#WhatTheTech 27 – Hyve’s Technology News of the Week with Sam Cooper

Welcome to What The Tech, Hyve’s look at handpicked technology news stories from the week. In the news this week: Google’s recent acquisition of Fitbit for $2.1 billion dollars has left many owners of the SmartWatch device worried that Google may soon have access to their personal health information. FitBit is used by over 28 million worldwide users, but have claimed that the personal information will not be sold to Google Advertising. Drone owners must now pass an online test and register as an operator if they would like to fly their devices, or else they’ll face fines of up to a £1,000. From the end of this month, both adults and children will have to demonstrate they can fly drones safely and legally by passing this 20 question test. Elon Musk has said Tesla will unveil its all-electric ‘cybertruck’ on 21st November in LA, near the entrepreneur’s other company, SpaceX. Musk has talked about producing an all-electric pickup truck for years now, and it appears he’s tying the unveiling date in with the same date that can be found at the start of Blade Runner. Let’s hope this moment isn’t lost in time… ‘…like tears in rain’. Get ready for adventure, Pokemon Trainers! Pokemon Go is getting a new augmented reality multiplayer feature called ‘Buddy Adventure’. It’ll allow players to team up and interact with their Pokemon in the same frame, and perhaps we’ll see Pokemon battles between players in the future. Drone driving tests, paired Pokemon players, and an electric pickup truck straight out of a sci-fi film. You can find more on all these stories at hyve.com/WhatTheTech

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