What is it like to work for Linus? – Honest Answers Ep. 4

>>LINUS: What’s it like to work at Linus media group? Well, I think it’s great. I mean, my name’s on the building. You know how that feels walking up, being like “Yeah… my name’s on the building.” But if you want the real answer you’ll probably have to ask the poor schmucks who do the actual grunt work around here. So… we made a deal. They said, “If you agree not to watch the video, we will give the viewers the real honest answer”, and I kind of went… The “Be Quiet! Pure Bass 600” features a versatile design, noise insulation, and optimization for different liquid-cooled radiator configurations. Learn more at the link below.>>JAMES: I remember thinking this guy is so quirky…>>EDZEL: Psychotic.>>TYLER: Petite.>>NICK: Hyperactive insanity.>>BRANDON: Yeah, somewhat like insane. Slightly insane. Like that much insane.>>TARAN: I mean, we’re not… we’re not dead in the water yet, so uh…>>COLTON: I got their 5:01. No answer. And my first thoughts are “Holy crap, this guy is so intense, that I’m a minute late for my interview.” He locks up shop, leaves, doesn’t even consider me.>>JON: He’s coming at you with all this energy and all this drive, and you just kind of have to match that.>>NICK: Like has no semblance of personal time and is more than willing to like spend every hour of his life working.>>LUKE: Linus as a leader I think has always been specifically good at inspiring drastic action, and he transforms that once you’re already here to inspired gratuitous amounts of overtime …uhm, that may or may not be…>>BRANDON: Linus had this idea to make videos about building a computer to a level that no one else had ever tried to make. So this was our first build guide. It took us like 18 hours.>>LINUS: Close down the retention arm; a little bit of strength required here.>>BRANDON: I think we finished at like 4 a.m.?>>TARAN: I have never regretted anything more than taking the job at Linus Media Group… for the first two weeks, and after that things got a lot better. We had so much work to do.>>EDZEL: Linus is very decisive, but he’s very vague in his decisiveness. He doesn’t really know how you’re going to do something, just what you’re going to do.>>TARAN: When Linus tells you that something will be done in two hours, I always double the amount of time in my head, and more often than not I am correct.>>ALEX: Quite a bit of fun to work for in like a constantly disorganized and a bit wacky kind of way.>>LINUS: So I’ve never used a reciprocating saw. [saw turns on]
Oh! And it’s plugged in!>>CHELSEA: Um… I get kind of weird demands from Linus. Like I said not working with him much, I get demands like, “Can you paint my face?”, “Can you find this?”, “Can you do that?” so as a leader, I’d say he’s very random and interesting.>>JAMES: So I never heard one of my bosses like fart audibly from across the office before, but…>>ALEX: If you’re wondering at any point, if we’re actually as unorganized and incompetent as we seem on camera, it’s – it’s actually like that. We’re not faking that. [laughter]>>LINUS: And actually this was a mistake. I mean everything about this was a mistake, but this in particular: filling the glass; that was a mistake.>>MAXINE: He had like the jankiest setup, and as I walk away, the test bench fell and uhm… It’s probably the scariest moment of my life. Linus comes back, everything’s on the floor.>>TARAN: We lost the footage of something that had been shot earlier where Linus was installing something in his attic. Linus was definitely yelling and swearing.>>BERKEL: Like, I’ve broken some stuff by accident before, and he was mad, but that’s like really short, you know, short bursts of anger. It’s very rare where you’re freaking out, and I’m not.>>LINUS: I only freaked out when it’s really really bad>>BERKEL: Oh… [Berkel and others laugh] Whenever he’s like no, no, it’s okay, and then he walks away.>>NICK: What?
>>LINUS: That’s the GPS antenna.>>NICK: Yeah. [Linus groans]>>LINUS: ‘Kay>>NICK: “Everything is fine.”>>LINUS: Everything is fine, and I am calm.>>LUKE: And once he gets to a certain boiling point.>>COLTON: You can just, you can feel it.>>EDZEL: The kind of mad where he gets really high-pitched and goes, [Screaming, frustrated noise]>>BACKGROUND: Turn it off. Turn it off, please. Linus is freaking out.>>COLTON: Um… I was doing the WAN doc, and I messed up one of the topics and he came upstairs, and he just said, “You’re fired.” And I didn’t know if he was joking or not, so I just continued working and everything went fine and then about a week later, I accidentally copyright striked our channel, and then Linus said, “You’re fired,” and I thought that time maybe he was serious, because you know, I almost took down the whole channel single-handedly.>>TYLER: I’ve had some terrible, terrible bosses. Sometimes you know I’ve been able to get one either like a boss who knew what they were doing or like a boss who like cares about people, but getting both of those together has been a new experience.>>MAXINE: He’s really professional, like, and efficient. Like, he doesn’t like to waste time.>>LINUS: I am nothing if not willing to do things entirely the wrong way for the sake of finishing this video right now.>>COLTON: After 30 minutes of me sitting out front of the door just waiting for somebody to like answer the door, he calls me and he goes, “Oh, I completely forgot about our interview.” And Linus is like, “This question is stupid, this one’s dumb, I don’t want to ask this one,” and he puts it – puts down the paper and goes, “Alright.” “Are you into bestiality? Do you watch bestiality?”>>ALEX: I was like the 25th person to get interviewed. By the time he got to me and I was last I think, he had a real strict regimen of what he wanted to get through, and he probably didn’t have any time or energy to waste on any bullsh–.>>COLTON: “Excuse me?”
