White House Tech Summit Includes Trolls, Excludes Facebook | NBC News Now

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77 thoughts on “White House Tech Summit Includes Trolls, Excludes Facebook | NBC News Now

  1. The main troll being trump, there will be prizes thrown for the winner of the worst most racist comment. What's he going to do in prison without his phone or golden toilet to text from… 🚽

  2. Does it include Ben Shapiro, Dave Ruben, Alex Jones and other such utter lunatics desperately fighting to stay relevant?

  3. Yes, lets just label other legit journalists doing real journalism as "trolls" cause they call out the mainstream media and their bias. The mainstream news is irrelevant and blatant propaganda for the establishment.

  4. ah NBC talking about trolls is classic. Jealous of these guys rating seem more like it.. The meme seems pretty desperate to discredit the competitions??? Wonder why..AND twice as many dislikes as likes??? LOL..

  5. Folks, if you want to put trolls in their place, just post this link:https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/your-online-secrets/201409/internet-trolls-are-narcissists-psychopaths-and-sadists

  6. Trump is using these trolls as his version of " MiniTrue" (reference to 1984) or Ministry of Truth. (The propaganda mouth piece)

  7. Trolls? and nbc was left out? noway.
    We had an inside look at the mainstream medias behavior after the presser towards the social media news commentators, You could see the obnoxious attitude and privileged behavior from them. The "we are better than you attitude", look in the mirror, there you will see the real deplorables.

  8. I hope POTUS pushes to take protection rights away from these platforms that block free speech.
    History is repeating itself, the civil rights movement in the 50’s when Dem’s tried silencing and segregating black Americans because the color of their skin.
    President Eisenhower 1957 stepped in and executed the Civil Rights Act which the Dem’s voted against, even JFK.

  9. NBC is just part of the lamestream media. Nobody cares what they think. They are arrogant, and the look down their noses at citizen journalists.

  10. Establishment gatekeeper media upset that independent content creators are given a voice. Unsubscribe to NBC News.

  11. The mere fact you refer to people as trolls after your organization touted Russian collusion for two years and there was no factual basis for you to do so is really hypocritical on your part.

    Also, this is about freedom of speech. “Trolls” have the same rights you have, skippy. It would be really nice if you showed the aptitude of understanding this. The mere fact you do not understand it is precisely why a summit is needed.

    And your assertion that they haven’t been impacted in any way by social media isn’t true. That was YOU trolling.

    Your video was nothing but an attempt to minimize and insult those who attended.

    You simply don’t understand free speech. And SDNY is a federal court in trump’s department of justice. Your high school called, they want their diploma back.

    You are the largest facepalm possible.

  12. This guy is fake news and does not understand that Free Speech is under attack. How easy it is for this guy to talk about censorship when he obviously supports leftists values which does not include free speech.

  13. watch joe rogan and tim pool podcast and make your own decision instead of listening to this man tell you what to think.

  14. Mainstream news media are becoming a threat to democracy, national sovereignity & patriotism. Fortunately there are alternative media which are more reliable, free from politically motivated fake news & patriotic in nature.

  15. Mueller report confirms nothing about Russian hacking. The downloads speeds cited by the mueller report couldn’t possibly be hackers, net alone from overseas. If you going to rely of the bs in the mueller report, focus on the lack of actual evidence mueller relies on.

  16. Why doesn't he mention how much NBC has had to pay out in lawsuits over the years for pushing fake stories?

  17. No mate they are the people that have facts, if that's what you call a troll then yes lol. You are living in a dream world and
    you people are fake news. She did marry her brother and was living with her partner while she was still married to her brother. SEE you are lying again WTF

  18. Troll? Gotta have some people who keep getting blocked. This entire meeting is about loss of Freedom of Speech. And they have NO RIGHT.

  19. Really? They haven’t been censored at all? Like being demonetized for conservative views? Does that not count? And please for the love of God look up what a troll is! You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. This is the second video on the subject that I’ve been recommended by YouTube with A majority down vote, but yeah, there’s no bias on YouTube. They’re totally shooting straight!

  20. At first I hated Trump. But now I see how sick and biased they really are. I hope Trump destroys them all. Enemy's of the people. Leftist have always hated conservatives

  21. Thank you so much for telling us who we should be trusting. Thank God the good people at Comcast NBC have the interest of the American people at heart. You're the protectors we needed all along. Lol

  22. It's so hilarious you guys are so threatened by YouTubers. All you do is talk crap about them. Because you can't compete with them.

  23. Underwhelming report. You look nervous which makes me feel nervous. Why can't I find anything but opinion pieces on this meeting? I can't watch more than 5 mins. of Trump giving a speech so the 45:00 minutes was typical that is all over the place. I'd like to see more from the people that attended. I guess I will see if I can find a list and look them up individually. This video seems thrown together.

  24. Baaaaaaahahahahaha!!!!!

    This mofo… an apparent "journalist" working for a media network that is second only to CNN in terms of actual, real world, documented & verifiable Fake News, (aka: news that is not a true representation of the facts but instead serves an agenda) claiming that the mostly Conservative Social-Media Influencers/Citizen Journalists are "trolls" who have no regard for the truth?


    This is a joke right…!?

    The very fact that he says these people haven't been censored by the tech companies in any real capacity, regardless of what he means by "any real capacity" (no doubt part of the ambiguity in terms that fake news journalists specialize in) is evidence of the blatant disregard of the facts & truth.
    At this point, if you STILL want to claim that there is no big tech censorship or, push that narrative, it is indicative of being ignorant of reality &/or a person who is outright lying to push an agenda or protect their vested interests… in this case, I'd say all of the above!

