WhatsApp şəxsi kompüterlər üçün gəlir | Tech-News #42

Whatsapp comes to computers, the Falcon 9 rocket successfully ships 2 tons of cargo to the space station. The new MacBook Pro laptop will be the most expensive model in the Pro series history. The agenda is full of exciting technological news. So let’s take a look at this news and appreciate it. To use Whatsapp Messenger on your PC right now, you need to synchronize this messenger with your mobile version and the web version. but if your smartphone is off, you cannot send a message from the messenger web version. According to the developers of the famous messenger, the user account will be on a separate account, both on the computer and on the phone. In short, developers are developing a computer version. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket shipped 2 tonnes of dragon capsules to the International Space Station. The most unusual thing in the Dragon capsule was the biological 3d printer. Thus, SpaceX was transported to the International Space Station for the 18th time by dragon capsules. Several sources have said that Apple has released a 16-inch MacBook Pro. According to information, this computer will be the most expensive computer among MacBooks The 16-inch MacBook Pro is expected to outperform the current MacBooks. The current MacBook Pro starts at $ 2,399. However, the new MacBook Pro will start at $ 3,000. Is it worth paying to MacBook so much? I think it’s worth it. Let us know what you think. If you like, please subscribe to our channel. Share the video with your friends if you want to be more useful.

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7 thoughts on “WhatsApp şəxsi kompüterlər üçün gəlir | Tech-News #42

  1. Məncə MacBook a bu qədər pul xərcləmək lazımsızdır. Onsuzda Windows hər bir özəlliyi qarşılayır.
    Əgər Windows u bəyənmirsinizsə Linux da istifadə etmək olar proqramistlərə özəlliklə.

  2. ekrani sifirtam onda zirt inch boyudub, bazardaki diger laptop spesifications a chatdirib Elon muskun marsa round tripe qoyacagi qiymetine satacaqlar yene bambook u -_-

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