What’s inside a $400 vs $50 Cooler?

– I never thought I’d buy a $400 cooler, and now we’re gonna destroy it. Whoa! – Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln and this is Dan, and today we are wearing safety glasses. – Safety first, or second. – And we have a $400 Yeti cooler. – Have you guys seen these things? $400 for a cooler! Why does it cost so much? You can see how big it is. It’s pretty heavy. It has some nice handles on the side, with this little rope
and the plastic on here. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ – And then to open it up, they say that it is bear-proof, with this. So bears don’t know how
to come in and do that. – Bears apparently aren’t very smart. – They’re not smart, but they
are strong and good at eating. – Yes.
– So this cooler is supposed to be the top of the line, the greatest cooler that you can buy. I’ve seen them with, a lot
of times, in camping stores. Super expensive. We’ve cut open a Yeti cup. (cup clatters) This, we have tested it out
on a couple of campouts, and it works like a gem. I put hamburgers in here that were frozen. The next day we went
to make the hamburgers, and they were still frozen
and I was kind of sad. This is what’s inside of it. – The walls are so thick on
this, like not even the top. – Lincoln. Do not get inside of this. Don’t put children inside of this. There’s the logo right here that says, what does it say, Lincoln? – Certified Bear-Resistant. – You can see how big
it is on the outside, and then if you look on the
inside, like Lincoln said, you can see that the walls
are really really thick. A thought behind it is very
similar to the Yeti cup. It has metal on the outside. Metal on the inside. And then on the middle
of it there’s a gap. And it has this insulated vacuum packed air that’s in there. We decided that we wanna give you the cleanest cut that we can get. And so we came to the same
place that we cut open our car engine, and we
have a giant band saw. So check this thing out. This is huge blade, this
should be able to do the job. It’s gonna go right through
it, just like butter. We are also going to get
a cheap Cullman cooler, like the cheapest ones that are like $20, and show you the difference between those, because there’s definitely
a big difference. – Big difference. (upbeat music) – It’s pretty nice, I’ve gotta admit. I never thought I’d buy a $400 cooler. Woo, that was loud. And now we’re gonna destroy it. Here we go. (upbeat music) It’s gonna be good. We had to flip it around because of the way the blade goes. We’ve got a GoPro up
here to capture the shot. There’s your Yeti. Goodbye Yeti. – Bye.
– Lincoln, green button. Touch the green button nicely. This one right there. – That one?
– Start Cutting button. Oh, oh. Did you do it? Nope, try again. Is this the button? Start Cutting button? You don’t have the skills
to pay the bills, buddy. – It’s already touching it. – Let’s see. Oh! Look at that! This is so much faster than the engine. I think we cut a lot
of it out of the video. We were here for probably
six hours that night. But man, look at that! (upbeat music) Here we go, Yeti! Go, go, go! – And we got it! Yep. – And we’re done. And we push the Stop Cutting button. We did it!
– That was so easy. Three minutes and 45 seconds. – Three minutes, 45 seconds. Is this thing all just plastic? Maybe there’s no metal in it. All I really see…
– [Lincoln] Is shavings. – Is shavings, but I don’t
really see metal shavings. I see plastic. Oh! Did you see it break open? This igloo cooler was $50. It was on sale. So it’s much cheaper. What is it made of? We’re gonna cut this one, too, and see, that way we can compare inside. What do you get out of a
$400 cooler and a $50 cooler? The Igloo cooler. What do you get inside? What keeps your stuff cool? – [Lincoln] It’s like foam! Wow! – You do have some actual insulation that is some foam inside. It’s on the bottom. – Why is it on the top?
– On the top, it doesn’t have it. It doesn’t have it. I don’t know. Maybe so you can open the lid? – Yeti, Yeti, Yeti. – Alright, it is the Yeti time. Let’s get this thing open! (angelic music)
– Looks like that same insulation stuff.
– Hey, it does have insulation! I thought for sure it was gonna be like the Yeti cooler, the
Yeti mug that had metal on the inside. There’s no metal. – And the top is so much thicker, and the walls are much thicker. Well. – But it does look the same. Like, it’s plastic, and
just some foam inside. – Push.
– Oh yeah, look at that. I can make a hole. This one. I can make a hole. It’s a little stronger. But I wouldn’t say it’s
that much different. You can see the inside
of the plastic wall, how thick it is or how thin it is. Look at the inside of the Yeti. Much thicker. Look at my finger next to it. My finger next to that one. It’s like a piece of paper
versus a pencil thickness. The actual plastic that’s used on the outside of both of these Is definitely thicker with the Yeti. Look how thin the bottom plastic is. Look how thick the bottom
plastic is with that one. I’m not overly impressed
with the difference between the $400 versus the $50. Obviously, it has the
protection on the top. It’ll stop bears from getting in. That’s nice. – Apparently.
– Which I’ve never had bears when I’ve camped. Knock on metal, wood. Based off of just looking on the inside, let us know your thoughts. Is there anything unique to this? Would you spend the
extra $350 for this guy over the Island cooler? – No way. I wouldn’t. – I’m asking them, not you. – I know, but you could’ve been asking me. – I don’t wanna ask you. – Oh, thanks. Not $350 dollar cooler.
– What cooler do you guys use? And would you use this? Let us know. That’s what’s inside of a cooler. See ya. (claps rhythmically) Alright. Cool. – [Lincoln] I like
pencils more than paper. – [Dan] Oh, that’s the answer. No, that’s not the answer. – That’s the, no, no.
– This is it. Okay.

