Why People Are Freaking Out About Dolan Twins Burnout, Ecuador, Mei, Hong Kong & Robert Downey Jr

– ‘Sup you beautiful bastards. Hope you’re having a fantastic Wednesday. Welcome back to The Philip DeFranco Show and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re
gonna talk about today are some updates around
the massive Blizzard story that we covered yesterday To over-simplify if you didn’t see, Blizzard announced that Chung Wai, who is a professional Hearthstone player, would have his prize money rescinded and he was banned from
professional play for a year. Because he said “liberate Hong
Kong” during the broadcast. Also they fired the two casters who were also there but
didn’t say anything. Right so this was seen by many as Blizzard bending a knee to China. Essentially making the
choice to take money from a communist country cracking, I mean among other things,
cracking down on free speech. Overism with their own mission statements like think globally, every voice matters in just their general user base. So part of what we’re seeing are people calling for a boycott
of all Blizzard games. You even have people like Mark Kern, who was a team lead for World of Warcraft, tweeting “This hurts. “But until Blizzard
reverses their decision, “I am giving up playing classic
WoW, which I helped make “and helped convince
Blizzard to relaunch.” Adding that he’s watched
China “slowly take over “as a dominant investing force “in gaming and movies over the years.” Saying, “Chinese games
companies have grown huge “not just because of market size, “but because the government
subsidizes them.” And adding, “I’ve seen
firsthand the corruption “of Chinese gaming
companies, and I was removed “from a company I founded after Blizzard “for refusing to take a 2
million dollar kickback bribe to take an investment from China. “This is the first time I’ve
ever spoken publicly about it.” And then going on to say
that Chinese companies tried to ruin his career
with planted press stories. Also saying that he’s taken
a huge risk by saying this because China monitors all social media and knows that this means
he’ll probably never get an investment from China again. But adding, “Enough is enough. “I stand with Hong Kong and
I oppose Blizzard’s obvious “and laughably transparent fear of China.” And then later sharing a screenshot of him actually canceling
his subscription. Which is something that we’ve been seeing more and more people do. Another thing we’ve seen
are fans taking a character from a Blizzard Property, Overwatch, Mei, and they’ve been turning
her into a protest symbol. You have Mei with a mask that says fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong. Deomcracy Now, you see the mask again, this seemingly in reference
to the face mask ban. In the Blizzard subreddit,
along with making a new logo for Blizzard, you’ve people
sharing Mei in Hong Kong wear. Also reportedly in Tuesday’s Collegiate Hearthstone championship, American University players held up a “Free Hong Kong, boycott Blizzard” sign. While a lot of this has been
heavily focused on Blizzard and yesterday of course, we
even talked about the NBA. This has also raised the
question of where else does China potentially have their finger? With many specifically eying Chinese tech conglomerate Tencent. They reportedly own five
percent of Activision Blizzard. And according to reports,
just in the PC gaming space, Tencent owns 100 percent of Riot Games, 40 percent of Epic Games, a little over 11 percent of Bluehole, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. They’ve also invested in Discord, you might remember they
had some people up in arms after they invested $150
million into Reddit. But also at the same time, understand that I’m not
saying we should expect the exact same thing from
any of these companies. Just given the news recently
of more people than ever wondering where China’s money
is involved with US companies. Which actually on that note,
I mentioned Epic Games, of course the developer behind Fortnite. They reportedly told The Verge, “Epic supports everyone’s right “to express their views on
politics and human rights. “We wouldn’t ban or
punish a Fortnite player “or content creator for
speaking on these topics.” And while I always want to try and take someone at face value, I look at that and I go, well you’re making that statement now when you’re not the
focal point of the story. And back to Mark Kern
regarding this specific topic. He tweeted that Tencent
owns 40 percent of Epic. And while Tim, the CEO of Epic, is taking a great pro-speech stance here, and he believes him,
“what’s to prevent Tencent “from removing him like
what happened to me “for not playing ball?” But at this point, we’re
gonna have to wait to see and if I was to guess, I’d
feel like more companies are going to be tested soon. But of course with all of that said, I’d love to know your
thoughts around this. But from that, I wanna share
some stuff I love today. And Today in Awesome,
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today is the audio only podcast that I talked about yesterday has dropped. It’s about 35 minutes of
me talking to you guys, It was a very fun,
different format for me. Yeah, enjoy that, and then next week and the weeks after, we go
back to the guest format. Then we got a trailer for Travel
the World with David Chang, the trailer for The Turning, We have Kevin Smith answering the web’s most searched questions, Toy Story creators rating
down fan theories from Reddit. We got Hasan Minhaj answering increasingly personal questions. We had Natasha Leggero
giving brutal answers to morning radio questions And if you wanna see the full versions of everything I just shared, the secret link of the day,
really anything at all, links as always are in
the description below. And then, let’s cover some quickies. And an update to the Martin Scorsese, MCU debate and backlash which we covered earlier in the week. Right and that essentially simplified was famed director Martin Scorsese saying that the MCU, those Marvel movies, that they’re not cinema,
they’re more like theme parks. Stirred up a debate as well
