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What do you think
technology will look like in the next 50 years? Maybe we’ll all be
driving flying cars. Maybe there will
be sentient robots. OK, that might sound a
little bit out there, but Intel recently
conducted a study to find out what people are
most excited about regarding the future of technology. I’m David Shaw, and in
this episode of AI News we’ll explore where people
think technology might go. [MUSIC PLAYING] Intel’s Next 50 Project aims
to help researchers understand current attitudes towards
technology and its role in day to day activities. It tries to paint a cohesive
picture of what people think about technology, and
to identify key areas of excitement and concern. So what did they find out? Well, for starters,
over 80% of people believe that smartphones
and PCs will continue to be important in 50 years. But we can’t agree
on everything. People are split on whether
technology will bring them closer together or further
apart from friends and family. They also have mixed views
of artificial intelligence. Over one-third of
those surveyed don’t believe they use AI today. Well, this might sound
a little uncertain, research has shown
that there’s still a great deal of excitement
around the future. According to the study, people
express the most excitement towards familiar
established technologies like computers and smartphones. Excitement even
carried over to things like smart homes, of which
AI is a key building block. In particular, parents tend
to be more excited about AI. Research shows that this group
is more likely than consumers overall to look to AI to
increase their quality of life by automating everyday tasks. It doesn’t stop there. Interestingly,
they are also more trustful of artificial
intelligence devices. And according to the study, tend
to look forward to technologies predicting their needs. The study gives good
insight into how people feel towards technology. It might give you
the lead on what to create next, with Intel
technology, of course. Want to know more? View the links to
see more results from the Intel Next 50 Study. Thanks for watching AI News,
we’ll see you next week. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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