    "…obviously not true but it's the internet, you can say what you want."
    Says the guy saying what he wants on the internet… lol.
    Oh the irony & the sheer lack of self-awareness!

    Here's an idea, you're a "journalist" aren't you? Why don't you do a story on it & explain WHY it isn't true, instead of just making statements of fact, or labelling everything "conspiracy theories?" (Ie: saying what you want on the internet.)

    Speaking of conspiracy theories though, haven't you guys pushed one of THE BIGGEST actual conspiracy theories for the last 2 years…? I guess that makes you somewhat of an expert then, yes?
    My bad… carry on, you were lying… about Tim Pool?

    The dishonesty here is amazing!
    You've no doubt intentionally taken Tim's comment well & truly out of context but also mischaracterized what he said! Perhaps you could give people the full context of the statements he made oh but then, it wouldn't feed into your self-serving narrative that Trump invited nothing but "right-wing trolls" to the White House, would it!?

    In FACT (I know you guys don't like them but that doesn't make them any less "factual") he said that he personally believes, in his opinion that it was "57 – 65% true."
    Are you really going to use one comment, albeit a pronounced personal opinion, out of context & one which literally & implicitly has 35 – 43% doubt built into it as a means to suggest that Tim Pool "pushed" a conspiracy theory…? This is with the added benefit of hindsight too I might add! Incredible!
    That kind of puts the countless news stories YOU guys have gotten wrong in a new perspective, huh?

    He literally said he personally believes it to be true to an extent & put a number on it but you want to imply that THAT somehow makes him a purveyor of conspiracy theories…??? LOL!
    Once again, the lack of self-awareness is breathtaking!

    So just to clarify, I guess by your own standards, NBC has actively pushed the Trump/Russia conspiracy, the Russia hacked voting machines conspiracy, the Covington Kids conspiracy theory, the "Good people on both sides" Conspiracy, the Sonic Microwave Weapon Conspiracy Theory… I mean, they are just the prominent ones off the top of my head & we won't even mention Rachael Maddow & MSNBS… I mean C, sorry, MSNBC. My bad.
    Not only that but to infer or imply that Tim Pool is in ANY way "right-wing" let alone a troll, is so utterly dishonest it is incredible by every definition of the word!

    But the piece de resistance here is the implication or assertion even, that these alleged trolls are only popular because they "gamed the algorithm."
    If that is truly what you believe I'd go so far as to say that this claim IS a conspiracy theory BUT it is true to an extent; or rather it was at one point in time for some of them albeit the minority. Thus the conflation & that special brand of ambiguity I mentioned earlier are exposed.

    These people couldn't possibly be popular or relevant because they are doing your job better than you could they? What a coincidence that the very people who are in direct competition with you & your network are dismissed as trolls in your eyes.
    You give ZERO proof or evidence for your claims merely anecdotes & platitudes, saying the thing so therefore it must be true… right?

    You people desperately want to remain gatekeepers of information & of the narrative so you put out pathetically weak attempts like this in order to maintain the status quo but its all in vain.

    I applaud the effort, albeit minimal & with the veracity of an 80 year old, snowflake, beta male, who has consumed a strict diet of soy & tofu all his life but the truth is nothing can stop you from fading into obscurity. Because the only thing you can do to prevent it is the very thing that causes people to distrust you & switch off in droves & that is lie, decieve, obfuscate & conflate… the tools of the trade for fake news merchants such as yourselves!

  25. check the facts dummy …….. Tim Pool was invited …..he is not a Trump supporter ……..thats why people call you fake news …….
    did you see your likes ……exactly …..

  26. Well, the trolls are triggered thanks for real news NBC…Thinking internet personalities are news…sad…

  27. That's because you clowns are lying sacks of Shiff! This meeting was for the real journalist who are exposing your BS! Real people actually uncovering the corruption and NBS could care less!
    Quit 'Colluding' with the DemonRats!!!!

  28. How is this guy not doing the same thing with the "credibility" of NBC on his side? I contend that the baby eater is far less dangerous than Representatives who think we can just dispand ICE. Or who declare that women are drinking out the toilette and then block funding to send them water.

  29. What do you call it when Socialist get together with big business to suppress Free Speech???? Nazism. NBC is a Neo-Nazi organisation!

  30. Look at this little beta soy liberal out doing the dirty work of his Jew masters, Jew run propoganda r.i.p.

    We are replacing you with real western media.

  31. Sad that you went to a school to be a journalists and all you are is a reporter of fales info because you dont do the research needed to report.. Your weak and so is CNBC,CNN AND THE REST OF THEM.

  32. They have zero shame now. Blatantly lieing and smearing…. They are behaving like little jealous kids that are mad they didn't get invited to a birthday party.
    Your views continue to decline, and you will go out of business. On that day, I as well as many others will celebrate. You're garbage, and you're actively harmful to society.

    There is a clear niche that these businesses can try to fill. The niche of truth. This is the niche that many of the new Journalist have decided to fill. They will be successful and you will fail. You deserve to fail.

  33. Gosh! You didn't watch NBC and 2.5 years of Russian collusion that didn't exist? Or how about the hysteria of the MSM about everything Trump! Nobody trusts you guys which is why Google needs to artificially bump you to the top lof search results!

  34. Hilarious how different view points from yours labels you as a extremist troll. Wot?

  35. WOW you are so uninformed!!! Maybe you should seek the truth instead of following along with the MSM BS. Looking forward to hearing your humble apology when the so called trolls are proven right. They are hardly trolls!

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