Why attend Disrupt SF 2019?

want to have a chance to hear from the leading CEOs,
the most groundbreaking CEOs and hear about what’s happening
in the venture ecosystem, there’s really no better
place to come than Disrupt. COLIN ANGLE: Disrupt is set
apart from other conferences because of the numbers
of young entrepreneurs of earlier stage
companies, up on stage discussing their ideas. You really get a sense of
where people are thinking, where the technology is going. SERGIO RADOVCIC: It’s
just a nice place to meet a lot of different people. You meet 1,000 people, but
there’s one person, one guy, one gal that’s going
to change your life. And that’s what you looking for. It’s the one encounter. MICHAEL ARRINGTON: Very cool
people come to this conference, and to have a chance to speak
directly to them is an honor. It’s also just fun. [UPBEAT DANCE MUSIC] SERGIO RADOVCIC: Do
it to just soak up the energy of this city and
the energy of the people that do this. It’s going to give you an idea
of what our world is going for. [UPBEAT DANCE MUSIC]

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5 thoughts on “Why attend Disrupt SF 2019?

  1. To much RF floating around in the cities now and with 5G its going to even more.
    Its going to be bad for humans as the years tic by if your make it through.

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