why i like Tech Deck/Fingerboarding and real life Skateboarding and some history on me?.

what’s up guys PKYLE146 here hope you
guys are having a great day even a night whenever you guys are tuned in I’m
actually doing this video back-to-back recording I just got finished doing
another one about the differences of from the original tech decks the finger
boards how they’ve changed daddy da da da makes you go check that out it should
be uploaded by time this one’s uploaded so yeah without further ado this video
is actually going to be about why I love real-life skateboarding and
fingerboarding and tech tax all that stuff we’ll get right into it I’m
actually gonna flip the camera around real quick and show you guys my
real-life skateboard setup which I actually have a few of them but I just
want to show you guys this one in particular and then just the tech deck
and a finger board and so yeah let me turn this camera around and we’ll see
you in a few seconds alright so I’m back in my skateboard
finger board and then my tech deck I got a bunch of tech decks finger boards and
I got one or two of them because I just you know I don’t want to spend a fortune
and I’m feel happy with just two or you know a couple of them so on and so forth
skateboards I got a little bit more of those there’s reasons why I like they’re
on sale and stuff like that so anyways I’m actually gonna flip the camera back
around again so I could talk to you guys again be right back alright I’m back
guys so anyways the first thing I want to get
into is why I love fingerboard and tech decks I’ve done it since I was a kid
since I was yea high I think they came out when I was a kid as well I was born
in 1994 just to give you guys a little fun fact I’m gonna be 25 this year in
September I’m a quarter I’m high life older but anyways the reason why I love
tech Texan fingerboarding is when I first started and I didn’t really know
much about skateboarding like that I knew about the x-games and
skateboarding I didn’t know about fingerboard in tech
tech you know that then one day I found out about that I actually at the time
lived at my mom’s house and I had a huge table set up which unfortunately is gone
now there’s a video that you can go check out it’s called like rest and
peace old ski park at my mom’s house or whatever it was probably the best skate
park that I’ve honestly ever had for my tech decks and finger boards I truly
really miss it unfortunately which I explain why in the
video I had to get taken down and all that and actually at the table when it
got taken down broke in half so I can’t even get the table back anymore which is
unfortunate you know but what happened was so I started I think I went to a
goodwill or something like that and I actually found a couple of ramps Tony
Hawk ones from like you know the original ones or whatever I got some
duct tape or not duct tape excuse me see-through tape from the dollar store
got some cardboard that I just randomly caught up with scissors you know like
cereal boxes that I had empty or whatever and started making my own ramps
because that’s like the cheapest way if you ever by the way if you ever seduced
our fingerboard and tech tagging it’s probably the cheapest way to start and
you can you know this is another reason that I love it is because of creativity
when I first started I started you know a little spot here and then I worked my
way up and you could see if you go back and watch all of my past videos you’ll
see how my skate park at my mom’s house built up and everything
I actually currently live at my dad’s house I have a very small skate park
here only because the fact is my room so small and I kind of got it filled in
with stuff and just don’t have the space really to put a bigger like table or
whatever in here for I’m trying to think of a way to do it but that’s down the
road but yeah I love that it’s creativity you could be creative
they’re cheap unless you get into fingerboards then you like what I did is
I think I got mine for free or somebody sent me it for my birthday I want to say
or something like that but I know on eBay you could find some cheap basic
ones not non company ones I call them I think for fifteen or twenty bucks it
comes with everything you need yada yada then you got Tech Deck which I’ve always
loved Tech Deck they’ve changed so much since I was a kid to the current day but
I like the fact that they use real graphics they have like actual graphics
on the wheels which after a while they actually wear out and just become link
wheels you know normal wear and tear that happens just like real
skateboarding but so you know I love because creativity gives me something I
do when I don’t have something I do like I love skateboarding I’ve loved it since
I was a kid you know like I said from seeing from a little spot in a little
corner of my table go all the way to what it went to was like whole you know
it took time and you know I playing all this out da da da da da but you know I
was like holy crap looking back at this is like you know wow it’s amazing like I
have a full skate park it’s not a real skate park but hey it’s cool to me you
know which another thing is is in real life I’m not actually the best
skateboarder I grew up doing scootering I was a little bit better at that I had
a razor scooter and then one day I did a towel whip and then you know the
handlebar actually came apart and then that’s when I went to skateboarding
I still if I wanted to I could stuff scooter now but I think my skateboard is
my gig now at this point then I went to the real skateboard as you just saw that
was one of the ones I have set up currently actually that was for my city
or my town the board that and I got it from my
local skate shop not this one but this is a local indoor skate park sorry I
thought I had fun but anyways um so you know I got a narrow skateboarding and
then I found out hey I’m not the best at it
I enjoy you know my thing is with real skateboarding I you know keeps me out of
trouble when it’s summertime where I am because like we have a winner and it’s
usually pretty dang cold out and you can’t skateboard in snow you know unless
you go to an indoor skate park which mine’s not that close to me and I don’t
drive so I gotta like take an uber or left or you know get one of my friends
or family members to take me or whatever which by the way here’s the indoor skate
park breaking free skate park if you ever come to ride too soon here check it
out shout out to guys NAR wrench for life or so anyways but yeah you know my
thing is it keeps me out of trouble again kind of sort of a little creative
it’s more creative when you’re doing the tricks in her life
my thing is I kind of gung-ho it or wing it what I do tricks like I know like an
ollie kid you know I know what though you know what those look like in real
life but there’s so many tricks that like if I wanted to do us I don’t know I
can’t really do an example but like you fell if I do a specific trick you know I
don’t really necessarily know the names of those tricks sometimes but hey you
know I’m still having fun whatever I’ve actually skied board him in a
couple contests I know one of them I got in like seventh out of 10th place which
I kind of surprised myself about that was a couple years ago another little
fun fact the other one I think that was the very first contest I started and I
got like last place for obvious reasons but you know and then again you get you
know first creativity you get to put stickers on the board get to support
your town cities whatever with fingerboarding what
I like to do is actually I go on Google Images or stickers that I get I’ll
sometimes put them on my perks you’ll see like things like that
not necessarily to get sponsored and all that you know I just enjoy doing it but
um yeah so you know just enjoy both doing both things I’m trying to think
what else I can explain get to meet people obviously get out oh here’s
another big one you get good exercise I like to eat a lot of food actually so
burning some calories is pretty good for me to do get to enjoy the nice weather
get to get outside you know unless it’s winter and then your ring you’re you’re
at your indoor park then it’s obviously understandable or whatever I think
that’s pretty much about it if you guys have any reasons why or you guys like
skateboard and I know whatever calm them down below hey I’m curious to know why
you guys like them I’m pretty sure it’s for the same reasons or so but yeah so I
guess until next time peak car 146 out please oh and if you liked this video
hit the like button subscribe whatever however usually most YouTube that
youtubers say it again P column four six Oh peace

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