What’s in my Everyday Backpack – Waterfield Sutter Slim Backpack – PACKED – List and Overview

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100 thoughts on “What’s in my Everyday Backpack – Waterfield Sutter Slim Backpack – PACKED – List and Overview

  1. Next up we're taking a look at the best dockable Nintendo Switch cases AND we have our first Instagram giveaway coming soon so find us @itcamefromabox :D!

  2. How good is this……I thought this was another of they EDC (Every Day Carry) video's for macho men who feel the need to carry 4 knives, 3 guns, a portable operating theatre and 4 years of dry food. Instead it is EDC for people who have a real job, like to have fun and understand how to tie shoelaces (but probably leave them tied and just pull the shoes on).

  3. U americans should be grateful because u guys can have all these gadgets… I mean it suck to live in Asia. Why u ask? Well it because these gadgets are way to expensive in our country

  4. #ROADTO100K woooo im going to buy every item of them its gonna be the christmas present for my brother … thanks a lot

  5. Came up on my feed and gave it a click, really like that it included a Nintendo Switch! Gave the channel a sub for that and because i've been hooked on "backpack tours" lately, lol!

  6. Really glad I got recommended this!
    Your style is refreshing to me! Professional but not like everyone else. Idk what it is but the way you talk, present items, your transitions, and your title sequences all stick out (in a good way) amongst the sea of "What's in my Tech Bag" videos on YouTube.


  7. You gotta quit making these. Anytime I watch one of your vids I wanna go buy a bunch of crap I know I don’t need to buy 😂😭 that said, you have inspired me to rethink my keys situation. #ROADTO100K

  8. I've never been interested in everything in a video until now. even with this channel I might see one or two things that catch my attention but not much more. really neat and smart picks, tho is the laptop sleeve included with the pack?

  9. Wow such a dope video, just found this channel and instantly fell in love lol some of the links you dropped though aren't working would love if you can double check… Keep up with the dope content 💪

  10. This video is so exciting for people who tends to keep their environment professional. Just discovered your channel and immediately loved your content.

  11. hi! I had one question… if what i'm looking for is confort (nintendo switch) should I get that mumba case you showed here or the Skull and co one?

    Thank you Sergio!

  12. What kind of wallet is that I cant find it. The one in you're description is different. Please help i really like that you you pull out of you're bag.

  13. Hi
    Did you get the city slicker max case or does the mumba fit in the normal version? I have the orzly grip case and wanted to know if it'll be a tight fit

  14. I have everything on my waist belt. Nintendo Switch Unit with Homespot Bluetooth Adapter in a stretched 3XL toughtested belt case; joycons, cartridges case, phone, etc in a stretched Moko Universal Outdoor Waist Bag, keys on beltclip on top my left pocket a little bit in to reduce noise; small pouch on beltclip for card and money on top of my right pocket a little bit in to make it move less. I can work in a metal sheet shop, do jogging, cycling, go visit people, sleep. All without the feeling of an object touching/scratching your skin through your clothes. Plus you can move the stuffs in front, behind, left and right and remove them easily. But I look like someone going to war when I dont wear a big jacket or hoodies to hide my waist. No need for a locker.

  15. Hey quick question. The Waterfield case in this video is the normal size or max size? Because i have the same mumba case and i dont know if it'll fits the normal one..

  16. This is an amazing video I saw the thumbnail and the intro and had to subscribe. Thank you for all the hard work you put into these to entertain us. #ROADTO100K

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