What Is A Lightworker? πŸ’₯ Discover Your Purpose In Life

– Welcome back, woke friends. I’m Jaron Lukasiewicz, and if you’re trying to master leadership, subscribe to this channel because our community is
creating a whole new way of leading through the principles
of love and selflessness. I’m part of a lightworker community, which is a growing group of people who have made it our life
purpose to help others. If you’re watching this video right now and have made it to this
point in your journey, then you’re most likely a lightworker too. I’m gonna tell you everything
you need to know about it, so stay tuned. (birds chirping) So I’m guessing you’ve
been on a path of discovery to find meaning and your purpose, and even if you’re still figuring it out, you’ve concluded that fulfillment only comes from helping others. I’ve been on a similar path. I was an entrepreneur for almost a decade, in finance before that, and
at some point I just felt like I wasn’t doing something
with a great purpose. (crowd chanting) And maybe, you as well on this journey, have started getting into meditation, are reading about Eastern philosophy, and are learning about consciousness. And if you’ve been doing this, you’re probably seeing a
lot of personal improvement and becoming more focused on others. And probably you’re just becoming a much more authentic version of yourself. Taking that a step further, maybe you even realize
that we’re so much more than our ego self. If what I’m saying makes sense to you, then make no mistake about
it, you are a lightworker. (triumphant music) So two things may have happened
to you on this path so far. First, searching for purpose
may have brought a realization that we can only find fulfillment through helping people and being selfless. That most definitely extends
to the business world. And second, you’ve been connecting
to a wider consciousness that’s changing your view of reality. Well, a lightworker is someone who has made a personal commitment to placing selflessness and helping others as their number one mission in life. And we’re spreading this
message of love, selflessness and connection in order to help people be happier, find
purpose, and frankly, pull themselves away from
their obsession with money. And it’s not just about the
message, it’s about our actions. Does what we’re doing
professionally and personally genuinely help others, or are
we just doing it for money? – Capitalism at its finest. – Does what we’re doing bring people out of the never feeling
satisfied, greed is okay, scarcity-driven paradigm? And that’s what we’re here to change. Your and my mission as lightworkers is to be leaders in this transformation, literally passing our light
and vision of the future to others to show them what’s
possible for their lives so they can live and create
a more fulfilling lifestyle. Many of us are having a
deep connection to the light that is the oneness of the universe. And that’s where the term
lightworker comes from, from this powerful connection
many of us have felt through meditation to a pure light. If you’ve studied quantum physics, then maybe you’ve had this
idea in the back of your mind that concepts like field
theory, quantum entanglement and the Big Bang pretty much prove the non-dualistic nature of the universe. If you’re not familiar with
the concept of duality, it’s this idea that we live in
a three dimensional universe of separation and apparent opposites. For example, me and you, this
and that, right and wrong, true and false, human
and not-human, and so on. But the fact is is that
everything in our universe exists in the same quantum fields, and comes from the same origin, and can impact particles instantly on the other side of the universe in a way that should be impossible. So there’s some scientific support now for the oneness of everything. And in this structure, you and I are just different viewpoints of that same conscious
object that is oneness. (imitates explosion) And this is the heart
of what’s driving us. I’ll stop there for a minute. Are your thoughts at all
going in this direction? Maybe let me know in the comments if you believe you’re a lightworker, and I’m kinda telling you
right now that you kinda are because if you’re still
watching this video you wouldn’t be drawn to these ideas if they didn’t on some
level vibe with you. The first thing we need to do from here is to get our message out. Start talking about lightworker
causes on social media. Share ideas other lightworkers
are putting out there too. Now when you talk about these ideas, you may be inclined to
focus on the old model, which you’ll recognize when you see things like control, fear mongering,
negativity and separation. So get the message out and help people live a
more fulfilling lifestyle. You can stay in touch with the community by joining my newsletter, following the lightworker
hashtag on Instagram, and you’ll be amazed by
the impact you can have as a leader helping people
wake up to these ideas. Next, look at your own life. Don’t feel bad about any shortcomings, but are there any areas
where we aren’t living according to lightworker
principles ourselves? Just notice what’s happening
there, don’t get upset, and try to bring the
actions of selflessness and helping others into
more things you do. You’re going to see that you need to shed some of your old ways of living. I used to be in finance. I only cared about money. Fulfillment does not come from money, and as I realized this,
I changed what I do, I changed my profession, I
changed what I talk about. I’m not saying we can’t
or shouldn’t make money. I’m just saying, look at your profession and if you’re doing things on balance to make money or help others. This is a high-level
state to be operating in with a lot of positive energy, and it’s gonna attract
great hearted people to you. Now something else that’s
going to happen to you, and if you’re not meditating
you need to start right now. I’ll put a link in the comments, is you’re going to have
a set of experiences that connect you to the
oneness underlying everything. There’s a link is in the
comments to a meditation that really helped me
connect to the light. It’s a really exciting
time to be alive isn’t it? I hope you can feel this too. Share this video, start getting active in the lightworker community and help bring people out
of doing things for money and show them how fulfilling life can be. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, I’ll be talking a lot more about the lightworker movement this year, and if you believe in my message, please share this video. Until next week, take care and get woke. (birds chirping)

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