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100 thoughts on “What’s inside a $400 vs $50 Cooler?

  1. I agree with Lincoln. That seems like a huge price jump for an extra layer of foam and a fancy lock. Awesome video!

  2. The durability and the ability to keep whatever cold for more than a day in crazy temperatures is why the yeti is worth it. For example, guys in the oilfield that need water to stay hydrated while the cooler sits in the bed of a truck in temps of over 100 all day while getting tools tossed on it makes it a great investment.

  3. The test should be which works the best, not the construction, it might be the little things that make the difference, like how the lid fits or how the body does not flex when moved, how the catches keep the seal. It do't know if it makes any difference, but thats the test, fill with ice see which keeps the ice the longest.

  4. I got some Frozen steaks packed with Dry Ice and the styrofoam cooler they came in looked pretty solid. So I took it and put it inside my Coleman cooler and it made a huge difference. If you have something you want to keep cold for extra long or just drinking Ice (Beam and Coke!) then it works great.

  5. I would use it if it were free but I would not pay the price for one. Also, I will fill my cooler lids that I have now…..Igloos etc with foam. Drill a few holes and fill with foam. But no way, $400 , I work hard for my money, I do not own a ice factory.

  6. If I'd be the owner of the company that makes the cheaper one, I'd fill it up the lid with foam and put some kind of lock.

  7. I'd spend about 50 bucks trying to make my own, now after watch the video. Thank you for the Yeti sacrifice!

  8. HA !! Just today I used that Crack Filler Foam…..drilled holes in the lid of my IGLOOS Coolers and sprayed the foam in it. Now I have a YETI LIGHT Cooler !!! AND ….lots of beer

  9. When I go camping, my number 1 concern is bears getting my food, if they get at me or my family though, not that big of a deal.

  10. I wouldnt even buy the $50 one cuz ur always getting screwed by companies. Its probably worth $2 of materials if that

  11. So thicker plastic is worth $350?… Actually $50 worth of plastic and foam… $250 worth of hype and $100 for Yeti label… Marketing at its finest.

  12. I would have been more interested in seeing it compared to a Coleman 5 day cooler, which actually has outperformed the Yeti in some comparison videos. Or even a Coleman 6 day cooler

  13. Most definitely should’ve reviewd the yeti vs the ozark instead of the damn igloo cooler than isn’t built anywhere the same

  14. I can’t justify buying a 400 dollar cooler when they use the same materials.
    I know the thickness is different but other than that there really isn’t a difference

  15. sooo… drill some holes in the cheaper cooler lid.. fill it with spray foam toss some cheap gasket on the seal.. save myself 300 bucks?

  16. Yeti coolers are an over engineered high quantity product meant to last for decades. In a world of disposal and single use products, some consumers seek the quality offered by yeti.

  17. Just drill small holes in the lid of a cheap cool. Spray self expanding foam in it. Let it sit for an hour. Break off all the foam the leaked. Then seal the holes. Boom. Yeti cooler without the rubber gasket.

  18. I am with the kid. Been using walmart coolers forever. They never let me down. Also very affordable to replace

  19. Seems like the biggest difference is the plastic shell, I wonder if you sprayed the igloo with a rubber sealant to increase the thickness of the walls if it would have similar cooling results as the yeti?

  20. Yeti coolers are bear proof if you pad lock the corners. And that looks like a tundra 45 which actually retails for around $300. And they were created by brothers in Texas who needed a better cooler for fish and game

  21. I would go with the less expensive and drill holes in the lid then fill with foam insulation and seal the holes with clear R&D after cleaning off the extra instillation

  22. drill a hole in the lid , fill with water and freeze (leave room for expansion). Lasts longer and you have a chilled seat.

  23. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the "bear proof" thing means for smell….like a bear isn't going to get into the cooler because it won't know anything is in there

  24. To all the cheapskates who laugh at the price , it's not meant for your demographic. Why don't they ever understand that ? It's for people with a lot of money who love to flash brand names . These companies pursue them with 90% marketing and 10% slightly better products. It works . It's not meant for the cheep asses who make their own stuff in their garage and then brag to their friends about it for the next decade. BTW I agree with you. I wouldn't even consider buying this way overpriced offshore built stuff.

  25. To say it’s bear proof they’re allowed two padlocks and have to stop a bear for an hour I believe. And It’s classed as a fail if it makes 1/4 inch hole all the way through.

  26. $400 for some foam and plastic. I'll stick to my Coleman xtreme $40 for 70qt that would probably equal to $800 in the yeti version for that much space.

