What a $3,200 Outfit Looks Like in New York City | This Look Is Money | Harper’s BAZAAR

(techno music) – White boots have been trending
for a really long time now and I really wanted to get in on it, so I got this pair from Kenneth Cole and they have a nice walkable heel, so I can get around town
in them super easily and I don’t feel like I’m
hobbling across the street. My jeans are rag & bone, and I specifically chose
these jeans because I was looking for a pair of
pants that was completely different from any pair of
jeans that I already owned. And so when I saw these, I saw that the cuff was
like kind of strange, it said rag & bone down the side, they were pretty stiff, and I wasn’t going to have to hem them so that was perfection. The cardigan is a Balenciaga
and it cost around 1390, which is a bit of a
splurge I acknowledge that, please don’t at me, however I think that, you know, if you work hard and you
wanna spend your money and treat yourself you should. Funny story about this necklace, I had been searching for it for years. It’s Celine by Phoebe Philo. I walked into Barney’s randomly and it was there just waiting for me, and O which is my first
initial and my last initial. So it’s mine, I think it was made for me and I’m so happy I found it. Now that I’m in my mid 30s I believe that I’m a grown ass woman and it’s time to invest in some gold jewelry. So I got these two pieces on mejuri.com, both of the rings together were about 250. The coat is from Aritzia, a Canadian brand who makes literally the absolute best puffers
I’ve ever felt in my life, they’re so soft and they’re so warm. This one cost me 230. Much to my mother’s dismay
I have nine ear piercings, she’s traumatized we don’t
have to get into that, however I think it’s a really great way to sort of mix up your jewelry game but not have to do a lot. So I’m currently wearing
a mix of the last sign, Vrai & Oro and Souvenir, which are all direct to consumer brands, so that’s great because the
prices are always lower. How much this mix cost, I mean yikes I can’t
actually really tell you it’s absurd probably, I don’t know I spend a
lot of money on clothes what do you want me to do. But I will tell you
that these two earrings, the freshwater pearl earrings, are 250 each and I’m so happy to own them, just because from
supporting a female designer and we gotta do that more. (hip-hop music) – I always spend the most money and invest most in my coats and my shoes. These boots are by a friend
of mine who’s a designer his name is Neil J. Rodgers, I love them because
they’re the perfect slouch, it’s a small heel so I can run around and I’ll wear them all day if
I need to, and they cost $675. I love a classic camel coat, this is a little oversized
and I got this at Aritzia. They have the best outerwear, it’s really warm, really soft, comfortable and it just feels really classic and chic. I love these pants because
they’re the perfect everyday high-waisted black trouser, you can wear them with
anything in your wardrobe and they just look instantly chic, and they’re only $60 from Lou & Gray so it’s an affordable find. Printed turtlenecks are one of my favorite trends this season and I
waited until I could find an affordable one that I liked. This one is from H&M and it’s only $18, and you can wear it with pants, skirts, it works with everything. I’m always looking for new
bag and accessory designers, and I’m really excited
that I found this one. It’s a designer called Alfeya Valrina, and she makes these
really great mini handbags that are fun little pops
to add into your wardrobe and they’re pretty affordable, they range from 100 to $300. And of course it matches
my nails and lipstick which is always a bonus too. These earrings are by a
designer called Sarah Chloe, and I love them because
you could take the pearl on or off the hoops so you could wear them two different ways, its
like two earrings in one. I love sunglasses that are a little bit mix of classic and trendy, and that’s why Quay Australia always is a brand that I go to. These are a little bit
90s but they still feel classic enough to wear even
when the 90s trend dies down, if it ever does. (chill music) – I really look for pieces
that I can wear multiple times. Like really great sweaters, I love a silk slip dress, I wear that throughout all the seasons. And extra little elements
like great earrings and bags that can make an outfit
feel more exciting. My boots are from eBay, I’m obsessed with kitten heel,
pointy toe black ankle boots. So these are actually
vintage Stuart Weitzman from the 90s and they were $90. The coat is from SUISTUDIO, it’s actually a brand that does custom-made suiting for women. I was actually hunting
for a houndstooth coat for a really long time, and when I found this one for $500 and it’s full length I was really excited. So my skirt is actually a silk slip dress from a label called
John Patrick’s Organics, they’re my favorite label for silk slips, they do them in a multitude of colors. It’s the perfect length to wear with boots and it’s around $250. So my top is from Aritzia, I love to go there just
because you can sometimes find really unexpected super amazing things. This is a mock neck fine knit. The bag is Mark Cross, I actually got this at a sample sale that I lined up for about two hours for. It was marked down from
around $3000 to 600, so I was super excited and I’m obsessed with top handle bags so
I use this all the time. So my earrings are by a
London brand called Alighieri, it’s one of my favorite labels right now. I’m obsessed with freshwater pearls, pearl anything I will wear. This label’s actually inspired
by the books by Dante. (chill music)

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91 thoughts on “What a $3,200 Outfit Looks Like in New York City | This Look Is Money | Harper’s BAZAAR

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    Again, interesting series but most of the time the people chosen don't really dress better than others to be frank

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  12. So, what did we learn today, children? That if you want to be a fashion anything (Director, editor, etc.) the bare minimum includes a pair of gold and pearl earrings, using the word “obsessed” in every 3rd sentence, especially while talking about Aritzia and that it’s all about the walking boot. 😉

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  16. Whether the clothes being worn are sustainable or not .Whether it supports the environment ; they look like crap. Go to Marshalls and Etsy for it. I rather hear , I could have spent 3,000 ,but I decided to spend 400 and donate the rest or something lol.

  17. Why is the fact that this is clearly in partnership with Aritzia not disclosed anywhere in the video or description? I understand sponsorships as a way to keep content going on this channel, but the lack of disclosure (and the fact that only Hearst employees are featured in this video) is irresponsible.

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