Why Fake News Is A Problem That’s Not Getting Fixed Anytime Soon

Phil: ‘Sup, you beautiful bastards!!! Hope you’re having a fantastic Tuesday! Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show, and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re going
to talk about today is fake news. Fake news stories have been
a big, big problem this year. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook recently came under fire from people saying they did
very little to stop Internet hoaxes. Fake news stories, many about the election this year, blasted out to tens of millions of
people’s timelines, understood as truth. Some going as far as to say that Facebook and
Zuckerberg are responsible for this election, to which Zuckerberg responded
in a public post on his Facebook. And in it, he said, Phil: But a lot of people don’t agree with Zuckerberg, that 99% number he’s pulling from,
most likely wasn’t just limited to news sources. I’m not sure why you would include news stories and Grandma accidentally sharing every picture
in her camera roll one post at a time. And if we focus on purely the news aspect
of Facebook, we – and we should, new research found that 44% percent
of Americans get their news from Facebook. And to the claim that the fake news doesn’t lean left
or right, there are other people who disagree. In an investigation recently, claim to find that: …and top left wing Facebook news outlets publish false or misleading stories 20 percent of the time. Phil: Both of those are great percentages of failure if that
is for your batting average, but not a level of ‘truthiness’. And the situation with fake news on
Facebook actually got worse this year. They had human editors that
worked on their trending topics, but then there were accusations that
they were leaning towards the left, and then they fired the human editors,
and then fake news stories were rampant. Trending topics became a word soup of keywords that
would sometimes just lead to completely fake stories. Even many employees that work at Facebook
reportedly do not agree with Zuckerberg here. There are reports that several
dozen Facebook employees have been meeting in secret to deal with this issue. One Facebook employee reportedly saying: Phil: Adding that hundreds of Facebook employees
do not agree with the company’s public stance. But it’s important to know fake news is not just a
Facebook problem, it’s been a problem everywhere. Yesterday, we talked about one of the
most spread pieces of false information, that Donald Trump actually won the popular vote. That’s – that’s not true. But the reason people believe that is people
saw pictures on Twitter and Facebook, and when you went to Google,
and you saw “Final election results,” it brought people to a fake news website
and they didn’t realize that it was fake. Well, Google has announced that they’re making a big
change and that is turning off the money hose. A Google spokesperson saying in a statement: Phil: Or to paraphrase: If you’re posting fake news,
we are going to take all our ads off of your website. We’re banning you from the ad service. Still, just taking away the ad sense
only solves part of the problem, a lot of these sites just really want
to spread misinformation. And here’s the thing, in general fake news is a problem
that we’re going to have to deal with. What I mean by that is obviously we need to try and
solve it with algorithms and maybe even human editors who – there is an issue there of bias. But on top of that, I believe in a very real way,
it comes down to us as individuals not closing off – Oh it’s the – it’s the DeFranco word
of the last fucking six months: “conversation” If you blocked someone or unfriended
someone during this election, you may have actually done yourself a disservice. I’ve seen a small amount of decent
conversation from both sides online. I’ve seen a lot of garbage from both
sides on my Facebook timeline. I managed during the entire election
to only unfriend one person, and it was – – it was because he brought his kid into it. I won’t go into details, but it would be like if I – I taught my two and a half
year old son, Trey, to say “Grab ’em by the pussy”. I mean granted, one: small children cursing – hilarious. But two, when you bring the kids in it, it feels
like you’re just brainwashing them. I dunno. And even there, I’ll most likely go back and friend that
person because it’s important to have a conversation. If someone on the left or someone on the right
posts a fake news story, you can be there to be like, “Hey, actually I just saw this thing
that – that proves that it’s fake. Thought you might wanna know.” Obviously, it’s Facebook, the conversation’s
not going to be that nice, but you could try. But if we keep closing these doors
and burning these bridges, we’re just going to lock ourselves in our echo