as reactions and comments from people that are actually in the MCU. As I said last time, I’m not
gonna bash Scorsese for this, right I think his work speaks for itself that I can’t comment on that. I and a number of people have disagreed. My personal example of
why I think it’s cinema is that I look to Robert Downey Jr. His performance in the Iron Man movies as well as just across the MCU, that arc, I just thought it was fantastic. It hit me on a truly emotional level so I think that I and many
others were interested in what Robert Downey Jr
had to say about this. And it’s something that
they ended up actually commenting on while on
The Howard Stern Show. – According to Scorsese, it’s not cinema, I gotta take a look at that. – Why did he say that? – Because it’s his opinion.
– But it is cinema, isn’t it? – I mean it plays in theaters. – Were you insulted when he said that it’s not cinema, that
somehow Iron Man isn’t cinema? – No.
– (Howard) It is cinema to me. – Well I mean look, it’d be like saying Howard Stern isn’t radio. – It makes no sense to say it.
– But was he jealous of the success?
– Of course not. But I mean, he’s Martin Scorsese. – And in this clip from Howard Stern, which I’ll link down below, he ends on this note that I think is very important to hear out. – I listen to the show, I agree with most, all of your opinions,
varied though they may be. Occasionally you’ll go on some
tributary trail of thought that I go that’s not how I see it. But I go, I love that you see it that way. – And I personally think that that’s such an incredibly healthy way to view this situation and
just things in general. And also I will say,
happily echoes kind of the number one comment I get from people. Love the show, don’t always
agree with your opinion but I love seeing kind of where someone else could be coming from. And I don’t think we all have to agree, I think we would all benefit
if we can kind of take a beat, try to appreciate and understand maybe where someone’s coming from, and then yes outside
of differing opinions, you can criticize things like saying that you don’t like something even though you didn’t actually take
the time to watch something. I personally found that interesting. Then we had the massive creators
that are the Dolan twins, Ethan and Grayson Dolan in the news. Their newest video and
the articles around it have just really been
spreading and blowing up. And it was really kind
of the latest chapter of one of last year’s biggest
stories, creator burnout. And the reason that this
video has stuck out to me, which is you’re not a fan of theirs, you can kind of oversimplify as, it’s just an hour long video
where they’re announcing they’re not doing weekly videos anymore, is that it gives this unique insight into what is happening
in young creator’s minds. Like this online, homegrown,
entertainment eco-system, what does that do to people? They talk about, they’ve been
doing these weekly videos for five years, which means
they’ve been doing this since they were 14. Easily some of the most formative
years for a young person. They talk about the disconnect
between who they are as a real person, the
emotions that they’re feeling, and then what they’re putting out there into the world with each video. Feeling that they’re forced to create out of fear of becoming irrelevant, also feeling guilty for
not providing something for the people that support them. Even to the point that they said, they really haven’t had the time to process their father’s recent death. And here’s the thing, while
I definitely do understand the part of my audience that will never sympathize with stories like this. I remember busting my
ass at a minimum wage job while going to school,
feeling like as much effort as I was putting forward, I
was still falling backwards. Right and I’m supposed to
sympathize with someone that can’t speak without there
being an echo in their house? When they’re their own boss,
they have no one to blame but themselves but the
twins even say that. But on the other side of this, as a person who has been
creating on this platform for over a decade, I greatly sympathize. I’ve seen a lot of friends burn out, people just plunging
into massive depression that you think are the happiest, most successful people on the planet. They’re also not open with it, with the public because
they feel incredibly guilty and like no one will sympathize. But really to paraphrase
and kind of repeat something that Shane Dawson says in the video. To creators, if something
is wearing you down, slowly breaking you,
making you sad, pull back. One, if you force content,
it’s going to suck and people will notice. And two, if people stop watching you because you’re not posting enough, you were eventually going
to lose those people anyway. You’ve just expedited the process and you’re the only
person that really knows what you can handle. Hell, I mean even that kind of thinking is why I pulled back on
Friday Philip DeFranco Shows and decided to put my
energy into something else. But that’s all I’ll really touch on there. And regarding the Dolans,
I don’t really know them but I wish them well. And the last thing we’re
gonna talk about today is the massive news out of Ecuador where there have just been huge protests for almost a week now. And these protests started last Thursday after President Lenin Moreno announced that he was ending fuel subsidies that had been in place for 40 years. Moreno claimed that the subsidies have cost the government
about $1.4 billion year, which is about five percent of the budget. And so he scrapped them
as part of a broader plan to cut spending under a loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund to lower debt and stimulate the economy. Under that deal, the
IMF would give Ecuador a $4.2 billion loan as long
Moreno imposed measures to cut back on government spending. But cutting fuel subsidies
means rising fuel prices and rising fuel prices have a long history of sparking protest. Right I mean just think of
the yellow vest movement that we talked about in France which started over a gas tax increase. And that price increase really pissed off a lot of transportation
