What’s Coming At Apple’s Next Event? | Crunch Report

Apple could be announcing new iPads and iPhones,
Americans have mixed feelings about automation, a big funding round for on-demand massages
and more … It’s Thursday March 10, and this is Crunch
Report. Apple just sent out invites for its next press
event, which will take place on March 21 at the Apple campus in Cupertino. As usual, the
company didn’t reveal anything about what it’s announcing — it just told reporters,
“Let us loop you in.” Rumor has it, however, that Apple has been working on a new iPhone.
This iPhone should feature a 4-inch display like the one in the iPhone 5s, but with an
updated chip and camera. TechCrunch’s Romain Dillet writes that Apple might also announce
a new iPad Air that works with the Apple Pencil — think of it as smaller iPad Pro. We’ll
find out what Apple has in store in just a couple of weeks. Are you worried that a robot could take your
job? Americans have slightly contradictory views on this, according to a new study from
the Pew Research Center. Apparently 65 percent of survey respondents believe that in 50 years,
robots and software will “definitely” or “probably” be capable of doing a lot of the work that
human beings currently do. However, an even larger majority believes that their own jobs
will be largely unaffected by this change. Pew also found that younger workers, as well
as those with college degrees, higher incomes and jobs in government, education or nonprofit
were more skeptical that they’d be replaced. What could be better than a massage? How about
a massage ordered on-demand and delivered in the comfort of your own home? It seems
like venture capitalists agree, with on-demand massage startup Soothe raising a $35 million
Series B from existing investors. Soothe says it has a network of 3,000 independent massage
therapists who will bring their own tables, sheets and oils, and carry their own insurance.
A standard massage costs anywhere from $99 for one hour to $169 for 2 hours, with the
therapists themselves making about $70 an hour. The startup currently operates in 22
cities, with plans to launch 20 new markets this year. Nest, the smart thermometer acquired by Google,
announced some new features today that could make it more family friendly. First off, it’s
introducing ‘Family Accounts,’ which enable multiple users to access and control the same
Nest products. That means mom, dad and kids can access the products without sharing accounts
and passwords. Second, there’s a new capability called Home/Away Assist, which Nest said improves
its products’ ability to recognize if someone is home. To do that it’s using a combination
of activity sensors, machine learning and family accounts. For example, activity sensors
may not be able to see a family member if they are not obviously visible in a room,
but now Nest can tell that a person is there because their account is within the house
and the geo-fence. Nest says both of these new features are already available in the
latest version of its app. Do you sometimes get the feeling that you’re
having a long text conversation to accomplish really basic planning? Well, a new messaging
called Cola might be able to solve that. At first, Cola might just look like another text
messaging app, but it includes “Cola Bubbles” — get it? — that add more interactivity
and functionality. So instead of texting someone “Hey, when do you want to meet?” you can
just send them a Bubble with three times when you’re available, they can choose the option
that works for them, then you can both add it to your calendar. Other Bubbles include
location sharing, polling and to-do lists. The idea is to turn this into a platform for
outside developers, eventually. But do you really need another messaging app? Well, CEO
David Temkin pointed out that many of us use multiple messaging apps already, so why not
one more, as long as it’s useful? That’s the report for today. I’m Anthony
Ha, one the TechCrunch writers taking over hosting duties. In fact, this is my very first
episode, so thanks for watching! Crunch Report airs every weekday at 7 pm Eastern,
4 pm Pacific, on techcrunch.com. You can also find us on iTunes, and on YouTube. And tune
in tomorrow for Crunch Report with Megan Rose Dickey.

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  1. Bring back Sarah! not possible. Try with more guys to find a correct person for report 🙁 I hate watching TCR now

  2. Sounds much more clearly that yesterday with Katie. I like it, good job! but I'm still missing the fancy expressions from Sarah…

  3. Well if robots become the work force its either going to be great or horrible like Terminator or the Matrix but that's not today we still have time to enjoy llife

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  5. i'd like to see a robot play a guitar and sing! thats the only way it could take my job… oh wait, theres that crappy techno music which everyone likes now! now we have people who cant sing but have looks, go into a studio and everything is autotuned. and no need for a band.. everything can be done by midi adding synth and looping rhythems.

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