hooking up with hope hiks hiks of Course is the White House communications director who’s one of trumps closest aides So as he kept on because of his relationship with ho pics But also it could be the other thing because they are in a relationship They may have asked her as he ever as he ever done anything close to what is being described in these stories Maybe she said no and so they believed it and as right now. That’s where we are It’ll be interesting to see if more information comes out if Porter explains his defense that’s that I do want to pass the question off To you what is what is your takeaway from this whole story? What do you think about the initial reaction the reactions after the second story? Well know your thoughts. Also of course if you’re willing to share if you’re a trump supporter You’re a trump hater someone in between I also I also like to know that because then I get to see kind of specific reactions Then we’ll talk about one of the more requested stories this week about Doritos If you did not see the CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi was a guest on for economics radio last week and in this interview with The host Stephen Dubner we get this back and forth I understand that men and women eat chips Very differently can you tell us the differences? I you know when you eat out of a flakes bag? You know one of our single serve bags? Especially as you Watch a lot of the young guys eat the chips they love their Doritos And you know they lick their fingers with great Glee and when they reach the bottom of the bag they pour the little Broken pieces into their mouths because they don’t want to lose that taste of the flavor and the broken chips and the bottom you know women I think would love to do the same, but they don’t they don’t like to crunch too loudly in public and You know they don’t lick their fingers generously, and they don’t like to pour the little broken pieces and the flavor into their mouth So is there like a male and female version of chips that you’re playing with or now? It’s not a male and female as much as other snacks for women that can be Designed and packaged differently and yes, we are looking at it and We’re getting ready to launch a bunch of them soon for women. You know lower crunch the full taste profile You know not have so much of the flavor stick on the fingers And how can you put it in your purse because women love to carry a snack in their purse? And oh did the internet have a field day with this one people saying it’s stupid. It’s a ridiculous idea It’s demeaning to women you had women rights groups speaking out against this a spokesperson for the women’s equality party saying companies that perpetuate these Tired gender stereotypes will continue to lose out on the single biggest Consumer group women no doubt some male consumers will welcome the chance to have a bigger package But the idea of shrinking products for women no doubt for the same price as as old as the admin making these decisions following all This when asked about new ease comments and the nude ships a spokesperson for PepsiCo said reporting on a specific Doritos product for female consumers Is inaccurate we already have Doritos for women? They’re called Doritos, and they’re enjoyed by millions of people every day at the same time We know needs and preferences continue to evolve and we’re always looking for new ways to engage and delight our consumers now There are a few things that I won’t unpack here one this would be the first time We’ve seen Gender marketing and gender specific products well obviously you have things that are seemingly more Accepted like razors for women razors for men even there you have anger and debate around what’s called the pink tack specifically that female products Cost more than men’s products for women we’ve seen the beer for her the big pen for women because Apparently they need their own and on the opposite. End you have things like Dr Pepper 10 which literally said in commercials not for women that said the difference between a Dr Pepper 10 and a crunch-less ship for ladies. It’s different ones like we’re guys were big We’re loud and crazy, and there’s like women have a place. Then as far as the statement of the reporting is inaccurate No, not really the reporting is a recording of your CEO saying stuff based off of everything that we’re seeing here It looks like you definitely want to launch new products your CEO says you’re set to launch new products some that are not necessarily Lady chips the chips that are aimed at all the stuff ladies like your CEO says it herself low crunch will taste something that you Can you know put in your purse? That’s a lot of information to have to have not done research on it? You know tested it out it plans to release something you want to launch tips are going to be targeted for ladies the main person That would consume them would be ladies, but you weren’t going to call them lady dorritos That’s it and to me that doesn’t seem like the biggest deal in the world especially if they’re not Labeling it lady chip. I mean think about it If there is any company that has done the research Run through the trials of what people like to eat men, women, old, young, it’s going to be this company That said I get why there was a big reaction I don’t personally have a big reaction to it But a lot of people just don’t like being told like they are this thing. They are in