chambers, and think that we’re right and – this is the only life that actually is real. And like I said, even with that one old friend, I went against that idea. It’s important to look at ourselves and see, even if to a
small degree, we are guilty of the things we don’t like. And that’s where I’m going to end that story,
but I do want to end it with a question: In addition to my show, where do you go for news? Do you ever go to a place that you go like, “Oh I hate them, but I wanna see what
they’re saying, their point of view”? I – I’d love to know. Also, do you think there ever will be an effective way
to find out what is a hoax and what is not? I don’t know if it’s possible. And from there, I want to share some stuff I love today in “Today in Awesome,” brought to you by: The “Have a Great Fracking
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these shoes on the feet of YouTube vloggers. Then we got a brand new trailer for “Patriot’s Day”,
I.E. Mark Wahlberg makes us cry for 90 minutes. And then we got a video from those
beautiful bastards over at Sneaky Zebra, some of the best cosplay
epicly shot at BlizzCon this year. And remember if you want to see the
full versions of everything I’ve shared, the secret link of the day, anything at all, links, as always, are in the description down below. And then I want to talk about this story,
you might have already seen the video. There was a protest at Ohio State. They were there protesting Donald Trump. There’s a guy on the horn, talking to
the crowd, and then this happened: Shane Stanton: [running down stairs] You idiot! [woman in crowd screams] Man in audience: Hey homeboy! Man in blue/grey hat: What’s up, [inaudible]?! [inaudible yelling, along with “hey,” and “stop”] Phil: The man who has been identified
now as 24 year old Shane Stanton, was the one who ran down shouting “You idiot!”,
who then pushed the protester. The cops then make their way through the crowd,
they arrest him, they take him out of the building, the entire time the crowd shouting “Shame!” OSU spokesmen Chris Davy confirmed
that Stanton was a student there, adding that he was suspended and is now
facing a misdemeanor assault charge. And as far as the protester who
was slammed to the ground, apparently his glasses and megaphone
were broken, but that’s it. And I talk about this specific story because this video
and this story was used on a lot of sites, saying “Hey look, this is an example of someone that was for Trump attacking someone that was anti-
Trump.” Alright people see that video, they see the story. [Phil snapping every time he says “share”]
Share, share, share, share, share. So why am I fully talking about this story today? Well, it’s not perfectly an example of fake news. It’s more of that middle ground that
Mark Zuckerberg was talking about. Everything seems pretty straight forward in this video; but then all of a sudden a new voice enters. After this blew up, a guy by the name of Drew Riedel seemingly added context to the situation in a Facebook post saying,
“One, I actually know the assailant…” Phil: And going through Drew’s timeline, it looks like he is
not someone who actually voted or
supported Trump. But the main point remains, there are maybe people
out there that only know the first part of this story. Also, there’s a lot more on this post, and now there’s debate of even with him having
a disability, should he be held responsible? And people are also now looking for the
identity of the guy who then punched him. Hell, if I had jumped on this story early enough, I could have also been a person
that was spreading this narrative. And that’s why talking about the news is hard because sometimes there – there’s very obviously
fake stuff, things that could be fake, real life situations that are just represented in a –
with the information that we have. And many of us go, “That seems believable. Share” And this is just one example. If you think it is a problem that only deals
with one side in this situation, you’re wrong. I love your faces, but I think you’d be wrong. And the last story of the day is uh, What do you think I’m covered in? Also, why am I covered in it? Hey, if this video gets to 100,000
likes, maybe I’ll tell you. I kinda don’t want to though
’cause it’s a little bit embarrassing. Anyway, I love your faces! That’s where I’m going to end today’s video. And remember, if you like this video, you like what I do on this channel, hit that like button! If you’re new here, hit that “Subscribe” button. Also remember, if you want a holiday sweater, grab one while you can. But, that said, of course, as always: My name’s Philip DeFranco, you’ve just been “Philled” in, I love yo faces and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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100 thoughts on “Why Fake News Is A Problem That’s Not Getting Fixed Anytime Soon