He’s like, ” Yeah, you heard me.” I’m like, “Uh, no?”
And he’s like, “Hah, just messing with you.”>>CHELSEA: He found my Twitter, and read out all of my tweets, asking me why tweeted that, what that meant, who I follow, why I follow them. So that was a little bit off side for me. It was fine, but a little bit strange.>>ANTHONY: The first interaction, I had with Linus, actually on the phone, was my first interview. [Indian riff plays]
>>ALEX: It was at an Indian restaurant with his children. [baby cries]
It was kind of like a first date, [baby continues crying]
but someone brought along a baby.>>ANTHONY: Um… the whole thing was full of really bad jokes>>JAMES: So a lot of nervous laughs and stuff like that.>>BERKEL: Yeah, it was like an interview, but I didn’t know it was an interview; I was just literally there to have lunch with him.>>LUKE: One of the things that I actually like about the relationship that Linus and I have is I can no filter and he can no filter and everyone’s fine when we’re done.>>BRANDON: When I started, he didn’t really know what he was doing. I didn’t really know what I was doing, and we both kind of grew into figuring that out.>>LINUS: Undo this stupid thing and then undo this other stupid, ridiculous thing.
>>BRANDON: [overlapping] They’re not stupid…>>LINUS: They are stupid.>>TYLER: I’m sure there’s stuff that comes up that catches him off-guard or whatever, but he seems to be pretty on top of everything at all times. Very well prepared for everything that comes up.>>BRANDON: I hate when he’s right. He hates when I’m right. But we’re both often right about the things that we’re respectively working on, and that balance is fun and also frustrating.>>COLTON: I’m pretty sure I’ve only probably talked to him one-on-one… for maybe about I want to say 15 minutes Been here for two years because he’s just so busy just back and forth.>>DENNIS: It’s kind of like hide and seek. I always need to find him.>>TARAN: On the car ride to or from somewhere is when we can actually talk about whatever. So that’s when you actually get to know him as a person whereas when we’re all at work there’s really time for nothing else, but working. [Linus screams in background]
>>EDZEL: Throughout the years I kind of saw Linus as like this crazy maniac, and I was just trying to help him [Linus continues to scream]
do whatever it was he was trying to achieve. But recently, because I’ve taken on managerial roles, he’s more of a teacher than before,
[Linus stops screaming] and I don’t want to turn into him, but I’d like to… to steal some of his skills.
[Linus screams in background]>>BRANDON: It’s a lot more structured here than I think a lot of people would assume>>EDZEL: Compared to the beginning things are a lot more corporate. It seems like we’re a lot less mobile, or agile to just change directions.>>LUKE: There’s intense meetings, and there’s deep statistical analysis. All this kind of stuff which doesn’t make it feel um… as like, fun.>>ANTHONY: It’s actually really refreshing to have a working relationship with somebody who’s, well the CEO of the company, but, you know, we’re working together side by side.>>TARAN: He understands the value of spending good money on employees and equipment so that the product that we make, which is videos in this case, is good.>>LINUS: 138,000 US dollars for two RED cameras and the bullsh– accessories that they make you buy. $60,000 in hard drives to store all this crap on. Another $20,000 in NVMe SSDs so that all of our editors can edit RED footage off of our NAS at the same time.>>COLTON: You know he – he cares. You know he cares about all of us that work here, he cares about you guys watching, and he’s just – he’s just a loving father.>>JOHN: I don’t know. I mean. He said he’s not going to watch it.>>NICK: That’s bullsh–. Everyone knows that Linus is gonna watch this and then he’s going to come around be like, [menacingly] “so umm… Heard you think I say it’s fine all the time I’m mad.”>>TYLER: I’ve always felt that a leader should ride a horse, and I’ve never seen him on horseback. so I guess if I were going to say one thing that Linus could do to improve himself as a leader in my eyes is I’d like to see him on a horse more. It would make me feel a lot more at ease. [laughter] [music begins] [music ends] [Ad] We have got a huge giveaway for everybody today. We’ve got 25 of Tesoro’s new Tuned In-Ear Pro Headphones featuring 9.2 millimeter dynamic drivers presented in a solid durable metal enclosure. It features an inline microphone with a magnetic earbuds storage system to keep them tangle free and you basically just grip near the ear buds, so you can automatically feel which ear they’re supposed to go into. Comes with a carry bag and interchangeable tips, and they only cost 35 bucks if you aren’t lucky and you don’t win the giveaway. So check out the giveaway now at the link in the video description.

