What is TechSparks? ما هي مبادرة تك سباركس؟

might have an abasic dynamite exports will they become video at once I hid with emma is Academy really neutral muqabala totally mismo he mean image are listed mala to technology McCarroll video at lavasa trivia San LaSalle moham Livne Super Chief llama SSC an exact Macharia be hella villaggio be if you have an idea just do it don’t wait for investors don’t wait for that just go can you build the first prototype it’ll help you learn if you actually have something that’s worth pursuing you need to build your product build your team before you go out and trying to raise money etc don’t waste your time on a business plan because the most ninety percent of the times the business plan the first business plan is not worth the paper threaten up because it’s so incorrect number one is you have to have a vision and they have to be good enough an hour to food a tough to kind of attract other people say no no no look over here let me explain to you and those other people really can’t see it start believing as well so what is they have to have vision theft of passion they have to have the ability to attract other people communicating the results in the family is a day and that’s get excited in my history all the time that it wasn’t anything we should make it cool to work with people back home connect with sounds remarkable silent knight nestor is doing which is very creative let’s make everyone let’s make a tip let’s make it fun to be at the perfect it’s rare that you have an idea that is so unique that you would shock people if you unveil then you need to get that feedback from as many people as possible about the idea it will help shape and form and and pivot your company early on in a ways that you haven’t thought about just be promotional be open to feedback get the feedback don’t stay so passion because a little inspire people around you tenacity because if you give up everyone else will give up and resourcefulness because you’re just gonna have to be very agile and adaptive you know just don’t give up right no matter how hard it gets it you know being in business isn’t easy and if it was easy everybody would be doing it I know you hear that all the time but it’s just true

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