Why Cyberpunk Absolutely Owns Reality – 4 Easy Reasons

For me, Blade Runner is more than a movie
it is so masterfully crafted that it is kind of an alternate universe an
alternate reality of a 2019 where some events diverged from our timeline at
some point in the past leading to this incredibly advanced yet dystopian
society I clearly remember how blown away I was
when I first saw that movie about 25 years ago as a kid even then I realized
how groundbreaking the visual style was the neo-noir atmosphere having been
so well constructed that it basically became a window to a cyberpunk future
vision of the world a world I hope I could explore someday myself I was so
fascinated not only by the visuals the incredible set design the architecture
of this neo-noir vision of a future LA but also by the scale of technological
progress the movie promised us 25 years ago 2019 still seemed very far away
especially from the perspective of a child and I wondered if the world would
be similar to Blade Runner in 25 years time technologies such as genetic
engineering artificial humans space travel to off-world colonies and of course
flying cars which back then had to be in every sci-fi movie sparked my
imagination of this future world a future I was looking forward to despite
the dark undertone of the movie and now a quarter of a century later okay okay
technology certainly hasn’t quite progressed in the way envisioned back in the 80s. especially not in Munich It seems that reality is still far away from the technological level depicted in movies such as Blade Runner or is it? Welcome in Sci-fi Instinct! The show where we talk about Sci fi, science and technology I’m Xuan…and I’m Sebastian Xuan, by the way, what exactly is your
profession? what is your profession? I have a master’s degree in mathematics…. Buaaa nice ! How about you? Well, I have to admit that I am a physicist, sorry Excellent! What would you say if we combine our powers and explore sci-fi topics with our united strength! The power of mathematics! the power of physics The power of science! all right then, let’s take a look at a few
famous cyberpunk movies and games We will do a separate video on cyberpunk animes because there are too many interesting ones to be covered within this video
let’s start with an upcoming game that we are very very excited about cyberpunk
2077 is an upcoming game by polish developer CD Projekt RED it’s really
hard to describe how much I’m looking forward to the game since CD Projekt RED
is not only one of the best game developers out there but the style and
topic of the game is just amazing the setting of the game is night city a
fictional city in California in the year 2077 and by the look of the gameplay
trailer basically covers all the cyberpunk themes that exist but what
makes up cyberpunk well the shortest possible definition is high-tech low-life
this means that cyberpunk shows an extreme disparity between the
technological level of a society and the living standard of most of the general
population in the cyberpunk world high tech is prevalent it is everywhere this
means technology such as cyber implants augmentations robots Androids neural
interfaces cyber space high-tech skyscrapers are absolutely mainstream
however at the same time most of the population is living in poverty but not
enough cyberpunk settings always show a world with rampant societal problems
such as violence and a high crime rate while at the same time the
rich live in absolute splendor secluded from the poor either high up in the sky
scrapers or in guarded areas that aren’t easily accessible to the general
population this extreme disparity between high tech and low living
standard is essentially what defines cyberpunk and we think that the game
will capture this very effectively since from the looks of the trailer the game
looks like the very definition of cyberpunk other noteworthy examples of
cyberpunk games are for example the Deus Ex series of games where augmentations
are the main focus of the game meaning robotic or cybernetic enhancements of
the human body which enhance mental and physical abilities and Ruiner with its
over-the-top violence style and super dark cyberpunk setting of a dystopian
future and now on to the movies we’ve already mentioned Blade Runner. however, Blade Runner is so complex that we have to take a closer look at
this one when Sebastian first watched Blade Runner I was still a baby
however years later I also saw the movie and was also very fascinated by it. It is in
my opinion the most iconic and visually stunning example
for the cyberpunk genre ever made the combination of high tech and low life as in Cyberpunk 2077 is driven to an even more extreme level old
and new coexist in confusing relationships whereas the wealthy literally live above the poor. The giant Tyrell Corporation has replaced the government as the center of
political power occupying the astonishing but also forbidding megastructure: the Tyrell Pyramids. The police seem omnipresent and patrol in flying cars
called the spinners on the other hand the artificial humans known as replicants are treated as slaves, only entitled to work under harsh conditions for their
entire life despite enormous skyscrapers with constantly shining neon lights and billboards, the ninety-nine percent poorest live on crowded streets
suffering from pollution and overpopulation
needless to say Blade Runner is such a visual masterpiece and even decades
after its release that typical neo-noir future vision is imitated by numerous movies and video games to fully explore the themes in Blade Runner, we’ll centainly need a whole seperate video in which we shall also take a closer look
at its worthy successor Blade Runner 2049 having come into the cinema just
last year besides the Blade Runner series other prominent cyberpunk movies
include the matrix here the cyberspace aspect is absolutely dominant the
whole reality itself is a simulated world where people are connected via
machine-brain interfaces to this virtual cyberspace ghost in the shell is
another example of an excellent cyberpunk adaptation of a famous
Japanese manga we mean the anime but also the movie which despite some
shortcomings depicts in a visually stunning manner the cyberpunk world of a
future Hong Kong now let’s compare the technological
level of a cyberpunk world with that of our real world how far are we actually
away from a cyberpunk world could our world become cyberpunk in the future? Or is it already cyberpunk Ok, we now take a look at some key technologies and compare them point by point with existing ones let’s start with machine human
interfaces okay to be fair it is already possible
to control a computer by a brain-computer interface which works
with electrodes that read minuscule currents created by the brain activity
the brainwaves are thus converted into binary code which can be read by a
computer and then there’s also a game called mindflex
where you can battle an opponent in a competition of willpower which works in
a very similar way you have a helmet with electrodes that again read the
brain activity however a real human machine interface like in the matrix
or in Cyberpunk 2077 it’s not here yet but it is in the works. Elon Musk’s
mysterious company Neuralink is supposed to be working on exactly
that a real neural machine interface however at this point in time
very little is yet known about the company and no details are yet available
but we’ll keep a close eye on this one we promise we’ll watch you Elon we’re
watching you the second criterion in our real life sci fi comparison is artificial humans robots and cyber implants well we clearly see that sci fi again strongly over-estimated our technological capabilities yes yes we
know there are some impressive robots and androids in the works right now
around the world however they are still prototypes and still in very early
development stages and very far away from mainstream plus technologywise
they are lagging behind quite a lot compared to cyberpunk and sci-fi movie
depictions so we still have quite a way to go..unfortunately and now on to the third point cyberspace movies like tron legacy and matrix show impressive cyberspace universes but how does reality compare and now on to the fourth point what
about the cityscape the architecture might we already have some cyberpunk
looking cities right now in the world Syd Mead and Ridley Scott had giant
skyscrapers in mind with heights of at least one kilometer where the upper
class people who never visit the street level and just live very high up in these
megastructures turns out building something like these is still beyond our technological
capability however we do have some very futuristic and cyberpunk looking cities
around the world right now check out these videos from our last trip to your home country China this is the first time at least visually
that we can kind of keep up with sci-fi depictions of the future it indeed seems that some cities mostly in Asia can already reflect the look of cyberpunk future visions So it seems that technologywise at least we still have quite a ways to catch up with cyberpunk and sci-fi visions of the 80s
however from a visual perspective we are not so far away anymore ok, so hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe because we will keep coming with interesting topics revolving around sci-fi science technology futurism and
we’ll compare many technological developments to sci-fi concepts because
the world is becoming pretty sci-fi and now excuse me I have some very important stuff to do

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