workers, young people, and indigenous groups in Ecuador who have already been struggling
over the last few years. Right, this as Ecuador has sunk into debt and tried to fight its way
out of an economic recession. And so we see following Moreno’s
announcement on Thursday is taxi drivers, bus drivers, and members of Ecuador’s
transportation union launching a strike. Blocking roads and highways
all over the country. They were also quickly joined by students and indigenous groups. And actually even after
the transportation union called off the strike on
Saturday, the protests, which were now led by indigenous
groups, kept on going. Also following what we saw on Thursday, Moreno declared a 60
day state of emergency, allowing him to suspend certain civil liberties of protestors. And so what we’ve seen happen is that protestors have
become increasingly violent. Protestors continued marching and barricading roads by
reportedly setting fires or burning tires and military vehicles. They’ve also reportedly
thrown petrol bombs and stones as security forces have
responded by using tear gas and water cannons against
the demonstrators. The demonstrators have also attacked dozens of rose plantations and several oil production facilities, prompting oil-fueled operations to be suspended all over the country. And with large parts of the
country brought to a standstill, The Minister of Production,
Commerce, and Investment, told reporters that
Ecuador has actually lost $1.4 billion over just
six days of protests. Something else we’ve
seen, dozens of people, including police, have been injured and one man died after being hit by a car. Authorities have also
arrested hundreds of people, although there are
conflicting reports here. Some outlets saying 570 people, while others say the number
is now closer to 700. And one of the big key things here is it does not seem like
things are dying down. Over the last few days, demonstrators in the capital city Quito have reportedly stormed and vandalized multiple government buildings, all while continuing to clash
with police on the streets, destroying property,
and looting businesses. And in fact, things got
so intense on Monday that Moreno announced
that he was literally going to move his government from Quito to a coastal city 150 miles away. Right something that I do not believe has ever been done before. Many have described this
move as unprecedented. Moreno has also called for a dialogue with the indigenous groups, who have said they are not behind the
violence in the capital. And Moreno, for his part,
seems to believe them. Even insisting that their protests have been infiltrated by bad actors backed by former Ecuadorian
president, Rafael Correa. Who is working with Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, to launch a coup. And a big thing to note here
regarding relationships. Moreno has frequently clashed with Maduro. And Moreno used to actually
be vice-president to Correa, who served before he took
office and was once his mentor. But Correa has been
living in exile in Belgium since being charged of kidnapping a political opponent while president. Moreno has also blamed Correa
for the economic problems that got Ecuador here in the first place. And during a televised
statement on Monday, Moreno said that these protests were an attempted coup against him. Saying, “What has happened these days “is not a social protest against “a decision by my government. “The looting, vandalism and violence “show that there’s an organized action “to destabilize my government.” Now Correa has denied that he
is behind any coup attempt, Telling Reuters, “They are such liars. “They say I am so powerful “that with an iPhone from Brussels “I could lead the protests. “People couldn’t take it
anymore, that’s the reality.” Also slamming Moreno on Twitter, saying, “Moreno is finished, “as happens with every
traitor sooner or later.” And adding that he has
no legitimacy to govern. And as far as what Maduro was saying, we’ve seen him supporting the protestors. With Washington Post quoting him saying, “I express my solidarity
with the people of Ecuador. “No more IMF packages.
No more misery.” Also, at the same time,
Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who many countries
including the United States, recognize as the rightful
leader of Venezuela, supported Moreno’s claim,
writing on Twitter, “While President Lenin
Moreno works to maintain “and strengthen the republic
and institutions of Ecuador, “a group financed by Maduro’s
accomplices in America, “taking advantage of the most vulnerable, “seeks to end the country’s stability. “Solidarity with Ecuador.” But ultimately, that is where
we are with this right now. It is gonna be interesting to see what happens moving forward. Right now, Moreno has said
that he will not resign but others have noted that in the past, indigenous-led protests have
brought down three presidents. But also at the same time, it appears that the
military is backing Moreno. Yeah, ultimately we’re
gonna have to wait and see and with that of course, I’d
love to know your thoughts, but also especially, if
you have family there, maybe you’re watching
from around the area. What are your thoughts around all of this. And that’s where I’m
going to end today’s show. And hey, if you like this video, I’d love if you took a second
to hit that like button. Also if you’re new here, you want more of these daily dives into the news, be sure to tap that subscribe button, hit that bell to turn on notifications. Also if you’re not 100 percent filled in, you can click or tap right
there to watch something else. But with that said of course, as always, my name’s Philip DeFranco,
you’ve just been filled in, I love yo faces and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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    Though I do think the punishments were a quite severe, especially with the casters also being fired since they didn't actually do anything except unless they knew he was going to do this and supported him. As a professional, you should be aware of the rules and consequences and therefore prevent situations like this from happening.

