What It’s Like To Be A Freemason, According To Members Of The Secret Society

(mysterious music) – My father was a Freemason. My grandfather was so I
asked to join and they they were delighted and I had to have an informal interview. Got asked a few questions
and then the date was set for when I joined. I had my joining ceremony
and then the rest is history. That was 20 years ago now
but I still remember it like it was yesterday. – My interest in Freemasonry
was very much sparked at an early age. I remember seeing my father
and grandfather going off to meetings and very much
enjoying their Freemasonry. I’ve become very much
attracted to the history and mysticism surrounding Freemasonry. At the same time I was
very much, heavily involved with scouting before going
to university and Freemasonry for me very much followed on from that. – So I joined masonry for a few reasons. The main one being to
extend my circle of friends. Secondly because I had an
inquisitive mind, I wanted to know a bit more about
the history of Freemasonry. I was asked to join by
a good friend of mine. My next door neighbour and
at the time he asked me to put a letter into the
lodge that I was interested in joining and what I could
offer the lodge as a man and the things I could bring
so once that was approved that letter I went in
for a short interview met some of the guys and
I was happily approved which was great. – When I joined Freemasonry
I thought I was just joining a single lodge. But actually I’ve joined
a much larger community. I’ve made very good lifelong
friends from a number of different lodges. We now have a young masons club
called the Essex Cornerstone Club which provides an
opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together
and take part in social and charitable activities
throughout the year. – So in Freemasonry we
sometimes have to stand up and do some talking and the good
thing about that is that I can take that back to
my work environment as a transferable skill so being
able to have that confidence and stand up and talk to
people almost with authority gives me a good standing at work. – First of all it’s enabled
me to meet people from various backgrounds that I don’t
think I would’ve had the opportunity of meeting before. I travel for work quite a
lot so whether that’s local or international I’ve got
a great connection across the world. Secondly it’s given me great life skills. In our lodge meetings we
stand up and we present and we talk and that’s great. We do the same at work so it
gives me confidence at work. Then I think the other thing
is coming to our meetings is a good space away from the
busyness of life and work in general. – My initiation was
actually very exciting. Although initially it
appeared quite daunting. The actual ceremony itself was
very personal and comforting and something I will remember
and treasure forever. – I was in a room with
lots of people that I knew. Lots of people that I didn’t know. It was a warm friendly environment. It was a fantastic story. It really was which continues
throughout your masonic journey and then after the
meeting we had a lovely meal and a few drinks and
that’s what it’s all about. – My initiation ceremony is
quite special and it’s special to every Freemason that joins. What I was blown away by was
the amount of work that went in for that ceremony by lots
of people that I’ve never met before and people that
came up to you afterwards. You almost feel like a
superstar afterwards because everyone is there for you and
for your initiation and you’ll automatically have these
great friends around you and friends for life. – The ceremonies are things
which take us back to our roots of medieval stonemasons but
also bring in some aspects of learning and personal development. There’s three ceremonies
that we do quite often. The first is the ceremony of initiation. That brings a candidate into
Freemasonry and it really allows that candidate to
reflect on who they are on the fact that when everybody comes
into this world they come in as equals and as life progresses sometimes
people do better than other people and it teaches us
that we need to be mindful of that and see what we can
personally do to help out those people who are less well off than us. The second ceremony or the
second degree that teaches us to better ourselves to
reflect on who we are. How we fit into the world. How we can make ourselves
better people through education. Then the final ceremony the
third degree that teaches us that perhaps we only have
so long on this world that we’re all mortal and that we
really need to make the most of our time here. (Mysterious music)

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100 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Be A Freemason, According To Members Of The Secret Society

  1. It's truly the best thing I ever did. And just about everything you read about us on online is a lie. However, the secrets are some of the most profound you will ever come across in your life. It's surprising that they've been so well-protected and unleaked over all of these years, even in the age of the Internet.

  2. G : Geometry
    Who can determine geometry of the Universe/space. 5th panchabutas . Akash, even Lord Brahman cannot reached the Top of the Universe which is borderless🐒

  3. Lot of misconceptions about it online but really troubling that women are not allowed . I find it sexist. I also don’t see minorities within their ranks. It seems to be a rich white male only club.

  4. Don't failed to see the Light this 🔺2019🔺2020🔺. We are aware that there are lots of people on social media pretending to be Agent of Illuminati. Be careful, not everyone you see is real. This organization is for PEACE, WEALTH, POWER and FAME. The Organization requires no human or blood sacrifice If interested, kindly Whatsapp Us with +584164076901
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  5. Poor deceived enemies of Jesus Christ, the One and Only Light of this world of darkness! So many masons profess to believe in Christ and yet go looking for enlightenment by participating in "secret" rituals that boost their egos into creating a brotherhood with the prince of this world….the devil!!

