Why Digital Genius Lab Has Changed My Life – Mary Kotter

I never knew of what I was missing until I found digital genius lab, it’s crazy that something, just one decision could change, my life, and the biggest part of it is actually just being a part of a community that is so supportive and that never lets me get up, give up on my goals The thing I didn’t know that I needed most was mindset training and you know…having the mindset of that everyday, you can do one thing to get closer to your goals and having a positive mindset and just knowing, that you can’t compare yourself your first day, someone’s 5th day or someone’s 5th year You know you can get good training in digital marketing and other areas anywhere but the thing that makes this special is the community and just the nonstop support, and that has honestly has been life-changing. Like I never knew what I was getting into and it was nothing like I expected because it was so, so so much more and it honestly… i’m just grateful every day and there’s in no way I could ever put a price on what i’ve experienced so far and I’m just i’m so so grateful and if anyone even has just any doubt at all it’s so worth trying and so worth trying you know one thing that could, maybe change your life. So that has been my experience with digital genius lab and I wouldn’t take it back for the world.

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