#WhatTheTech 18 – Hyve’s Technology News of the Week with Sam Cooper

Welcome to What The Tech, Hyve’s look at handpicked technology news stories from the week. In the news this week: Instagram has gone fishing, but not the kind you’re thinking of. A phishing scam has been discovered that uses fake two-factor authentication requests to trick email recipients into entering their Instagram credentials. Two Australian airlines are restricting all fifteen-inch Apple MacBook Pros from being stored via checked in luggage and must be turned off for the duration of a flight. This comes in response to Apple’s recent recall over batteries that may overheat and pose a safety risk RBS and Natwest’s websites are both back up and running after a problem caused them to be inaccessible for several hours. RBS have not explained what caused the problem, however have since apologised for the inconvenience caused. Huawei’s next smartphone won’t come with all of Google’s popular apps. This is due to a US government ban on sales to the Chinese company. Huawei have since said though that they will develop their own operating system if the ban continues, but will users want change? Phishing, Phones, Flights and Finance, you can find out more on all of these stories at hyve.com/WhatTheTech

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