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  37. Imagine having the option to "pull back". As a father of 3, who works 2 jobs and goes to school part time, I can't help but laugh at this. My father is slowly dying from pulmonary fibrosis and I can barely find the time to have a dinner with him every few weeks. I see my kids maybe an hour a day and work most weekends. But when it all comes down to it, I make the time that I do get with them count. Don't fucking at me with this cry baby "burnout", it isn't being burnt out, it is being bored with what you are doing but feeling forced to do it so you can stay a float. That is what EVERYONE goes through working ANY job. No matter how much you love your job, you will get to a point where you are just tired of doing the same thing everyday; but it pays the bills and so you do it either way.

    PS. Love you Phil, been watching for 6 years religiously.

  38. Hey, Ecuadorian here, yesterday, Wednesday was the day for nation wide protest and road blockades, I’m a college student in Quito, as the protests escalated I decided to get back to my hometown of Atuntaqui, about 70 km away. Me and some friends decided to get back at 2 am, we managed to get a taxi but only for 20 km, from that point on there were road blockades every 200 meters or so, so we had to walk for about 50 km with 1200 meters in elevation, it was the most I ever walked and the hardest walk I’ve ever taken. While walking back, there were several ambulances that couldn’t went through and there were news that a Red Cross ambulance in Quito was attacked, even while carrying a patient. While I can see the reasons for public outrage, the fuel prices will raise, but not significantly, in fact it will stay at about the same prices as many other nations in Latin America, I can’t say I support this violent protests, the longer this protests go on, the more this country will enter a severe economic crisis, and sadly the most affected will be the same people protesting, the poor get poorer, that has been the story of all protests in this country.

  39. My grandma lives in Ecuador and her house was set on fire during the protest. She couldn't go to the hospital because all the roads were closed so she almost died. Police aren't allowed to shoot either, so they couldn't prevent the fire. Her sheep were stolen as well, and crops were trampled 😞 #Justice4Ecua

  40. It certainly is important to listen to opposing and differing opinions, and not just shut them out and ignore them. An echo chamber doesn't foster critical thinking, but an open mind lets us learn from each other and maybe not agree but at least begin to foster some understanding where that person or people are coming from.

    Now obviously this isn't for all ideas as any form of discriminatory thinking is abhorrent, but for most other things, including political beliefs, an open mind can also help foster compromise

  41. These protests in Ecuador don’t strike me as very legitimate. Of course rises in fuel prices are hard, but if the government is in a state where it needs to borrow money to fuel its public spending you are already living beyond your means. Also these IMF’s conditions, which are apparently the problem, are simply assurances to lenders that they will get their money back (and it is actually their money you are living off), other wise it’s just free money. The Ecuadorean Government basically has to cut spending in order to convince others to help pay for the overspending caused by the president who is backing the protests.

    This whole protests is painfully surface level, with the added irony of being backed by Maduro, who of course is of the mental capacity to calculate that an end to IMF loans would be a solution to the country’s spending crisis.

  42. Just an FYI: I tried going to the site and full price earbuds are 80$. closed it out, clicked the link, and with the "15%off" they were still 80$ the discount isn't being applied.

  43. I know our movies are getting worse and worse because the Studios make more money catering to China. It sucks they have SHIT taste in movies.

