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22 thoughts on “Why do so many startups fail?

  1. excellent session. I hope every young entrepreneur pays attention to what was said. we are experiencing a startup craze, but not enough education on what it really takes to launch and grow one.

  2. A lot of startups simply don't have good ideas. It is okay to dream big, but also make sure that the dream is realistic.

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  4. point of correction , maybe its easy to get funded in the US and Europe but not in africa. So many startups here cannot even get $1000 of investment so what are you talking about as it's easy to get funded @chicago booth review

  5. While they all gave some good advice, I seriously question the depth of their knowledge. Are any of them multi-millionaires? Aside from the one who is an angel investor, the others are all academics. If I want to get advice from someone about how not to crash my startup, I'll look to those who have started one and preferably someone who has failed multiple times before they had success.

  6. These dinosaurs are so arrogant and pompous. Basically the message is "if you're not like my old dinosaur ass and believe everything I believe you almost certainly won't succeed. And if you prove me wrong is essentially a fluke!". Lol. Ask yourself this, how would these dinosaurs fit in at the best and most innovative start Ups like Google, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, uber, air bnb, etc etc. These 3, especially the non-gendered chick and the old old ollllld guy on the left would not fit in at all. These 3 are a joke and totally old world entitled clowns. They cannot hold their arrogance in. The Waverly chick is a joke. She invested in e books when there was not even e readers invented yet! Brilliant! And she's going to tell other people what products will succeed when she invests in media without a media player. Hmmm. If anyone listened to these clowns 90% of the biggest and life changing tech innovations wouldn't have been invented. And lastly, these 3 spew non sense that they themselves counter with another argument. Why bring old school thinking from dinosaurs in to talk about new ways of thinking and doing. I wanna punch Waverly in the face for about 10 different reasons.

  7. She (Deutsch) is by far the more intelligent… the older man (Craig) and younger man (Wortmann) find her to be a threat and then rely on each other's stronger traits that when combined equals her one person… ugh. Well Scott said… (half of something interesting and I've said something interesting and together, we are both as interesting as she is… then she concedes…. to let them be the Siamese twins…. now her equal.) alas. Nothing new here…gonna find videos with just Deutsch.

  8. These type of things are always frustrating because they’re talking about very specific essentially unicorns. I consider every single tech start up that disrupts something a unicorn.

    There’s thousands of businesses across America who do their daily grind install plumbing do carpentry, and make a successful living off of that. None of them sold their company for thousands millions of dollars they’re just entrepreneurs at heart

    I worked at a company for 10 years. It was at most three of us. Every single year we pulled in $300,000. Did we want to grow? Yes. Did we? No. Did we gain paychecks and support our lifestyle? Yes. We weren’t famous we weren’t technologically advanced. We are just on our grind doing our thing.

  9. Also none of these startups are paying people a decent wage. Im 30 and i was in a startup i was only getting paid a crappy €10 an hr for 30 hrs and i did more hrs then that. Also its difficult to get apprentiships. I apply and i dont get any responses

  10. My take from listening to the discussion:
    1. Do your homework when it comes to the business you want to start (What the panel is discussing ideally)
    2. Learn along the way as you do the job and quickly adopt.
    3. It's okay to Fail but what is most important repeat 1&2 with another business, but this time you have one valuable item to the puzzle "THE EXPERIENCE"
    Just my thoughts though

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