  1. Don't you hit that like button. I'll fight you. <3

    Happy Tuesday you beautiful bastards! I'd love to know your thoughts today. 🙂

  2. facebook is saying this because facebook got caught, also facebook got caught trying to rig the 2016 primaries,, but guess that ok,,

  3. Defranco, you are either an ignorant fool or an establishment shill. Fake News? Seriously??
    I encourage your numerous followers to Google baby incubators in Iraq war 1991 just to start. If you open your eyes you'll see!

  4. Philip, it goes a little deeper than that. This is clearly an attack on conservatists and libertarians. It's the Democrats in their last grasp for air, after having lost all credibility, after having lost their control on people through the mainstream media, with the rise of an alternative media that is actually providing unfiltered information and commentary, unlike the former.

    For instance, I saw that Facebook has already censored an Alex Jones article about Pizzagate. How could that be fake news, if Alex (and most reporters who ever handled Pizzagate) never actually said: this is a FACT. All he did was look at the VERY weird data that has come up, and speculate about what it might mean.

    Another terrifying example: the well-known Avaaz has launched a petition to pressure Google to cut ad revenue for Breitbart, because they have published a global-warming skeptic article, claiming they had treated the data innacurately. Even if they did treat the data innacurately, that's a mistake and not fake news. What truly is fake news is the 97% figure about scientists' agreement on global warming, or the fact that Trump never said "Mexicans are rapists", but "Mexico is not sending their best people, since a significant part of illegal immigrants who come from Mexico are rapists", but all the mainstream media reported it as "Trump calls Mexican immigrants rapists". Yet, I would never pressure anyone into forcing the mainstream media to lose ad revenue, because I don't have the right to decide for the rest of the world what is credible and what is not, I can only have my own opinion about that. This is the authoritarian, corrupt 21st century left shooting its last cheapest shots.

  5. Other than your show Phil, I go to the young Turks, but only so I can talk shut on their biased reporting. I can't stand the young Turks but do enjoy trolling their viewers. Lol I only come here for my news or I should say I only take what you say seriously. After years of being part of the nation I have learned to only trust what I hear here. Probably a naïve outlook on things but I don't care, nowhere else can I find someone that encourages getting news from other sources which only goes to prove your sincerity. Love you and what you do. Stay with us Phil, don't ever falter. The nation has your back always

  6. YEAH!!! Fuck freedom of speech and FUCK freedom of thought!!!!

    Seriously, if so many people are delusional, then why not talk about THAT as an issue… rather than trying to censor the 'crazies'??? Why not suggest something productive…like, oh.. I don't know… free mental health care?!!!?
    But no, a dictatorship is their answer….. Really!?!? That is so insulting to America and its people… "YOU'RE TOO DUMB AND CRAZY TO THINK FOR YOURSELF.. so… we are going to hide everything we don't want you to think about"

    Whether or not you've looked into the emails and pizzagate… whether or not you believe it… you have full right to be outraged and feel insulted… they're not just talking about your friends, and your family.. they're talking about YOU.. saying you're too stupid to form your own opinions…. do YOU believe that? Honestly, ask yourself that…

  7. give me a break. what a sucker anyone must be, who falls for this blatant propaganda, calling unwanted alternative media "fake" news.

  8. PDS and Last Week Tonight are my main news/info sources. I do still listen to the local radio at work and I have the local radio and newspaper on facebook

  9. freedom – first amendment – i can read or write whatever and use your brain to figure it out. I don't need a lecture of fake news coming from corporate 'fake news' media…you know all the ones that were faking polling data and lying about how Clinton could not lose and hiding the fact that she stole the nomination in the first place….

  10. #1 Never been to your show, someone I am currently disagreeing with on Twitter gave me the link and out of respect for other views, I am watching.

    #2 PPL are victims of their own willingness to accept stupid. You touched on this, and I agree. You have to filter out and do your DD and not just simply retweet or share.

    #3 PPL who don't think for themselves will always be at the mercy of those who know how to manipulate them.

    #4 If you get your news from Twitter, Facebook, ppl in their living rooms, or just from one source, I agree, you are in that echo chamber. Too many ppl on both sides do this, and it is embarrassing.

    #5 Now leaving with the horrible advert for the F*ing shirt. You don't expect to be taken seriously, do you?


  11. No such thing as fake news, its free speech, the evil left trying to tighten the nose around our freedoms once again.

  12. The popular vote is a bad example because on election night Trump did have the lead. AND if you remove California, Trump does have the lead in the other 49 states. This isn't from some whack job right wing website, but on the Huffington Post.

  13. Unless Occupy Democrats get shut down post haste, then I'm calling BS on this. That group is a cancerous community that puts out half-truths or outright lies.