  6. Can one truly believe whatever they utter? They are taught to lie and deny. Don't be dumb as a sack of hammers and go for their blather.

  7. İlluminati is a devil terrorist group who want no religion in the world…but it's just a dream. İlluminati and Freemasons (Jewish and hindu) groups will burn in their dreams and they are waiting for big devil Antichrist… it's also a dream that Antichrist will save them rather Muslims will finish Antichrist inshallah.

  8. Curse GOAT! curse mason with all your heart, with all your mind! Satan's Follower! Curse illuminati Company! Suffer Satan poison your blood! bunch of robbers! landgrabbers! murderers! skiezoprenia ei?! suffer more more than I suffered! Curse W! C is Cancer! pestilense!

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  10. Question: Would Adolf Hitler be welcomed by the freemasons? Would he want to join them? Was the third reich a kind of masonry but with a penchant for killing all who are weak and pretending that the weak are the powerful?

  11. Just a club full of business men, that like to be secretive and mystical about it.
    All the conspiracy shit comes from people at the bottom.

  12. Freemasonry was created to explain away the resurrection of Jesus/Horus
    and collect some money in the process. It's members have a support
    structure to legally fake their members "deaths". Mocking your creator
    comes with a price, dipshits. Notice that this shit was whipped-up
    before man figured out how to clone, as God did it. Now, how to transfer
    souls and memory…hmmmm. Enjoy your soul incinerator time, idiots.

  13. Demon worshipping scumbags. Theres a temple right above a gas station in my town, out in the open for everyone to see. I hate those fckers and the elites with a passion. Hope they all rot in hell.

  14. I will tell you a story to show what can happen to a whole nation when led by cultists and religions who hoard spiritual knowledge, who separate men and women from each other and force them into a system of competing and fighting with each other. After reading this you will think twice in participating in a system geared to make you compete with and be separate from your fellow human beings. If the arrangement makes you care not for the person next to you, or wary, scared or even disgusted by then you will know why it so. You will know that now is a time to seek your own humanity, nor it's illnesses, but it's virtues and beauties. You will know that now is a time to come together and form loving and respecting societies. Because what is happening in Wales is also happening in your country. What is happening to Welsh is also happening to your people. You will know that it is time to abandon separation from each other via ideas like countries and races, religions, ethinicities, sexual orientations, likes and dislike. You will know that it is time to band together as one humanity and reach for the stars in peace and friendship, together, not separate.

    I have lived in wales nearly a decade soon. It's my homeland. I once hoped that people here would rally behind a call for freedom and independence.

    Here's what i have found doing my work of trying to awaken and enliven the Welsh spirit.

    I have found that it's not the english who are our enemies. Nor Queen or Prime Minister have a say or control over what has happened in Wales.

    No one person can be guilty of all what has happened to Wales.

    A country once filled with beautiful looking, passionately educated people has ground into a nation of filthy minded and ugly looking people.

    Inbreeding is common in rural areas of Wales. About northen Wales, you hear about sheep raping and very, very unfriendly people. In some places like Cardigan for example, you hear of many young people having been sexually abused at early ages. Their healers and helpers now are old men, who pretend to teach them saying no to inappropriate sexual advances by crawling up their legs with their dirty fingers and having them yell "peanuts", to practice not allowing being taken so freely. If you are not aware, peanuts in old men's slang means "it's nothing", meaning "it's ok" such a context therefore..
    Newport is full of inbreeding families, all related to each other. Their teenagers having now adopted disproportionate facial features, from huge crooked noses to having people who look like clones. You could find an exact lookalike of a guy living in newport also walk around in Cardigan. As you go further afield to Haverfordwest you'll see many more similar looking people. Some have 2 or 3 or 5 or even 10 clones walking around. Genetic code here must be really closed.

    So many mentally disabled people, physically disfugred people and so many mad people and so many perverts.

    Nice people dare not say anything strong in the public. They dare not report perverts in public toilets. For their windows at home and car's have been smashed in with rocks and bricks because of it.

    If you go around looking educated, well looked after, you'll get hordes of such people all hating you, making wild rumors about you and doing all they can to make your life difficult. They don't want "strangers" in here. They want to perv over their children, they call public perverts their friends, they wan't to marry their nieces and cousins. They want to drink in the pub all day. They want to live ugly and dirty.

    You can see the damage. Not even their women are looking beautiful or attractive anymore.

