#WhatTheTech 20 – Hyve’s Technology News of the Week with Sam Cooper

Welcome to WhatTheTech, Hyve’s look at handpicked technology news stories from the week. In the news this week: Wikipedia has been offline for several hours after suffering a large-scale DDoS attack that took down the site across parts of Europe and the Middle East. The site is back up now with the company stating that these attacks threaten everyones fundamental rights to freely access and share information. In a week that has seen a lot of talk about the Joker and Pennywise the clown, you could imagine a lot of people’s phobias have been triggered. And Apple want in on the phobia-action too with the reveal of their new iPhone 11 Pro and its three lensed rear camera. Hundreds of smartphone users have claimed the new design has triggered their trypophobia, an aversion to the site of clusters of small holes. It looks like Batman’s nemesis, The Joker has turned to a life of cybercrime, or rather that’s the name of a new Android virus that has been hidden amongst a total of 24 apps, and has been downloaded half a million times from the Google Play Store. Sony’s PlayStation consoles have been around since the very first system launched back in 1995, but apparently we’ve all been wrong about what we call one of the buttons. Sony revealed that the PlayStation controller’s “X” button is actually meant to be called the “cross” button, leaving fans completely baffled by the news. So there’s been a fair amount of clowning around in technology this week, but you can find more on all of these stories at hyve.com/WhatTheTech.

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