  14. The problem with fake news is that people don't want their opinions challenged. There was so much misinformation flying around revolving the Dakota Pipeline and how it was the tribe themselves that put themselves in that position in the first place. People just assumed that big evil oil decided, "you know what? I hate native Americans so I'm gonna build my pipeline right there just to piss them off!" The truth of the matter is that the tribe was approached on multiple occasions and they didn't want to work things out. But you certainly weren't going to see that in any of the innumerable posts on Facebook…

  15. Fake news isn't a new phenomenon. It's been going on since time immemorial, particularly through government propaganda. So no, it won't ever be removed. The biggest part of the issue when trying to resolve these problems is that the vast majority of the time they aren't out and out lies, but just not telling the whole story. Think of it this way; the issue isn't people lying, it's that people aren't telling the whole truth.

  16. You know, it's for this reason why whenever I'm in an argument with someone, I'll establish which side they're on and use sources they would find trustworthy. Liberals aren't as quick to question your sources if you say that the Huffington Post noted that if you removed California from the election, Trump carries the other 49 states by over a million people. Not really saying much for the validity of a popular victory if you can remove one state and the whole house cards falls apart.

  17. I pit MSNBC and FoxNews against each other, The Rebel and HuffPo..god i hate huffpo.. are good opposites imo. CNN meets RT…aaand… i watch The Young Turks, Tomi Lahren, Daily Show

    I absolutely despise this push against fake news. We've had tabloids for freakin ever. Censorship of this level is fascism waiting to happen. We should be more alarmed.


  19. So WHO determines what is "Fake News"??? The Government? CNN and Fox News? Suckerberg? Not in a world I want to live in. There is NOBODY that can be trusted to sensor what info we are allowed to see or not see! If u allow them this we will have NO rights soon enough!

  20. Censorship of fake news is not the answer. Proving it fake is always the answer. FREEDOM OF SPEECH is most important, only then can you expose EXPOSE fake news especially when it is the mainstream media being paid to fake it.

  21. actually I stand by that trump won popular vote. Illegal votes my friends and dont even sya it didnt happen in mass in cities where they dont require id.

  22. well it's just like the Clinton and Obama all they had to do was threaten them and they gave like little bitch oh well we will just go somewhere else it's not going to take long can you piss off so many people like this people will leave to the next best thing just ask Bernie Sanders

  23. What people consider fake news, are people who use "Real news" sources. Have you seen Alex Jones? People are calling him fake but he gets all the information from mainstream media, he prints them out for evidence and proof that he's not making it up, that it came from "real" news first.

  24. Infowars is my news source. Ron Paul is the one that started fake news by posting pics of 6 people from CNN and MSNBC who were, in fact, posting fake news. Since then they try and turn it around , and blame others for it, lets face it the media sucks, and there days are over.

  25. It sounds like Google is taking action against anonymous web property managers, and anonymity in general…not just fake news sites, but anyone who runs a page with a desire to remain anonymous would come under fire from that policy. All hail big brother of the interwebs!

  26. I go to news from multiple sources: Drudge, The Mirror, The Telegraph, MSNBC, Daily Mail, NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal. I try to get my news from a variety sources from various viewpoints. I used to look to the SF Chronicle and Oakland Tribune, once a great papers that were destroyed. RIP.

  27. I hope turning off the money supply doesn't adversely affect satire websites like the onion. All their news is fake, but its meant to be that way. Cause its satire… How does google differentiate?? if youtube algorithism can't figure out whats copyright infringement, is google gonna have to actually listen / read content to determine fake vs satire?

  28. fake news is bad. Cnn, politico, fox, Wall Street journal, NY Times and the rest of the main stream media need to stop creating fake news to push bullshit narratives. Fuck HITLARY.

  29. I'm not so worried about blatant Facebook lies, I'm more worried about mainstream media who reaches millions upon millions of people. All news is fake. See "hands up don't shoot". It's very dangerous territory and flat out McCarthyism for the few big news companies to claim who is and who isn't "fake news". My advice is to simply use your judgement.

  30. Fake News? Just like how Obummer keeps blaming "Russian hackers" about losing the elections? How have we not heard you talk about this yet, Phil? Hmmmmm?

  31. Has everyone forgotten about the newspapers at the supermarket lineups with front page articles saying "Jesus is the new step father of a baby conceived by Bigfoot and an Alien from outer space ." Wasn't that fake news?

    Wasn't it up to the pre-internet generation to decide for themselves what "fake news" is and isn't? Why didn't the government step in then??

