Who Does Cardi B’s Blinged-Out Manicures?

– everything is kharabeesh even come to me for six years I love her she’s so humble she’s so loyal and she’s so nice with everybody above the traffic and commerce on this Bronx Street lives a queen my name is Jenny boy and people call me queen of bling for more than 20 years Jenny Bowie has been creating jewel-encrusted over the top nail artists tree I get into nail in the beginning I go to the beauties you know for hair school and I have my cosmetology license but I thinking about here is not my type and I go to our different nail salon totes who’s just stand there and look at people I practicum myself and my quest customer I try like two and a half hour and they they say they sleep and they wake up I still do a that nail they cursed me out I keep going keep going because I know how to fit like my kid you know I had three kids that time and what hot because I’m a single mother that one of my friend in Japan she sent me one book about you know those book is a lot of bling and I say oh maybe I should try that because nobody in United States they do that and for real nobody do that sin then how you doing I have clients in 20 year gold they follow me – they follow me everywhere I go and my clients I’m their therapy also sometimes they come and they’re not happy with their family their husband I convened them not to divorce the customer comes to me they always oh Jenny I trust you I’d do whatever you want so I do mumbling but life didn’t always Sparkle for Jenny she was born in Cambodia and fled the oppressive Khmer Rouge regime as a child my childhood is really bad you know like it’s really bad like I have no food no nothing a scene scene I’m by 2 to 9 and I have no such as to leave nothing I just live at the air and raining and we don’t have shoe we don’t have clothes where we don’t have took brush and we don’t have nothing to eat I live in Cambodian and then I go to Thailand but her troubles didn’t end when she fled to Thailand her new home was in an area riddled with deadly landmines they dropped me at the mountain and that mountain is hot is Obama that time I only like young like 8 9 years old why I feel so bad and you walk you step one spot you die because it’s a lot of bomb in that mountain but I worked so hard to get to me very hard that’s why I want my kid to get good life don’t have that like like me I never go vacation I work hard for my all my kid Jenny arrived in New York City in 1990 this is my room let me show you the Jenny queen of bling [Music] and today she has to nail studios where she serves her clients which includes celebrities like cardi B kadhi they work very hard to get today I see her she cannot eat fit too tired and she keeps going she don’t give up she gonna keep up even she had money she have had it she still work and I asked her what kind of meal you like you say I want a lot of bling and a lot of crazy stuff on my nail because this is the first time I’d be for her so I don’t know what she’s like so she tells me like that and then I put cupcake ice cream and bling on her yeah aside from her clients jenny has more than 700,000 followers on Instagram who get major manicure inspo from her I have to say thank you to Yandy Smith she and vh1 laugh hey Pat she the one that crazy with my stuff in the beginning to come to me and to say oh my god Jenny you so Thailand why you don’t put your talent in the integrand and the beginning I don’t know what its integrand so my integrand follower you know some some of them love me some of them hate me so I will say thank you to all my haters – you don’t have hater you ain’t popping right that’s why my doing my little one tell me see nine years old I said baby why mommy all we have haters say mommy you don’t have hater you ain’t popping and I’m laughing she also has her own line of nail products beer in real sense if you guys want your stones to last longer a little bit to meet again gentle secret so everybody wanna know about my secret so I create my secret with crystal adhesive and crystal yelled the priesthood job is for the big stone and then the crystal adhesive is for the small stone they had number two and number one and number one is for you know you put the glue and then the crystal and number two is for try the glue it lasts for three to five weeks while her work takes her all over the world Jenny says the bronze will always be home I always stay in the brown I love the Frog people always think oh the brown is so scary but I live in the brunt for thirty years and nothing happened to me even one time and she has advice for women entrepreneurs people give you problem just just hold it and then smiling me then you know like and people cuss you out just say have a nice day I tried to tell them you know be patient and work hard be humble and the loyal I feel very fancy I’ve never felt this fancy before jenny is a true artist for Inside Edition dot-com I’m Mara montalbano you

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100 thoughts on “Who Does Cardi B’s Blinged-Out Manicures?

  1. I feel so bad for her
    Her childhood is so sad
    I’m so happy she is still alive today
    And able to have a job and do what she loves

  2. I am Cambodian too my grandma was born in Cambodia also so she had to go through that too I fell so bad. 😍Love you

  3. Omg I feel bad too because I’m also Cambodian it’s very sad 😢 my mom also works hard for me too 🇰🇭😭😭

  4. What a sweet lady. God bless her heart. I don't do my nails very often but when I do I don't do much to them but I would need more than willing to let her bling my nails it how ever she wanted to. It would honestly be such an honor to have this sweet lady so my nails for me.♥️

  5. My grandma said during Khmer rouge is really hard . My grandma also said I was super lucky to born after the Khmer rouge is done. My grandpa was killed by the Khmer rouge

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