What Happens in an Internet Minute?

We spend a lot of time talking about
Amazon and stand by our prediction that the Seattle firm will be the first $1
trillion market capitalization firm. But today let’s take a look at how
one company is responding: Walmart. Online sales grew 60% in the second quarter. Impressive, but even more impressive is what they’ve been able to accomplish culturally. They’ve taken a page from Amazon’s playbook and become master storytellers. Most firms want to under-promise and over-deliver. However that doesn’t work in a digital age where it’s all about the vision: drones and car production volumes that are impossible to meet are the flavor of the day. The retailer made 15-plus major digital announcements in the past year, touting acquisitions, omnichannel investments and reorganizations, signaling to the Street: hey, we’re in the game as well. They’ve also been vocal about killing things and aren’t afraid to tell the Street when things are not working. All of these announcements collectively paint Walmart as visionary and shift the focus away from the Seattle retailer and fix the market’s gaze on an old lover
from a simpler, more nostalgic time. A winner: Giphy, or is it Jiffy? Giffy or Jiffy? I don’t know. The 40-year-old GIF search engine has 200 million daily active users who watch over 4 million hours of GIFs every day. To put that in perspective, Snapchat has 173 million daily active users. The company’s raised $150 million and is valued at $600 million but is not yet profitable although they are trying to change that
by rolling out sponsored GIFs. Giphy seems to be doing a lot right: not just creating a huge repository of content, but also executing an effective search strategy, forging impressive partnerships and engaging a massive network of users. Giphy gets how young people communicate. What happens in an internet minute? 50 voice-first devices are shipped, 342,000 apps are downloaded, Facebook registers 900,000 logins and 15,000 GIFs are sent via its messenger app. What has changed most dramatically since 2016? Video usage has exploded across social platforms with consumers watching 4 million YouTube videos per minute in another forward-looking indicator of the death of the broadcast television industrial complex. Snapchat shares have grown threefold since last year to 1.8 million per minute. And what hasn’t changed? The number of emails sent, Spotify plays, Tinder swipes and Netflix
hours viewed are relatively flat. And my internet minute? We’ll see you next week. This is what we should do, we should have an animation and it should be a pie, “Scott’s Internet Minute,” it should be Wikipedia, NPR, NYU Stern, The Economist, National
Geographic, to like this slightly tiny, like this little like half a percent slice, it zooms back, and it’s like this size, it’s like a sliver. Genius!

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100 thoughts on “What Happens in an Internet Minute?

  1. I have been following for over 1 1/2 years and this is certainly one of my top favorite channels on YouTube. I've also been looking into NYU Stern, and one of the main reasons that contribute to my potential decision is because of Scott Galloway, being a Professor of Marketing.

  2. Facebook registers 900k logins. Wells Fargo is unimpressed. Also, Scott not only managed a slight shoutout to Steely Dan after the death of their guitarist, but he kept his liberal bias from attacking free speech. Nice Scott.

  3. I think the much more profitable Wal Mart is only getting started. I especially like the recent announcement of working with Google home for voice shopping,

  4. WTF is YouPorn? Millennials watch PornHub on their iPhone using an incognito Google Chrome tab while blasting Netflix in the background to drown out the sound as they shop on Amazon until the the video finishes buffering. Get with the program Scott.

  5. F'k the Stars!! I just saw a Bouy Light up !
    OMG! Do I NOT KNOW UR NAME!! Scott! Yes- Brains Back!!LOLπŸ†
    Thank you for Keeping 'THE A LIST OF COMMERCE' for me!
    My mind is FULL as you can TellπŸ˜¬πŸ€πŸ’–
    Is That The Correct Word to useπŸ€”
    You DO Cover AlotπŸ‘

  6. YouTube is screwing the pouch with its new revenue structure and demonetizing videos. The next big video sharing platform comes by and a lot of content will jump ship making YouTube the next MySpace.

  7. i want to quit my habit of watching porn too. Every time I say not today, and that ten minutes of privacy ends up in a gui mess…

  8. My friend who's never watched your stuff before is asking if you actually like youporn, 'cause he's never used that site

  9. How do I work for you? This big picture marketing strategy is hard to conceptulize when so many marketers pick niche industries or specific mediums to become experts in.

  10. Netflix is getting really dull for me man. In my opinion they really don't have good moves or shows on there. I'm might even cancel it soon.

  11. Youporn is in the "high-lighting", "can't act", "light-skinned" category of porn website. You have to visit more than one website to find porn that works well for you.

  12. I watch your videos literally for the sole reason of having a slight clue whats going on when my tech trendy friends start talking the economic side of the internet.

  13. Why is this dude yelling at me?

    He has a very bland voice, could put me to sleep. Seems like his voice matches his personality as well.

  14. Something about Scott just pierces threw me, it's like my inner voice 5 years ahead in the future, giving me a pep talk of how shit is going down.

  15. I don't know who you guys are but this video popped up as an advert and I was so close to skipping but you was informative to the point and kind of entertaining, I watch to the end and even came here to write this comment. So salute to you!

  16. 900.000 thousands logins per minute isn't a large number. Facebook has 2bn users and pretty much everyone login every 10 minutes to check people status;>

  17. This videos prediction about Amazon being the first Trillion dollar company was wrong. Apple was the first Trillion dollar Company.

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