  44. Honestly what else is Blizzard expected to do in that situation? He violated the terms of conduct of discussing politics on stream and got penalized for it. I don't agree with bending over to China, but I also don't agree with mixing politics and video game tournaments.

  45. I’m from Ecuador but moved to the US when I was 3. My cousin has been keeping me updated on the situation and she said, they had to leave Quito because of how dangerous the protest have become. Also she told me that it’s really hard to get accurate information because they have a strong censorship in media. I’m still trying to figure it exactly what is going on. I really hope it gets settled soon so I don’t have to keep worrying about my family….

  46. So I get what Scorcese is saying. He's not saying they're (the marvel films) not "movies," and if I can maybe shove some words in his mouth, he's not saying that they're not "art." He's probably referring to 'Cinema' in its higher form – telling a story that relies on the strength of its actors and the story itself. Which, to be fair, while I love MCU movies, they're manufactured. They follow a formula that had been tested, has been refined, and is ultimately VERY successful. And typically, they're very heavily reliant on SFX rather than the traditional toolbag that filmmakers have had to rely on for years before the advent of supercomputers.

  47. As far as the Dolan twins or really any creator, don't forget that even the hardest working CEO's in the country still take time for a vacation. I think any creator needs to remember to take some time off and go somewhere nice and not vlog or really post any of it. Just take some time to decompress. Your fans will always be your fans and will understand that people need a break once in a while.

  48. I do feel bad for the Dolan twins, but I think it’s also important to acknowledge that a five day workweek is pretty normal (I don’t know how much they work during those days, only that they said a video took 5 days) and that despite what they said in the video, most people can’t take time off when there’s a drastic change in their life. It’s horrible that their father died, but they’re all saying a month is not long enough, when in reality, most adults would get a week of bereavement (if they get any time off at all). The pain is real, but privilege should also be acknowledged.

  49. Hello beautiful bastard communtty, i have a quick question, 
    If i have a story that i want to tell the Defranco team about in case they would like to help put a spotlight on it, 
    How can i contact them?

    Thank you in advance.

  50. As a former addict myself, I absolutely love how Robert Downey Jr has conquered his addictions and has proven to be smart, funny, and very talented. He's living proof that their IS life after addiction, and it can be a wildly exceptional one. Good for him and everyone who makes it out of the living nightmare of addiction.

  51. Look if Blizz just gave the dude a temporary suspension then thatd be fine. They dont want political stuff on their broadcasts and that's fair because its such a slippery slope. But the punishment they gave him was WAY too over the line.

  52. Philly D, my man… there are much more important themes, events, happenings to cover, than two crybaby twins with identitty crisis. Internet is packed with characters like that. They come, they go, they are nobody important in our lives. Perhaps a bit funny, but not important to take part in your show like it's of national importance.
    You turning into celebrity gossip channel, Phil? Please don't.

  53. Hi Phil, ecuadorian daily viewer here. First of all I would like to thank you for covering our story, things have been intense for the past couple of days. As of thursday protests have subsided a lot, however roads and bridges remain closed due to indigenous people intervention. Most of the ecuadorian population is polarized, mainly middle and upper income class citizens support the measures taken, but lower income class citizens most definitely don't. The city you mentioned where the government has moved its location is Guayaquil, the second largest city in the country, economic powerhouse and my personal whereabout. We as "guayaquileños" have been fighting for protests to remain peaceful, for looting to seize and for unity against the harsh times that are to come. It is painful to see the precarious actions of the people, my people, how easy it is for vandals and criminals to take mayhem to the streets, but I promise you we will fight on, our country will have to adapt, it will be hard, but once you hit rock bottom there is nowhere to look but up.

  54. I think the fuzz with the Dolan twins wanting to move on is mostly jealousy. Most of us have had the time to reflect on what we want with life, dreamt a little (too far maybe, it is allowed), and we envy those who managed to succeed in our dreams. Struggling to pay rent, or not happy in our work situation, we all have our battles.
    If we had the choice to do something in our lives for the better, we would too! Humanity is all about improving the life we have, if it is finally affording a small apartment or just calming down the youtube schedule. Stress don't go away because you can afford more… Your mind doesn't get better with a big house or fame. Wish everyone could try it so they would understand how little money matter in the end….They even say so themselves.

  55. Hey Phil. Love your show. Please cover the protests in my country Iraq. More than 100 have been killed by the government

  56. I’m so over hearing about you tuber burnout. Try working normal jobs where you’re forced to deal with people IN PERSON every single day. Oh, and not making millions. 🙄

  57. Maybe now people will understand why China should not be allowed to rise to the level of international superpower.

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