    Have we become so stupid and unable to think for ourselves, or are we just too lazy to research and investigate for ourselves that we need a government who's top government officials might be implicated in a huge pedophile ring to tell us what's real and what's fake??

    How convenient is it for the government (who owns Viacom and Clear Channel which are the top two organizations that own and run the major news networks on television. Which essentially makes up the 4th branch of government) to have "Mainstream News" networks failing to investigate and debunking "fake news" without any actual investigation producing some type of evidence supporting their claims that a news story is fake or real when the lives and well being of children are involved. Who are allegedly being abused by political elites. Has anybody asked who is benefiting from the allegations of calling it "fake news" right off the bat without any investigation to support the allegation?

    The fact that everyone in the media just accepts it without questioning and asking where their facts are coming from is highly suspicious to me.

    Real journalism has been compromised and the real journalist like David Seaman who has worked for mainstream news in the past are being censored by YouTube, Fakebook and Twitter. Everything that's being reported from supposed "fake news" is coming from Wikileaks. Go to Wikileaks and type in Podesta and Pizza and see the emails for yourself. All this from someone associated with a person running for President of the United States. But you don't see any of that being reported on any Mainstream news.

    If you haven't read the book 1984 by George Orwell, read it. It was written in 1948, but the similarities in that book to the age we live in today are strikingly similar.

  32. I go to seculartalk, the Jim Dore show, saneprogressive, Tim bartender (Twitter), Lee camp w/ redacted tonight and the amazing athiest for some of my news. I don't agree with everything they say but I watch their points.

  33. I follow and watch the young turks a lot but kind of hate the extreme liberal bias. I mean, I'm liberal, and quite liberal too. But I wish they'd be a little more open minded about the other side.

  34. I can't believe how many places/people are casually arguing in favor of either Google or Facebook filtering your news for you. I can't believe how many places/people I've heard arguing in favor of authorities 'getting control' over TOR networks due to the story of Russian manipulation of the American election. Yes, both FB/Google and TOR networks enable fucked up things, but never before have I heard so little resisitance to the blatant suggestion of internet censorship.

    Soon Google will host (=screen) your E-mail, track your videos, track where your driverless car takes you, screen your calls on android, know what you stream with Chromecast, apparantly be your future TV assistant (CES 2017) AND Pre-filter for you what news is or isn't real. All you have to do is wake up, turn on Google and it will live life for you! Fuck thinking for yourself. Fuck me – wait untill they hit the money shot with AI – you might as well stop breathing because your existence has just been made irrelevant.

    TLDR: if you get your news from Facebook – you are fucking retarded. Regardless if 44% of your fellow country men suffer from the same flaws.

  35. Funny CNN airs in Russia. They have no problem with fake news. Also congress doesn't think you know what's fake or real. Read all sides of a arguement and determine what propaganda is telling the most truth.

  36. Fake news = can't call em conspiracy theories anymore, too many came true = msm can't possibly be wrong on their extreme left opinion = therefore racist russian sympathisers told fake news (avoiding any example "fake news story" )

  37. I am a conservative well to the right. but I get most of my news from groups well to the left.(note: I consider you to be leaning slightly left when I say well to the left I mean people like TYT.)
    I do this for two reasons.
    One, so that I have a more balanced view of what happened. I know that when ever I see something, I will see it from a conversation view point. now I automatically get the opposing viewpoint.
    Two, it lets me understand how people think differently than I do. that makes it easier to show the logical fallacies they use when I talk to them.

  38. So TYTs have to go. But what about fake news that are alleged satire, like Jon Stewart and Sam Bee? Do they get to continue? And after this administration is done with the culling, will the Trumpster bring free speech back?

  39. Late comment is late, but I go all sorts of places. And I take them all with a grain of salt. Especially with big stories. I check from both sides of the political spectrum, look at the sources (unedited, because watching videos on the sites tends to give you two entirely different videos in entirely different contexts.)

    And honestly, I go with my gut on the rest. I take what I know, and then use my own intuition to make a conclusion. And then talk with as many people who are willing/read their talks. Just to see if they gleaned stuff I didn't.

  40. PEOPLE, dont you get it whats happening!? This is not about fake news. All mainstream media CNN,BBC, CBS, Channel 4, Russia today are fake. The problem is that for the first time in history ordinary people can take their part into creating a news using a social media and so on. Thats not good for a elite.