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100 thoughts on “What is it like to work for Linus? – Honest Answers Ep. 4

  1. havnt watched this video yet but i have thought about the question asked in the title, so, linus seems to be a bit of a high strung douchebag, doubt i could work with him….now i'll watch this video and if my opinion changes i will reply with my opinion

  2. for me, linus is a genius leader than visually doesn't care about his surroundings but in his mind, he keeps track on what he's doing and what he should do. he really is a genius.

  3. Dawg I would move to Canada and work for his company if I could. That’d be a dream come true i already work like a dog so doing tech shit would be candy

  4. It is my DREAM to work for Linus. I looove geeky shit, I fixed my mom and dads computer all the time when I was 4 years old back in like 2002. I never really took the time to honestly sat down and say “Hey I wanna learn more about the PC.” Whenever I roam my pc stuff I see it and learn it automatically. Almost like a gift in a way that says “Hey, your path is here.” So seeing him and his crew do all these batshit crazy stuff really makes me want to do something like this, but then again… it’s already being done. So therefore my only option that I would really care about would be to work for the guy. The craziness is just the ultimate cherry on top too.

  5. it seems they are so very busy. I hope he pays well for the amount of things these guys has to do. And give them breaks.

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    Me working there: omg i love those leggings 8:53

    Linus: You're truly fired

    Girl: tweets #metoo

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    Anyone remember the old Amd Athlon 64 X2 cpu's ? They were as hot as my cousin.

  8. I'm just now watching this. I'd just like to say I enjoy seeing wholesome, honest things in life and I can tell that this man is what every boss should be. Sadly, most don't have that passion or personality and some of that, capitalism is to blame in my eyes. I'm just glad to see you guys really genuinely have a place you can call your own at work. If every work place and every boss were like this, life would be amazing.

  9. Linus is the reason why tech is bad. He's a bigot, racist, and elitist that tech is NOT supposed to be. #FuckLinus and #FuckLiberals

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    Jokes aside: Being late for a job interview? Common dude. He really should not have considered you.

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  14. Id love too work here because one of the members look like my uncle The one blonde haves glasses and A red sleeved shirt that one

  15. I really wish I could work there I’m 13 I live in the same city as you I would love to just visit and look around please see this comment Linus I watch your videos all THE TIME!

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    (It translates back to "offline media" (as in media that's offline, offline as in local))

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