What’s inside COOL TECH of CES 2019?

(lively music) – Welcome to CES, 2019. This is the place where companies come to show off their new technologies and also the weirdest tech. Sometimes years before they’re actually going to be on the market. This is the third year
that I’ve come to CES. This place is massive. Let’s do this. (lively music) One of the most annoying things as a dad is cleaning your windows. This company called Hobots has actually found a way to solve that problem. This is the window cleaning robot. If you pull on it, it actually
stays on there pretty good. You do have to have it plugged in, there is an internal
battery but the internal battery is only for if it loses power. It’ll continue to maintain suction for about 20 minutes and then
it’s just gonna fall. This won a CES Innovations
Award for this year so one of the best
innovations of 2019 at CES, it’s a strange one but I like it because I’m pretty lazy. I don’t wanna wash my windows. I want a robot to wash my windows. (lively music) This one fits in the
cool and weird category. Have you ever been in a bunch of traffic and you’re like, man, this is so annoying, I wish I could just fly over the traffic? Well this company,
Hoversurf, invented something for that and the Dubai
police is actually testing and using this in Dubai
to fly over traffic. Alright, this is Joseph, he’s
the chief operating officer and well versed in this entire Hoversurf. – Yes. – [Daniel] Okay, so are people actually able to fly with this thing? – Yes, this is a fully
functional hover bike. It’s being used right now in Dubai. So this is actually the Dubai
Police Department’s bike. So we built this for them. Right now we’re setting
up a training program so they can learn how to use
it, learn how to service it, things like that. They’ll actually start using it in the next couple years here. – [Daniel] This is like
something out of Star Wars. – Oh definitely, yeah. – [Daniel] You just
like fly over the lands. Is it made out of carbon
fiber, the whole thing? – Yeah, so the full body’s
made out of carbon fiber. The propellers are made
out of carbon fiber. – [Daniel] How heavy is this? – 255 pounds. In the United States, this
is an ultralight aircraft, which means you don’t
need a pilot’s license or certification to fly
it in the United States. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh. – But you have to take
our training course. – So the real question is, can I get on it and can I get the propellers
spinning a little bit? – Yeah I think we can do that for you. – Okay. Alright. – Are you ready? – I think so. – Put your feet on the pegs there. Way it works is you put
your forearms down in here. – Okay. – You hold the controls like this. – All ready. Okay, we’re spinning. They said if I pulled on them too hard, I will literally fly 15 feet in the air. – Yeah. – Check this out, when I
pull this button right here, it actually will make it
go stronger or less strong but if you let go of
this button right here, we will literally go up about
15 feet, pretty quickly. – You can hit the ceiling in four seconds. – Four seconds and we hit the ceiling. Alright, then here’s the
kill switch right here. Killed it. That is really cool. Someday, Joseph. – Yeah. – Someday you need to
get us to Dubai so we can actually fly up in the air. – Alright, Dubai or San
Jose, Moscow, either one. – [Daniel] San Jose or
Moscow, any of those. – All of em. – [Daniel] I’ll go to any of them. – You call us, we’ll bring it. You call us, we’ll bring it. – You heard it first. – But I do want a ride
in your new roadster. – Deal, deal. Also at CES, you never
know when a drone army is going to take off and
perform a show for you. This is a miniature
drone army with lights. I’ve seen it at different
sporting events before. The most famous one is
the one with Lady Gaga where she like jumped off
awkwardly off the Superbowl thing, this is CES, you just
see awesome, weird stuff. After braving the crowds for a few hours, it’s nice to go to a booth
that is quiet and peaceful and feels like home. This is the Dolby booth
that has Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Dimensions and thank you, Dolby,
for sponsoring this video and bringing me out to CES. I wanna show you a few things that Dolby has in their booth that
will take your viewing experience, whether it’s
video games, movies, TV shows or just simply audio and music to a next level. 2018 you guys probably
saw a lot of movies. Well out of the top 10
movies, nine out of the ten, used Dolby Vision or Dolby
Atmos or both in them. This is a TV made by TCL,
they’re big in China, I think they’re the third largest TV manufacturer in the world. So let’s see how good
Dolby Vision and Atmos is. So right now I’m watching
this surfing show. If you were here, you would hear the sound and you would see the vision in the way that it’s meant to be displayed. The colors are more vibrant and rich. The blacks are deeper and the sound, you can almost feel it and it’s pretty impressive that this is coming from the TV without an additional sound bar, without a home sound system. I can tell you, it looks good. Something really good about the future of Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos is each year there’s more and more
content being formatted in Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos. There are also more
devices that are adopting to the technology. More services like Netflix are adding Dolby Vision, Dolby
Atmos to their libraries. If you were in the market for a new entertainment system, make sure it’s Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos enabled, click the link in the
description to learn more. I’m going to make a
bigger video on our family channel that shows you in
depth this entire booth. There’s also lots of
