Western Rise Techwool Flannel Review

Hello travellers, so today we’re doing just
a kind of quick hands-on review with the new Western Rise Techwool Flannel
shirt. so some of my first thoughts are that it’s very nice and comfortable to
wear and they say it’s got a very smooth texture and you can see that here. it’s very smooth and very comfortable to wear and it’s also very stretchy. so it’s
48 percent polyester and 47 percent coolmax, and a five percent non-mulesed wool and it has a two-way stretch in the
fabric and it’s a 180 GSM. now the wool content does make it quite
warm. so it’s we’re in a transitional period in Australia where is its spring
and it’s still some days it’s quite cool some days it’s warmer and but just
wearing this with one merino wool undershirt it feels very warm and I
don’t feel the need to put on the jacket. whereas earlier today I did need to put on
a jacket. so it definitely keeps the warmth in and it’s very comfortable and
stretchy. now it does come in two colors the black which I’m wearing here
and a white version and that’s a bit different than your traditional flannel
shirts which have a pattern on them. so I also quite surprised by the fit of this
this is the size small and typically with some of the previous Western rise
shirts I have found that these small is a little bit too big for me. but the last
two recent shirts that they have made. one being the Airlight shirt which I reviewed earlier
here. and that I wore to Thailand that one was also small and it fit very well
and this one also fits quite well so I think they have updated their fit for
the small and now fits very well. and personally I quite like this new fit
it’s not too tight and it’s not too loose. So another great thing about the
flannel is that its good for layering and similar to a merino wool shirt it’s
actually good for cool weather layering so you could wear a merino wool t-shirt
and the flannel and in a jacket. or more layers to get more warmth. you can also
wear the flannel as kind of like a very very light jacket. so you could wear it
open buttons or even roll the sleeves up if it gets a bit warmer. It comes in at
$176 Australian dollars or $119 u.s. so a very nice new shirt for Western rise and I would recommend checking out especially
if you like flannels and you want something with a two-way
stretch that’s good for cool weather and also is quite versatile for traveling
and layering. so that’s it. thanks very much for watching, be sure to stay
subscribed to keep up to future videos and be sure to let me know down in the
comments what you think about this shirt or what are your favorite shirts for
travel. thanks again for watching and I’ll see in the next one.

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