What is Jugaad? Business Ideas and Startup concepts explained by Alok Kejriwal #Dhandhekibaat

Welcome to Dhandhe ki Baat.
This is Alok Kejriwal. Today we are going to talk about
‘J’ in the A-Z series. The subject that I have chosen for ‘J’ is Jugaad. Jugaad is quite a favourite word. In India, lots of people say “Let’s do jugaad”. What does jugaad mean? The closest meaning word for jugaad is “magic’.
Let’s do something. There’s some problem or an obstacle,
then do something to solve that problem. That is jugaad. And jugaad is very
closely linked with business; and getting things done rather than getting stalled. So, what is jugaad?
What is an example of jugaad? In my book “Why I Stopped Wearing My Socks?”,
I’ve given a very interesting example. We had got a big business of voting
on Indian Idol- first time ever never happened before in India!
We had to set up a voting platform. And when voting began, we had not
anticipated that so much traffic would come. So, the servers began to fail.
There were a lot of problems. SONY began to get upset.
Everything was going haywire. At that time, there was no cloud.
There were direct servers. So we did not know what to do. At that time, a very young engineer, Sachin Jain, raised up his hand in the room
and said, “Sir, I have an idea”. He actually had a jugaad. He said, “When
people vote, instead of sending them a delivery receipt, there used to be
delivery receipt when people in the past used to send an SMS,
if we discontinue that what would happen?” I said, “No one needs delivery reports.
So, discontinue them”. On discontinuing them, servers didn’t
crash anymore, the program was successful and we became very successful.
Perfect example of jugaad. So, jugaad is important and very important.
Why? See, Business is never easy. Nothing ever works as per plan.
You need to be able to solve things intelligently and with this kind of concept of ‘by hook
or crook I have to make this work’. Sometimes, jugaad comes in handy
when the business experiences certain hindrances. Greatest example is-when CavinKare
entered the market to sell shampoo, he saw that villagers, poor people
and even middle-class people cannot possibly take big shampoo bottles
and pour them on their heads. They are very expensive – around Rs. 200 -300.
So what should be done? Jugaad! They introduced sachet sampling
or sachet sizing shampoos. CavinKare took out the first sachet size
shampoo costing Rs.1-2. Now we have seen sachet became a revolution.
So, sachet was jugaad. Cash on delivery was started by Dominos.
We will send pizza to your home and you eat and pay us cash.
The e-commerce people have retained this jugaad in their business.
So, this is a great example of jugaad. Now, in India, there is a problem that
when everything becomes an adjustment, a way, it can be misused also.
What are the negative aspects? About a year back, I was standing
near Phoenix mall eating a frankie. So, when I asked him for a veg frankie, he
asked, “Sir, Do you want a veg frankie or a chicken frankie?” I replied, “I’m a pure
vegetarian and I want a veg frankie”. He said, “Sir, no problem. I will give you
a chicken frankie in a green cover.” That is a wrong jugaad.
So, you need to understand jugaad. Jugaad is the ability to break all
the conventions, to break the rules and yet get it done with all kinds of
adjustments and ideas and make it work! I hope you enjoyed this episode
of Dhandhe ki Baat. Do keep watching.
Thank you!

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