What the Tech: MoviePass sweet deal returns

DEAL THAT SEEMED TO BE TOO- GOOD-TO-BE-TRUE IS BACK. MOVIEPASS, THE COMPANY THAT SHOOK UP THE THEATER BUSINESS BY OFFERING AN ‘ALL YOU CAN WATCH’ PLAN FOR JUST 10 DOLLARS A MONTH… IS AT IT AGAIN. BUT TECH REPORTER JAMEY TUCKER SAYS…THERE’S A CATCH. 3 Jamey Tucker, ReportingIt isn’t exactly the plan that disrupted the movie theater business two years ago. But MoviePass is bringing back its movie-ticket-a-day plan, this time its called “Uncapped”. That’s good news for movie MoviePass Uncapped sends subscribers a MasterCard debit card they’ll use to pay for movie tickets, up to 1 per day. When the subscriber selects a movie using the MoviePass app, the company transfers enough money to the card to purchase a ticket. But an entire year up front, or around $120. The same uncapped plan, if you pay month-to-month, is 14.95 per month. That is also an introductory offer and MoviePass can raise prices and change the rules at will, which it has done over and over again the past two years. MoviePass has struggled, the stock price of its parent company is down to a penny a share. which might dissuade someone from paying for an entire year up front. In its prime, 3 million people subscribed to MoviePass but experienced significant declines in memberships since last summer. They hope

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