  27. At the beginning of the video, we heard that frozen meat stayed frozen over night… the Yeti cooler is superior performance and better constructed. Similar? Of course, but while a Kia is similar to a VW (both have wheels and a motor), anyone who has driven them both knows that there is a massive difference! Great video and I am convinced that the Yeti cooler is all that. Thank you, guys!

  28. The thicker plastic is nice, should hold up over time. Hype, yes. Yeah, why isn't the lid of the Coleman insulated…crazy.

  29. just inject some foam insulation from a can into the lid of that $50 cooler and you have almost a yeti for a lot less. How many bears are most people in contact with? LOL

  30. Yeti coolers are good coolers. I went to a store that sold them. They said I could put I brick of ice in it and it would still be there a week later but diluted. Ok? So I used the yeti great and famous cooler for beverages and another for food. I also used a norm brand cooler for beverages and another for food. I had a 3 day weekend camp trip with all 4 coolers. 2 yeti and 2 the norm brand. The norm brand means what ever your local store sells. It's not an actual brand. So with these 4 coolers on my 3 day weekend I out 4 bags of ice in each. I put 1 yeti with drinks and 1 no name with drinks. I put 1 yeti with food and 1 no name with food. They both did the job. When I got home I kept the coolers with there's ice. About a day n a half after getting home no name was pretty much done cooling and doing the job. But yeti took about 4 and a half days to be done cooling and doing its job. I needed coolers for my trip. The no name coolers did the job. The yeti coolers did the job and then lasted a few more days at my house. The no name coolers were affordable. The yeti coolers were not. So I guess I don't get the hype. If your not an extreme hiker/camper on long hikes and camps that last weeks, yeti coolers are pointless. If your a average family or person and your going out for a day or so or even a few, regular random no name coolers are fine and get the job done. I went to a camp for three days with the fam. And my no name coolers did the job just fine. My yeti cooler did the job just fine as well except when I got home my yeti cooler still had ice kinda for two days. But cost 4 times as much money$ and had ice for my trip for a couple days that I did not need. I guess if your trying to save money on $2 bags of ice it's a good cooler. But it would take you 20 years to find your ice savings and it wouldn't be much lol. It's a brand trend with a cooler.

  31. I'd wager that bear resistant certification is a lot of the reason for the price tbh. Whether it costs a lot to obtain or used as a way to charge more, it's gotta be a factor, lol.

  32. I won a Yeti cooler and gave it away. It was too heavy & bulky and I couldn't get much in it. I definitely wasn't dragging that thing around. I gave it to a friend that was going on a long road trip, to store his insulin in.

  33. I have an engal cooler…much like a yeti and near same price. It is amazing how long it keeps things cold. It’s no comparison to a cheap $40 cooler. We had gone camping, it was upper 90s and we still had ice after 3 days. I would imagine the cooler will pay for itself in ice costs after 3-4 years.

  34. This guy obviously did not build the machine shop business. His dad or grandfather did. Not a lick of common sense as they say.

  35. I have used both coolers for long periods of time and looked up compare videos where they use the yeti and cheap coolers to see how long they hold ice. Yetti always comes in the top 5 of best coolers. however paying $400 is $200 cooler and $200 brand name.

    is it worth it??? depends on how much you'll use it.

  36. Lots of people on here saying the Yeti isn’t worth the price…maybe, maybe not. But go camping out in the sticks in the middle of summer for a week and tell me if on day 5, the warm beer is worth the cost of a Yeti.

  37. Personally yeti hands down. Food drinks stay cooler much longer. Amateur campers stay with cheaper cooler, just buy more ice.😳

  38. Lol I get my Yeti 75 for $120 brand new thats what ya get when you have friends who work at retail depatment who sells Yetis

  39. just remember yeti went on shark tank and that probably gave them an extra million 1-2 in sales garbage products from garbage people. year 2020 im going to be selling 10$ pencils so ill give you first chance to open those suckers up hand deliver them also

  40. Nice to see. I've got a cheap Styrofoam cooler lined with some extra Reflectix I had laying around (it's foil wiht bubblewrap). Works great. This cooler is way overpriced, nice to see the inside foam.

  41. Bears can’t open the 2 master locks that you buy and install in the 2 holes on the cooler …get a pelican

  42. My $40 igloo cooler holds more then a comparable yeti, weighs about 70% less and holds ice for 24 hours for overnight fishing trips. How many people are such serious campers they need ice for 5 days?

  43. Come on man. They don't call it bear proof because bears can't open the latch. They are claiming bears can't get through the lid or walls. You still have to secure the lid closed🤦🏻‍♂️

  44. Maybe YETI is the acronym for ..".YOU"RE EASILY TRICKED IDIOT."……I guess you guys aint tricked and you just saved a whole lot of folks money.

  45. Could you do the yeti competitor from Walmart called the Ozark Trail? Pretty cool video. You've actually helped me in my decision.

  46. Yeti and all of the overpriced coolers , are all Overrated . And you'll never get anyone who got sucked into buying one to admit it !

  47. make a decision based on nothing but sight and ignore the science.
    Cheap cooler – no ice next day
    YETI – burgers are still frozen

    THAT is what the cooler is about….not if you like how your finger dents the foam…

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