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100 thoughts on “Why I left my job at Google (as a software engineer)

  1. WHAT!? All I learned is a Great Headline like "why I left google" can score you major views and I will incorporate it in my business to draw attention to new services. This guy tell you nothing to do with his title. Sorry The Tech Lead…Stick to your skillset. You re not an entertainer.

  2. I know you wanna get a lot of watch time for your YouTube channel. But please, stop being so scared of revealing information. You ramble too much about nothing and never say much of great importance. I think it's about time you stop being afraid. Be brave, mister. Not risking anything is actually pretty dull b

  3. @Techlead Mostly in your videos you tend to follow your thoughts, therefore get distracted by stuff not really related to the initial subject of your video and it's quite frustrating… Please try to get right to the point, there's some really impatient people out there like me! I'm also quite disappointed by your answer… I thought you would delve deeper on a philosophical/psychological level as to why you basically quit the "dream" you chased 4 times, but may be I'm on the wrong channel!?
    So why did you leave google ? Let me try… I would say that may be you left it because, you realised as most of us do, after a certain age, that any goals (career/money/success/material possession) one can set ,does not really make happy. Mostly everything we do in our day to day life is meaningless, sounds cynical but it's true…
    As the Bible says in the Ecclesiastes :
    “Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.
    What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun?"
    Generations come and generations go but the earth remains forever.
    The sun rises and the sun sets,
    and hurries back to where it rises."
    We have all been programmed to think these are one of the most important things in our life, but once we get there, we realise how empty we feel… I'm not saying they are bad, they are not necessarily. They are exciting things that really drive us for a while, but excitement does not last ! In the long term, those mere distractions do not fill the void in us.
    Sounds like a corny cliche kind of answer but I guess deep down we all know the answer is somewhere else and I was expecting that Techlead would express it in his own words…

  4. I think Google Needs to Create a BOND(Non Sharing Work Structure) with every employee not to share work Procedure out of Google(after eviction from Google). If some one does not obey the Bond have to give the company Huge Fine and Non-bailable Warrant.

  5. I would want to get into google or youtube too, just to leave you know lol. Just like you said, 3 years working for Google and everybody is willing to give you an interview. It's the social status that matters, not the company itself. But of course I would stick along if the place suits me

  6. As an Android developer i also would love to work at Google, but i agree with you, i don't think i would want to spend the rest of my life working at Google

  7. Google is doomed unless they repent and admit their sins and wrong doings and I think they could be forgiven and become a great employer to work for. It might be to late , time will tell.

  8. Hi, and welcome to another episode of The TechLead My name is The TechLead and today I'm going to be a TechLead ……………

  9. They should have Awards 4 most pointless video on YouTube. He said nothing nothing nothing more nothing and nothing on top of that absolutely boring

  10. I'm still not sure why you left but I really enjoy your videos. I like the fact that you don't sound scripted but at the same time you go off the rails a bit 😂

  11. For my own reference later.
    Summary: average tenure of Google workers are 3.2 years. Some work there for validation (proof that they are software engineer). Some work until they get bored and want to explore other companies.

  12. working for google would fucking suck. this video also sucks. say-nothing fluff.
    here's why a lot of employees have quit: because google is evil af.
    "The employees resigned because of ethical concerns over the company's work with the
    Defense Department that includes helping the military speed up analysis
    of drone footage by automatically classifying images of objects and
    people, Gizmodo reported."

  13. It is what we all know dude! We know that if you work at the best company in the world u will finally get bored after two or three years

  14. After 3 to 4 weeks you are done with travelling? Dude, it means travelling is not for you. I can travel for months and I’m never bored or exhausted.

  15. Food, lifestyle, parties, company vision, food again and once more. But one question has been left open: Why did you leave google (as a connoisseur)?

  16. Why did 'you' leave the company? Just because you came to know average tenure of an Google engineer is 3.2 years and it's time to quit?

  17. I completely agree with your view on travelling. You really don't need that much time. To sit doing nothing, just consuming, at places you had loved and initially more appreciated but you don't really belong, does get pointless after some time.. at most a month's time. The longer you keep travelling the less appreciative you become of seeing new places that look amazing normally but you are by now so used to 'consuming' too, even travelling becomes a repetitive process and you are physically exhausted too… Many people who go away for longer terms like many months start just sitting around in hostels or guest rooms, in a tourist friendly city (pointless then) doing nothing, at same fixed location… But if travel is during defined vacation leave with a job to come back to, a few weeks most, after hard work, tough stressful months of work-city-family you live in.. it again feels fascinating, appreciative, restoring and amazing. Purposefully staying in another very different country, delivering something, with a goal, is more rewarding experience and feeling, and that way, you learn new things, get to know people and community better, benefit them, but also able to travel around in weekends and may be taking a few days off during that volunteer or work experience.. I feel that is way better for people who have chance to do so at some intervals in their life.

  18. The unveil: he left cause he wanted to try something new. That's it. Nothing more and nothing less. Average American (not sure if he is) historically had 3 employers in their life time, now it's 8+ (I crushed that average years ago) Ahahahaha

  19. Interesting video TechLead, it would be nice that you make a video explaining why googlers quit their job or the reasons why people left big tech companies.

  20. Seems like he found out he was going to get fired, then decided to do all the shit he supposedly says he did. Sorry but this bitch annoys me..

  21. So you quit Google, your wife took your son & left your ass, and you got fired from Facebook. The only thing that’s keeping him alive is his millions.

  22. The good thing about google tools is that they are simple and powerful. The open source tools (github) are all messed up in some way. they are clumsy and must take 2x more code or greater to do what the simple google tool does with x lines of code, and does it faster. Think of the difference between Critique (codereview website) vs. PR (github code reviews). PR has 90% of the features of Critique, its just messed up and clumsy. Google is not very far in the future. They are only a few years in the future, like 2-3, not a decade in the future… The tools are not mind-blowing, they are just well designed. Xerox stuff was mind-blowing, the 8010 project was targeted at 10 years in the future, and they hit the target. Xeroids did not have to work 50+ hours per week just to keep their jobs.

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  24. He left cuz he's not in need of money. His family is well off and he earned much money at Google and from side jobs like posting youtube vids. Working at the same company for years is usually boring especially for smart people like him. There's plenty of options for him, he's not like in pressure paying off his student's loans like kids from middle class families.

  25. Hey man , so you are responsible for the shitty comments scrolling on iOS app ? Dude it skips frames like crazy in scrolling the comments while watching the video . Tell them to fix it . It makes the user end experience horrible . Thanks

  26. A lot of people in the comments who are missing the point. He's not saying nothing, nor is he truly talking in circles. More like spelling it out for those who are able to read it.

  27. Ahh, I see that you picked up on Zuckerberg's double speaking technique to hit that ten minute mark for increased ad revenue.

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  29. Hey TechLead. I sent Vietnamese subtitle to you. I hope you'll see it and accept it. Have a good day! 🙂

  30. i couldnt find the line that explains why he left. but i am here to say or ask as to why i cant use google accts anymore, i opened the google accts with my house phone numbers long long ago, now damn google wants a celluar phone number to use their services, I cant change google settings, i cant do anything in there, google ROBBED my accts.

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