this box They will like this because they are insert this, but that said I will pass the question off to you Do you have the same feeling or different feelings about this story? No? There are a lot of people sounding off on this so I want to hear what you think then I got a lot of requests For this one news broke that VidCon is being purchased by Viacom. VidCon of course one of the largest online video creator Conferences there are now multiple conferences those who have been around for a while You know that it was founded by Hank and John Green every year thousands of people attend last year the one in Anaheim attract around 30,000 people including myself I’ve been to every single one and now after all these years the news has come out that Viacom has acquired Pitka Viacom saying in a blog post a move that will accelerate its participation and investment in next-generation platforms And expand its folks on live events Viacom has acquired VidCon host of the world’s largest multi-day conference for the global online community VidCon Which will remain a standalone entity and retain its senior leadership team will be able to considerably expand its global reach with the startup spirit That has allowed it to flourish and this appears to be just part of Viacom’s new digital creator put in November Viacom launched Viacom Digital Studios they scooped up kellyday to lead this new studio. She was the CBO previously at awesomenesstv also last month We saw them acquire the influencer marketing firm who say and so this just seems to be the next step for them And so there’s move with VidCon honestly from a strategic standpoint. It makes sense new digital studio with someone leading it That’s thrived in the space a massive marketing team that once again Understands the space and now you have access to some of the top creators in the world due to your conferences So not only would you be able to use VidCon and its current form and the other versions that you create as a? Promotional tool for your own digital studio it also gives them a fantastic recruiting tool get some of the largest creators in the world Thousands of smaller creators right there in front of you to your doorstep Maybe you can work with them get them to be a part of your new studio once again That’s me looking from the outside in a statement around this move we had Hank green saying icon has decades of expertise creating incredible live events for fans And we are building something truly unique by blending that with our team’s deep care and passion for the community and culture of online video Take also separately made a video where he? Commented on his past where he was critical of Viacom also noting that Viacom has a lot of experience and making fan first event Successful as far as financial terms of the acquisition That was not disclosed as far as reaction from the community people see them a little bit split and it seems like a lot of people that are excited are people that have a lot of trust and Hank green and Believe that you know he wants this to be successful And so it’s gonna be a good move and those are not necessarily happy about this It feels to be for a few different reasons I’m saying you know VidCon was all about by creators for creators now all of a sudden this Corporations coming in it just seems like a money play well There’s not a fan of this just because they don’t like Viacom. I remember for years There was a massive fear that YouTube was going to be shut down by Viacom this because of a lawsuit where Viacom was seeking 1 Billion dollars in damages from YouTube ended up settling that case in 2014 and and as far as my opinion on this I’m personally at a point where I’m Skeptical, but I’ll wait to see what this actually looks like I already said last year that it might be one of my last year Is going like for networking purposes? I still might send a few people from the team, but otherwise what we get for the amount of time we spend there It’s very limited and when I say that I mean like we don’t get paid and I’m not asking for payment I just think that I could have a more fulfilling experience for myself And the people that watch me if we do our own event and I think that’s why you’re seeing people like Erin Hanson Egoraptor launching companies like real good touring a lot of creators want to do in-person things But they don’t have the the team to do the actual touring or creating an event for them so then they go to these things For free and they help other people build stuff up And what they actually get out of it is pretty limited so kind of also on that point while I am skeptical of Viacom I’d be very interested to see what’s what new thing what special thing could they do with VidCon? We’ll see I always hope for the best and expect and plan for the worst And that’s actually where I’m going to end today’s show and remember if you liked this video be like what I’m trying to do on This channel hit that like button if you’re new here hit that subscribe Button that way you make sure you don’t miss these daily weekday videos which actually if it did miss yesterday’s show you want to catch Up click or tap right there to watch that or if you need something a little bit lighter I have today’s brand new behind the scenes vlog you can click or tap right there lots that said of course as always my name Is philip defranco you’ve just filled-in. I love yo faces, and I’ll see you next time

