What you can do with Apple’s Touch Bar

Wondering if Apple’s new Touch Bar warrants
an $1800 upgrade? Here’s what you can do with it on the new
MacBook Pro.. In premium models of Apple’s new Pro, the
function row on the keyboard has been replaced with a touch screen, dubbed Touch Bar. Based on the demos, this touch screen seems
to be quite versatile. Apple’s new Touch Bar lets you interact
directly with software when you’re editing photos or video. Click into photos and you get a slew of editing
tools like cropping, photo straightening and alignment, and in video editing, you can use
the space to scrub timing back and forward with a swipe. Or if you’re looking at a photo slideshow,
you can select a picture without having to bring controls on your screen. It can also help you pick an emoji with just
a tap. While all these functions will change depending
on the app you’re using, it looks like the general function keys will still be there
around the customizable area. In the top left corner, you’ll see a touch
button replacing the Escape key for instance. At the very right, there will be a Siri button,
the two volume buttons and a single brightness button that probably triggers another menu. There’s also an arrow to view other shortcuts,
such as keyboard brightness. In Safari, the Touch Bar shows your favorite
websites when you have an empty tab. You can tap it and go or you can even switch
from one tab to another with previews of all your open tabs in the Touch Bar. When you’re typing, you can get Quick Typing
suggestions like on your iOS device. In the Mail app, you get the usual buttons,
such as reply or reply all, but right in the Touch Bar. The app then predicts who you might want to
add as recipient to this message. Third-party developers will be able to take
advantage of the Touch Bar. In the new version of Adobe Photoshop, you
can manipulate palettes, layers and versions of the same image using touch. Office and Skype are also going to take advantage
of the Touch Bar, an encouraging sign. Overall, the Touch Bar looks quite powerful
and compelling. Touch ID replaces the power button at the
top right of the keyboard. Maybe it’s not enough to buy a brand new
laptop, but it could convince some people to opt for the MacBook Pro instead of another
Mac when it’s time to replace your existing portable device.

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43 thoughts on “What you can do with Apple’s Touch Bar

  1. the Mac touchbar… an upgraded scrollbar or diminutive touchscreen? not impressed. ergonomically, I'll imagine that it'll be a nightmare scenario for my wrist-neck-eye coordination. Seriously, I have to split my attention between the bar and the screen just to get to shortcuts? how is that going to boost productivity? I'll rather reach intuitively for the screen as simultaneously as I look at my target, than having to look up then down. Touchbar or touchscreen, I'll have to lift my palm anyways. so the palm fatigue argument fails… miserably

  2. I like both Microsoft and Apple products. I'm a fan of both, a "fan boy" of neither. However, from what I can see of the MacBook Pro, I can honestly say that I'm glad I went with the Surface Book. The Touch Bar is interesting, but nothing to get excited about in my humble opinion. It seems more gimmicky than useful. I'd rather have a touch screen with that functionality integrated with the Dock; if you're already reaching for the Touch Bar, it's not much further to reach to the Dock, PLUS now I can use an Apple Pencil on the screen to do drawing, mock-ups, etc. The Surface Book gets me this all built in.

  3. I have an idea! Why don't we get the keyboard and TouchPad touchscreen retina display too. So the keyboard can be customizable, or it can be a drawing pad with Apple pen.

  4. I would have been wowed if this touch bar had been paired with a touch screen for a display and a wacom intuos for a touchpad (and a free stylus). Apple you make me not want to see what you will be up to next, tired of disappointments, time to move on. Seriously I am this close to making my own "computer." 😛

  5. Ok! One question, if they give access to 3rd party developers to start using Touchbar, they might place annoying advertisements in it.. Isn't it a mess?

  6. Why waste so much money when you can download the toucher for FREE? Even though you can't really TOUCH it, it's still pretty worth it than pouring your hard earned money into a laptop that do so little :<

  7. Lame. Apple's greedy excuse to not make a touch screen laptop. I rather just buy a wireless touch pad that can do way more than a touch bar.

  8. It's next to useless, i paid an extra $100 with the touch bar when i could've just gone to maccas and had one of the greatest feast of my life.
    the only thing i use it for is when i need to quickly turn the brightness and the volume up or down. Most programs won't even have options for you to use this strip of glass. BUT AYE AT LEASZT IT LOOKS SNAZZY AND I CAN SHOW OFF TO ALL MY FRIENDS AMIRITE?!?!?!

  9. Lol people are acting like this touch bar was supposed to replace the entire keyboard on the computer and are disappointed that it can't. It's just meant to replace the main function keys at the top, while adding a couple of nifty little shortcuts built into it. It's not meant to be an entire touch screen tablet, so stop treating it as such. If you dont feel that it's worth the couple hundred dollars extra to throw into your macbook for those features, then don't get it. It's that simple. It's there for people that want that functionality, but also as an OPTION for people who may not want it.

  10. This review was obviously written by someone who doesn't know the first thing about Macs or computers in general.

  11. my touchbar has just broke and I've realised the only thing I'm gonna have to do differently is click the volume icon at the top of the screen instead. It's literally that fucking useless, What was wrong with the physical keys they replaced? Fuck Apple, Utter utter shit these days, I'll be back to a standard laptop soon so I can put a decent sized hard drive in that can deal with Pro applications.

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