    Uneducated, filthy, selfish, evil, closed minded, ready to exploit and use anyone in hardship. If you have no money you're seen as an easy picking for doing cheap menial labor. If you are old and mentally disabled, you might even do some real work for nothing at all. You might even satisfy some woman's bodily needs. Inbreds don't really care if you are a girl or a boy, all's a fair game for them, as long as they get to abuse you.

    I have personally not suffered any from this, i have only been a target they could not touch nor reach and not for the lack of their trying.

    This is Pembrokeshire. A country where all nice and good people live as if it were a zombie apocalypse. They can't be found nor seen. They live in fear of being mistreated or even worse. I believe there are many more of sane and good people than disgusting people, but it's not them who dominate the society. It's the mentally and physically disturbed who are.

    Can this happen by accident or naturally?

    Make no mistake, this has been achieved intentionally, but not by a single person. There is only one culprit for all of this. Freemasons. Cultists. They are passing on knowledge about human psyche and it's workings, how to create systems, how to lead people, how to control people and so on amongst their ranks, covertly for thousands of years. They are well organized and placed all around within your country's functional organs. They are everywhere. You don't get far as a Freemason unless you are active in cultivating and leading the society. Thus they are doing what their cult demands. They herd people, they pervert people and they exploit people.

    The Queen and Prime Minister, the entire political system of Great Britain have no say and little clue about the full extent of their plans and operations.

    Let me ask you this. Would a country like Wales, which was the most highly educated nations of Europe before 6th century turn into filth by it's own or by accident? Have we not been treated to a system? You can see that we have. Well, who made this system of not just subjugation but of social engineering and that of educating our country folk? Not the Queens or the Kings or Prime Ministers of England. It has always been the work of the Freemasons and other secretive cults. The fact that their doings and goings on are secret doesn't mean that they don't exist or do anything, they are secret because they would not be able to do what they do overtly, in full view of everyone.

  15. The Masons built the US I dont think thats a bad thing. I like structure in my life and it seems as though the Masons create that.

  16. Those Mason building are all over the u.s as well I live in so cal and there is one in every city in garden grove it is right across the street of the police department very strange ….

  17. So let's say it! The Free Masons is a pyramidal organisation ( as for the Knights of Colombus, the Knights of Malta, the Rosicrucians, the Templars, the Opus Dei, the Shriners, the Kabbale, the Daugthers of Isabel, and so on…). The people at the base of those organizations (as well as the public) always think it's just a pious charity association or a friendly gathering. Obviously, the people at the base don't have a slight idea of what is done or known above them! But many things are easy to find, even in plain sight, for those who really want to see. The best protection of these organizations, to keep their secrets, is that people simply don't believe it when they are told the truth : thinking it's too far-fetched, occulty or way too whimsical to be true! However, with little investigation, there are many corelations and proofs to be find.

  18. They're bigots and secular stupid people if you're not a member you don't count these guys are liar's scouts Jamboree and Aboriginal coreoborie the same Deal the same Deity is worshipped

  19. All over the world knew about the war in marawi government against terrorist. And My co worker is a freemason in marawi is he still Alive?I mean do freemason protecting them in hazard event or area? And I never seen him in facebook online? Do freemason prohibited them in social media if?

  20. I think as long as the ethics and logic of life shall be strictly followed. Who are we to judge 👀👀 … Anyone of us has the right to find his/her meaning and purpose in this mysterious life…

  21. I want to be the best man that i can be and leave a forever devistating impact of love, loyalty , respect and empathy to drive us asa unity.

  22. Here i thought this was like illuminaty where its super secret and they influence the world. But its just a bunch of greasy old men getting together to eat some food and drink.

  23. They are involved in sexual activities with same sex and sacrifices of children and women due to Lucifer book that they follow and many more evil involved but nothing is exposed very very rare to be exposed due to them owing most of the media and companies and so on but look at the ex masons who left and their reason and look at it from exorcism point of view what the possessed humans the demon says about Mason.

  24. 'Inside The Freemasons' reviewed by a former senior Mason

    Sky TV series which aired April/May 2017


  25. They should be murdered! Their biggest secret is Money-Print, and they try to create "dependency" on it…nothing else. It revolves around fake chrono and Zionism and above all RACISM, regardless how many Colonial Blacks creep ass in that bullshit just for money! It is refreshing to know that Russia and China aren't Freemasonic, and are the most powerful nations. Freemasonry is the oldest Terror Organisation in the world. …and they have zero power in Asia or Latin America. And Africa offers an increasingly unsafe environment for Freemasons.

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