drinks at places like this. It’s always a positive when you can get into a nice booth, stay hydrated. Time for me to leave
the peaceful Dolby booth and go back to the madness
in the convention center but I’m about to show you something that’s gonna blow your mind in the tech space. Get ready. Here is a 15,000 dollar massage chair. It’s a limited edition
that they’re only making 2,000 of them. This is the ultimate massage
chair, made by Dreamwave and the designer that designed this chair is the same designer
that has designed some of the Ferrari models. I think I need to get in this thing. It’s soft. Okay. Feels a bit weird, especially on a floor with all these people. Alright, I’m getting strapped in. I feel like I need a seatbelt. You take your arms and
slide them into here. Am I at CES or Disneyland? Oh, there we go. They’re bigger rollers
and they feel softer than your usual ones and
then also it’s stretched out, like it got longer as it laid down, which is good ’cause I’m six feet two and it feels comfortable, like I feel like I’m almost laying down. Oh my gosh. Right now it’s grabbing
my feet and my behind. So weird how it just grabs
your arm and squeezes it. They were literally
scanning my body to see my size and the different
spots so it could make like a customized
massage based off of my body type and my body size. I’m afraid if I stay here too much longer, I will get nothing done
the rest of the day. Gosh. Most Americans don’t
know what they’re missing when it comes to the bathroom. Japanese people, they get it. We were there for spring break for a week and we were enlightened. We’re actually building a new
house in the next few months. One essential thing
that we’re going to have in every bathroom is a smart toilet. If you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it. They’re actually pretty incredible. You walk up to it, it opens for you. The seats can be warmed up for you. There can be different levels of bidets that are build in. There’s a deodorizer
that’s inside of the toilet that keeps, that keeps the,
that keeps the stink out. There’s a lot of benefits. This is the smartest toilet I’ve seen. Not only does it have
all the bidet functions that you would come to
expect from like a Japanese toilet but this toilet specifically, won an award for top tech
in the smart home area. It’s a toilet that you can talk to. This toilet has Amazon
Alexa built into it. If you’ve ever been sitting on the toilet and you’ve wanted to listen to some music, it has speakers, you can
ask it to play certain types of music and then lights will go up, it’s like ambient lights
that sets the mood inside of the bathroom. It’ll take some getting used to to think about having a
mic built into the toilet that’s it’s always listening to you. I just feel bad for that toilet. A friend in the bathroom. I don’t know if these
things that I’ve showed you are the things that every
tech channel’s gonna show you but these are the things that I like. We’ve seen some cool things today. I’ve ridden on a hover
motorcycle but now we’re about to get in the future of self driving hover flying helicopter thingies. Don’t even know exactly what to call it. Welcome to the Bell
helicopter hover drone thing. We’re gonna be able to go
inside of it in a second and check it out and
see what it looks like on the inside. Bell has partnered with Uber to hopefully make this thing a reality. Elon Musk on Joe Rogen’s podcast talked about flying helicopters or flying cars and how they weren’t really viable because of the loud noise that they would make. That’s why he prefers tunnels, it’s quiet. You agree with that? – I didn’t hear a word you
said but probably sounds great. – He totally agrees with me. – [Guy] Yeah. (light music) – This is very futuristic. I would love to, I don’t think
I would wanna fly this thing. I would definitely crash. – It’s like something
straight out of the Avengers. – [Daniel] Yes it is.
– Awesome. – We need the Avengers suits. – It’s definitely a
concept but that is cool. – One thing that I think is interesting is that there’s just like
random screws hanging out everywhere like this
straight Philips head screw you can find at like Home Depot. This bar right here is like what you would see on a closet door so it’s like they built this with some
hardware from Home Depot, which is kinda cool. – This one shows the GPS map right here, here’s your altitude here,
the battery and the engine management and then
this is just a beautiful image, video camera of
what’s happening outside if we were flying. Alright, there’s your
drone helicopter, Uber, I don’t know what you even call it and I just hit my head on the propeller, can you imagine if that thing was moving? (laughing) there it is, carbon fiber
propeller right there and then this giant heavy thing. Danger, keep clear. – This is automotive body panel trim you can just buy at like
an automotive parts, just like wrapped around
the bottom edge of this. It’s cool how they put it together. – [Daniel] I like that you notice all of these little things. Nobody else notices them. – I mean it looks cool when it’s finished. – So yeah, that’s what
you get with the concept vehicle or concept
thing, a lot of the stuff you see at CES is more of a concept. When it comes out on
the market, it’ll look a bit differently. So that’s it from CES. Thank you, Dolby, for sending me out here and making this video even possible and let me know in the comments what things you guys liked at CES and would you like me to come back in 2020 and show you the weird
things that I think are cool because I’m totally down to do it. I just feel bad for that toilet, that it’s always listening
to you all the time. That’s probably a place where
you probably don’t need a mic.

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