What technology helped break a 2-hour marathon race time?

Hello, I’m Nicholas Thompson. I’m the Editor-in-chief of Wired. This is Tech In 60 Seconds. Let’s go. A lot. If you watched the video of him, you saw that
he was within a pace group, a whole bunch of runners in front
of him cutting the wind. Some runners behind him, actually improving his wind resistance by having people behind him. There was a green laser showing him exactly what time he had to run. He had really high-tech gels that he took, these Maurten gels. I actually like those a lot, too. But the main thing were the shoes. These are the early prototypes of the shoes
or the first version. He’s now in the third version. But what’s most important is
there is a carbon fiber plate. You cannot bend this thing. So, Nike introduced these shoes, I don’t know, two years ago. Now, there’s a new generation. It’s very controversial. Hmm. Kind of if you define modern as including technology. But there’s an interesting thing: So, the drafting that Kipchoge had, everybody’s fine with. No one would argue with that. The shoes, particular prototypes that aren’t available to everybody, a lot of people are upset. Alright, see you next week.

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One thought on “What technology helped break a 2-hour marathon race time?

  1. So really, there's a bunch of people mad that he had on shoes they don't yet have access to? As if having those shoes and those optimum conditions would help ANY of them achieve this. People just like to talk. The man did it, so do like some loser name mulvaney said and "get over it".

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