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100 thoughts on “Why People Are Freaking Out About The Omarosa Controversy, Viacom Buying VidCon, and More

  1. The White House responded to something a reality tv star, who also used to be an employee of the White House, said on a popular reality tv show about another reality tv star who is also the President of the United States. WHAT IS 2018?!

  2. It is true women are more meek then men and would probably not consume chips in the same way as a brutish man , but no need to make it smaller lol

  3. I personally would like a chip with less crunch. I hate crunching really loud around people or when I wear headphones where I can hear the crunch inside my head while trying to listen to something.
    The only problem with it is that she explicitly said it was meant to target women. But whatever, that won’t stop me from eating them anyway. It’s not like they’ll stop you from buying a thing if you’re not a specific gender.

  4. Just saying. The idea of a chip that is crunchy but less noisy seems farfetched but awesome. I know that I chew way too loud and i'm sure that i'm not the only one who suffers from this problem. It could very well revolutionise movie theatre food, And I don't see anything wrong with wanting to have a snack that i can fit in my purse.. especially if they're gonna market it as an alternative to popcorn. You've gotta admit. they say more like cinema doritos, not lady doritos.

  5. The Doritos thing doesn't sound appealing to me and it's unfortunate that she specified that it's for women, but if they launch this and there are people who like it, it's gonna be a success. I just think that gender probably won't have a huge impact on who likes it and who doesn't.

    So I understand that people complain about the phrasing, but complaining about the product itself is a little weird.

  6. Hey Phil

    The fact that anybody takes seriously what was said on a reality TV show by a scorned reality TV star shows the level of incompetence we are dealing with as a divided nation. Facts are more important than your feelings.

  7. No Phil omarosas first move was to sensationilze a book she wrote about her time in the white house. That woman only cares about herself.

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    Thank you!

  9. Wait, wait, wait, "Not my circus, not my monkeys"??? Somebody find me a translation guide or at the very least tell me why SJWs haven't gone ballistic over this comment? Can I get this printed on a T-shirt with really tiny print below with some long winded explanation that says absolutely NOTHING, just like this show? Okay, enough for today, back to the show.

  10. …i hope Hope Hicks is upto speed on her JiuJitsu skills…Porter has abused 2 previous wives…shes lining up to be number three on the beat down list.

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  12. Obviously I was not in the testing pool for how chips are eaten because I chow down. Broken bits at the bottom, yep I scarf those down too. Finger licking, absolutely.

  13. Did anybody catch the irony in the Women's Equality Party statement, "No doubt some male consumers will welcome the chance to have a bigger package", directly after speaking about tired stereotypes?

  14. The problem with serial abusers is that they can manipulate their appearance to the people they don't want to know what they do to people behind close doors.

  15. I have been watching Philip DeFranco's videos for months , i love this channel and i love Philip . But this video is a great example of him pushing a narrative hard. In this case he is obviously narrating the news in a way that would decorate the 2 ex- gf/wives of the guy to be the clear victims. Instead of a neutral/Un-biased approach which he always says is how he does things. If there were any credible proof , to credit such narrative i would not be bothered , there clearly seems to be no such things .
    So the only motive here to paint the women as the clear victims over the guy who just had to resign from his job and has to suffer a public character assassination is that he is part of the Trump office.
    I love the show , i want it to be much greater than what it is . I really wish the news is presented without any bias.
    While Philip talks about the impact of logan paul and various YT personalities , he seems to be ever so slowly become the guy he hates .
    Example : What if that guy was going to meet a woman today and that woman was supposed to be his soulmate? and she just happened to be Philip's subscriber and watched this video on him and now thinks , " whoaa , that guy is a abusive criminal , i better stay away from him " . [ VERY BIG Exaggeration to highlight what am talking about]

