WeWork’s Pledge to Hire 1,500 Refugees | Refugee Initiative | WeWork

This is a list of people that have to flee the country to save their life. If something happen to me, my you know kids gonna be alone. We don’t have no freedom, no future. That’s why I left my country. It’s been a long journey
and I have to do a lot but, I’m on the road. When I left my country, I become really strong and I learn a lot. It was amazing feel
like oh, I’m here now. This country can help me. I went for an interview
and I get hired, in WeWork. When I get home I say
yeah finally, I get job. (soft upbeat music) I’m so grateful to join WeWork. When I first got here,
they already know my name. Mamadou, Mamadou. I say yeah, how they know it? You’re not just coming to your job. You feel like home, that’s
why we connected each other. We join hands together
as a team, to work hard. You can grow at WeWork. You can be lead manager,
you can be front desk, you can be supervisor. The tablets and then
we have it for phones. My dream is to continue my studies. When I heard about WeWork coding class I say yes, I have to apply. I did my first website so, I
can do something with that, I can help people in my country. I’m taking class too, GED. I wanna learn the new skills, new things. I have test for citizenship. What is one reason
colonists come to America? They come for freedom. I wanna be lawyer,
(laughs) helping people. That makes me happy. One day, I wanna bring my kids here. I’m crossing the finger. There are a lot of refugees like me, and they have a goal. They just need a little help. (soft upbeat music)

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