  41. Please reveal your sources for the percentage of left wing and right wing news outlets publishing false or misleading stories 20% and 38% respectively.

  42. the news is all sound bites and edited clips now, there is very little in depth journalism, on fb especially, because: short attention spans.

  43. Time to grow up Phil. I would love to see you start doing investigative stories of your own. Keep this show but once a month do a spot that goes deeper into a story.

  44. What the hell happened to personal responsibility? Can we really not expect people to have even the minimal cognitive ability to not believe everything they read on the internet? Seriously, this isn't a Facebook problem, it's a people problem.

    As far as telling the difference between truth and lies. Usually what I do is actively look for counterarguments to the information i'm receiving (or make my own) and then come to a decision. This isn't foolproof, but it gets the job done. So long as you keep an open mind and are willing to consider opposing views without completely accepting them you'll be a lot less susceptible to "fake news".

  45. @Philip Defranco You talk about fake news a lot on your page. Which makes me wonder which news outlets you use/think are reliable? Or do you think it would be wiser to approach a news story, from any outlet, with skepticism. Jc your thought Phil

  46. My opinion is that its not up to facebook nor anyone else but you to discern and fact check things. i don't trust facebook or anyone else to fact check and filter for me before i see it because I don't know if they will filter in favor of one agenda or another.

  47. Ladies and Gentlemen : now, Your so called fake News  get replaced with fake News of Zio_illuminati .Don't worry , Be happy

  48. the fake news is what you watch on main stream news, it's actually called propaganda and it's been happening long before we were all born

  49. Suckerbitch is a Criminal In Action cronie liar, so your actually going to believe him? How about researching it all (will take years) find truth and reversing the indoctrination that the masses were taught. Dont believe any media outlet, especially #PEDOTICIAN unless they come with direct documented evidence. This will force them to tell the truth or be sued. Wow, the story of the student who pushed the protestor and police arrested him, while the protestors at Berkeley who actually did hit ppl, damage property were not arrrested…double standard, ya think? Lots of evidence of that, plus Soros paid protestors who admitted this on camera. Pay any idiot and they forget common sense, logic, intelligence, knowledge of politics or they are not well versed in politics and think they can represent it? Fucked up Topsy Turvy world we live in full of morons. Piece of advice, IF YOU DONT TRULY KNOW HISTORY, POLITICS, ECONOMICS OR POLICIES OF ANY KIND. STAY HOME!!

  50. starting last night, you are my new news supplier i can tell how you are unbiased and you make good points and you still manage to make it funny so thank you for that.
    i will be a sub for a long time 😀

  51. All news is fake news. Nobody is unbiased. Don't believe any of it. Also, it's "tolerant liberals" attacking Trump supporters.

  52. "There are good and bad newspapers. Those which strive to speak only that which is truth, which hold the mirror up to truth, are like the sun.." And "Those who play for their own little selfish ends give no true light to the world.." – Abdu’l-Baha, Star of the West

  53. When the US pushed war in Iraq, I pointed out that there are no WMD. At that time I was labeled as "fake news", wrong, anti-american, ignorant, and many more attributes the need not be repeated.

    Almost every major even proofs to be different, when after 25 or more years official documents are declassified.

    Trying to determine, what is and is not fake, is simply censorship, which is a hallmark of a dictatorship. Those who censor you, are the the real rulers over you.

  54. I go to different websites, but I mainly watch you because you're one of the only people who actually does their research

  55. My singing instructor posted: If you voted Trump, unfriend me right now, and was shocked when my teacher unfriended her

  56. I listen to a lot of your videos while doing other things (playing games, cooking, cleaning) and would have completely missed that you had debris on your shoulder if you hadn't said something about it.

  57. This is true for Youtube as well: Rumors and fake news are often about catastrophic events like violence. Here is what recently happened to me: I sat and planned to enjoy a Let's Play Live stream, well it was a few days ago since it was streamed, and some troll in the chat made up some bad rumour because of the Youtuber had said something that was not quite clear as of why his video was delayed. That rumour caught on and the youtuber later read it and believed in it. That ruined my evening and I unsubscribed that channel of course. As I am writing this, in the right pane, there are some videos that are such "misleading stories".

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