  16. Ever since the Ana Sarkeesian incident Vidcon has become a shitshow but now it's a corporate shitshow and It seems Hank Green could see the writing on the wall and so he sold it off. Smart move financially on Hank's part but he'll get no respect from Vidcon's fans, his own fans or fellow creators for doing it 🙁

  17. that dorito story reaction seems a bit kneejerk, and thats understandable considering how bullshit the 'pink tax', but she said nothing that made it sound exploitative in the same way, more diversity in products isnt necessarily a bad thing

  18. You SHOULD have a reaction to the Doritos bullshit. It's just another example of products being marketed to women that are representative of what they believe women should be…quieter, cleaner, and less distracting. Fuck all that–I buy men's razors cause they're cheaper, Hungryman meals cause there's more food, and eat my chip crumbs however the fuck I please. The fact that people still think like this about women–whether it's men or women–is ignorant and disgusting.

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    But, whether it’s good press or not, it’s press. We’re all talking about it. Advertising at its finest

  23. Just incase people haven't seen big brother before. It is mostly staged over here in Britian it was ridiculous how fake it got over the years. So beware this is most likely to just scare people/gain views for the show.

  24. The idea that anyone is up in arms because Doritos may be making a chip for a particular group is ridiculous. First of all, if Pepsi Co. is not a completely incompetent billion dollar company. They have no intention of offending customers or losing money. If they've researched and observed that the genders engage with their products differently, then they would be idiots not to try and engage with those differences. This is what marketers and R&D does and has done to each of us. As long as there's not a chromosome test you have to pass to buy a product, then feel free to ignore their lady chips if they aren't the product you want. Buy men's razors if you don't want to pay extra for the pink razors. But being "outraged" by this, belittles your larger cause, in my opinion.

  25. About the chips thing, everyone has preferences. As long as they don’t label these up and coming chips as ones for “ladies” or “women”, I think it’s a good idea. Some people—not just women—don’t like licking their fingers in public or making loud crunches. So these new chips would be great for them! But the moment you make it a gender thing, it’s just outrageous and offensive.

  26. I know for a fact that some women do try to crunch quietly, try to keep the seasoning off their fingers AND… wait for it… trash the tiny bits in the bottom of chip bags. It could’ve been better publicized as “people like to…” instead of “women like to” even though my personal experience puts this particular thing as exclusive to women.

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    "The most powerful man in the universe" man, some of you guy from the USA like stroking your dicks.
    Also, on Porter – None of the people who defended him dated him, so they cannot know for sure. When you are with someone in that context they are very different most of the time.
    The chips story. What the hell hahaha Why? I mean sneakable chips is cool, but why you're making it a gender thing?

  29. "As old as the Ad Men making this decision". Assumes the gender of the decision-makers.

    A quick Google puts the percentage of women working in advertising at about 30%. But the Women's Equality Party are comfortable assuming it was a man.

    I'm a software engineer. Figures vary, but 8% women is a figure bandied about (I'd put it lower), but believe me I'd cop some hell if I assumed that a women in a company was admin staff rather than an engineer.

  30. I have found Piers Morgan, a know Leftist state that Omarosa is dangerous, and that she creates gossip and chaos and that she’s toxic. Kinda makes me think twice about her statements.

  31. Why is it when people talk about gender differences that are found as part of actual research it's still lumped in the same category as sexism? If you ask 10,000 men what they like, and 10,000 women what they like, you're going to get a mean difference between the two. There will be overlap in both directions, no doubt, but the answers will be different. What's so fk'n wrong about that?!

  32. YouTube is having issues! I just got a notification that Phil just uploaded this video!!!
    I saw many major creators (ex:H3H3), having wacky issues with their accounts today also…. wtf YouTube?

  33. "Women have their own struggles and their own needs that must be acknowledged in the world! Be more sensitive to the life of women! It's not the same as the life of men!"

    "Sure thing! We see how you are different and have made this product so that it may fit your own life better!"

