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100 thoughts on “Whitney Cummings on Her Sex Robot, Meeting Celebrities & Her New Fiancé

  1. She is not funny….. I would rather buy her mute sexbot 6:12 than buy a ticket to see her "stand-up"

  2. What the heck happened to her?? She use to be somewhat hot. Now she looks like Kim Kardashian's mom. 😂😂😂

  3. You know when they say that female comedians aren’t as funny as male comedians, I can’t really argue because I haven’t seen one funny female comedian.

  4. I am afraid I am not really into this so-called "celebrity" scene and I admit to not having heard of Whitney Cummings before. But yes, it's a case of "my bad" because I love this girl….

  5. I was sorta friends with Whitney in college. She was weird! Totally weird. But I kinda liked her then and I’m happy to see it’s been working for her. She’s not like a huge celebrity but good on her. She was focused on doing acting/film/comedy back then, more driven for a specific career than almost anyone else in our classes around age 20. I’m happy for her 🙂

  6. Wow such a shallow and self-centred person. She definitely doesn't deserve her Fiance` Miles Skinner.
    Good luck man. You are going to need it. :/

  7. If you came her for the sex robot click @5:50 , if you came here to watch a transvestite donkey witch, take a long walk off a short pier

  8. Whats so special about celebrities? I dont get that..they re actors and comedians,they re not like curing anything…

  9. Girl, never dare a guy on national television to cheat on you. Girls watch too and they also will take it as a challenge.

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