Which Dust Mask to Use?

hey folks I’m Dennis today I’m just
going to do a quick video on a dust mask that I bought recently they talked just
a little bit about dust protection in the shop what I’ve used for years is one
of these A-O safety masks and it uses cartridges that you can replace they’re
charcoal cartridges you can get them for different things you can get vapor
cartridges that are good for like some chemical vapors I don’t think everything
but for some but they’re real good for for dust protection it’s got a exhale
valve that’s kind of what they looked like new this is an older package I’ve
had it for a long time except bought two of them if it gets warm in the shop or
wherever you’re working it gets a little hot sometimes makes your glasses fog up
so this per kick I bought off of Amazon and I’ll leave a i’ll leave a link below
I’ve seen a lot of these on various social media sites people that are
working with wood they’re supposed to be good for dust masks this one is called a
sports a sport mask the reason I bought this particular one is because it comes
with an additional filter and exhale valves so it’s just kind of a not sure
what kind of fabric it is it’s some kind of neoprene I guess and it’s got a it’s
got an inside filter which has got some charcoal in it and a couple layers of
some fabric this supposed to be good is it’s good down to two and a half microns
so that’s fine for dust protection it’s got a little Ridge piece on the nose and
then some of them that I’ve seen they have like a like ear loops while I’m not
interested in anything with an ear loop because that’s gonna annoy me especially
glass safety glasses off and on and reading glasses but this one’s just got
a hook and loop behind the neck so you just put it on like so
and it’s lighter it’s easy to breathe in and out of sometimes these these rubber
masks will get a little labored to breathe through you got to clean the
exhaust valve and stuff but even at that sometimes just because you build up so
much moisture I think inside of here gets a little labored so anyway I’m
gonna try it it’s comfortable I’ve got a mustache so you know you got to make
sure you’re sealed around here we’ll this covers the whole area so if I had a
goatee or anything like that it would cover all that so that’s kind of nice
it’s easy to take on and off because I don’t have to to do the headbands like I
do on my big respirator so that’s kind of nice it’ll probably still fog up my
glasses a little bit well not really not as bad as the other respirator so so
that’s not bad I can exhale and not really fog them up there’s dust on them
but don’t count that as fog there anyway it’s real comfortable I’m gonna do a
little bit of sanding with it and then I’ll let you know how it works but I
like the fact that it’s easy to take on and off as opposed to this one you got
two straps next strap and a head strap so basically the way I put it on is this
put that on like so and then this up here which is still fine I can still get
my glasses on and off you know safety glasses or reading glasses or whatever
but now you know if I’m painting or something I’m still gonna wear this
because that’s really why I have this for paint overspray and that kind of
thing but I’m gonna try this so I’m gonna try this new little mask for
sanding I know I wouldn’t try it for a paint or you know he kind of fumes
anything like that staining if you’re worried about the stain fumes you know
if you’re using oil-based stain which gets pretty loud I don’t think I’d use
it for that but I’m just thinking for something easy to sand with so I’m gonna
do a little bit of sanding and then I’ll let you know how it goes so as I’m sure you saw I intentionally
took my dust collection hose off of the sander and didn’t run a dust bag on the
sander either just to try to give myself a fair amount of dust in the shop
I’m personally I’m particularly sensitive to sawdust like that so sand
and dust rather just a little bit and I’ll it’ll give me a little coffee you
know and irritate my nose that kind of thing doesn’t seem to matter what type
of wood I’m sanding so I figured this that would be a pretty decent test I’m
sanding oak so I could smell the open just a little bit but I didn’t feel like
I was getting any dust at all inside I don’t feel any like on the lips I wasn’t
breathing any I don’t feel it like in my chest or in my sinuses.
normally I can pretty quickly so I think this is probably going to be a pretty
effective mask now like I said this one in particular is rated I don’t know how
they rated it it’s definitely not like a NIOSH mask or ANSI or anything like that
I’m sure it’s made in China so I don’t really know how accurate the ratings are
it doesn’t say made in China so maybe not this one in particular is rated to
two and a half microns protect against exhaust fumes viral influenza industrial
emissions dust allergies I don’t know about all that because I don’t know a
lot about I don’t know a lot about what sighs you know particles certain things
are but it seems to be all right for dust for sanding dust so I’m gonna give it
a try if it if it stops working you know in the future or whatever then I’ll do a
follow-up but at least so far me it’s pretty comfortable like say I’ll leave a
link below and the one that I bought but it’s got a little bit of stretch to it
so you can you know kind of make it fit your head comfortably and keep it tight
it’s got a little nose piece that keeps it fairly secure on your nose without
being uncomfortable and then even these little exhaust valves are replaceable
they just twist off I’ve got it they got a piece on the inside
like so and you just take that off and it’s got a it’s got a little dial if you
can see that it’s got like a little diaphragm in there for exhaust so you
don’t you know pull dust back when you inhale and then it’s got a replaceable
carbon filter on the inside you just take those two exhaust valves out pop
the new filter and put the valves in that holds it in place so we’ll see but
yeah so far I think it’s gonna be alright thanks for watching my video
appreciate it if you would throw me a like give me a thumbs up below and
subscribe to my channel if you find anything else interesting here and up
see you back soon thanks a lot God bless you

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4 thoughts on “Which Dust Mask to Use?

  1. Thanks for the tip Dennis! It looks perfect and lightweight! I have been unhappy with my present mask and this looks perfect to use.

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