    "How dare you imply that women needs something different than men! This is SEXISM! DIE IN A FIRE MALE SCUM!!"

  34. Omarosa said that a lot of people with a DV past surprisingly apply for jobs at the White House but cannot get past the FBI background check process. Expunged or not. It was on the Big Brother After Dark feed.

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  36. Like Phil kinda says… if there is solid research saying that is female consumer preference and they come out with a product that doesn't say "for her"… i don't see what the problem is… just regular product development and marketing

  37. What the fuck was Omarosa even doing in the White House anyway? Apparently she didn't even know herself what she was doing.

  38. So with the lady pen thing, women are actually more prone to get tendonitis from over using their wrists. The “lady pen” is made thicker so women have a better grip, so they don’t have to move their wrist as much. After I had to get a tendon release done, my doctor explained that to me.

  39. Went to Vidcon last year. It was a sucky experience. So I guess I'll stick with not meeting my favorite creators because it's either at Vidcon or they do book tours and don't come anywhere in/near my state.

  40. I think they would have done better to advertise them as 'movie friendly chips'. Low crunch, not a lot of mess, easy to sneak into a cinema.

  41. I would love to have that new doritos, the 'not making loud of noise crunch' would be very useful for me who always had a midnight snack. I don't have to carefully eat doritos so I won't woke up my sister anymore.

  42. About the Doritos I think that it would appeal to me not because I’m a female but because I’m a student. Quiet chips to eat in class, packaging that will fit better in a backpack instead of a purse. I would buy that. But that’s just my take on it.

  43. The "pink tax" on Razors is an interesting one, given most female oriented razors have "moisture pads" and other cosmetic bullshit stuck before and/or after the blades.
    Mens? A simple lubrication pad if you're getting a "notreallymens" one and just BLADES if you get one for use with shaving foam.

  44. I always pour the little broken bits 😶 but I also ate Yorkie bars purely because they were advertised as "not for girls" 😅.

  45. No one knows an abuser, only those intimate knows. However, most that do defend, are abusers as well. And YES women abuse as well. So 4 people in the white house that are dv perps. And trump.

  46. I am by no means justifying his actions if they are true. But who rejects having sex during their honeymoon. I was under the belief that is what the honeymoon is for. If the allegations are true he's actions were uncalled for but, I find it hard to believe that she would refuse to have sex during the honeymoon.

  47. Wow, I didn't know you were a fan of Big Brother. Either way this was an enlightening segment on the show.

  48. Honestly, the Doritos thing is stupid. It makes sense to package things differently for people who have been PROVEN to eat them differently. Why are women complaining? A HUGE chip company completely redesigned their product JUST for women to be more comfortable eating chips. Why would ANYONE be upset by that? Besides, if I'm in my local grocery store and I see a bag of Women's Doritos and a bag of Men's Doritos, what's to stop me from getting a woman's bag of Doritos? I don't know…just seems petty to have an issue with something like that. You should be happy.

  49. My takeaway is that this administration is A-okay with cheating, abuse, rascism, sexism, pedophilia, homophobia, hypocrisy, corruption and lying….so much for the party of personal responsibility and family values

  50. As for the "higher ups" defending Rob Porter…how many of them have been in an intimate relationship with him? I was best friends with a man who I and my child considered to be all kinds of good. My daughter even wanted us to get married. It took a few years for me to find out he beat his girlfriends. Our households spent more time together than apart, I honestly didn't think there was much we all didn't know about each other. We were practically living together. My heart broke when I found out his true nature. I couldn't believe that someone I cared so much for was a violent and cruel monster. People who defend abusers with comments of how close they are to them don't realize that ALL relationships are individual. We only see what is shown to us, and hiding our ugliness from others is usually on the top of list of getting through life.

  51. Damn the omarosa thing is like that scene in a movie where a strong hero returns to the rest of the group in horror describing a new deadly force or villain

  52. another "Christian values party" republican abuser excused by his fellow "Christian values party" republicans smh

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