We’re Running Out Of Materials To Make New Tech & Trump’s Fighting Google

Welcome to this week’s
Digital News Roundup We trawl the internet for the latest digital and tech news,
so you don’t have to. (light applause) Ah, don’t mention it The world is running out of materials to make our tech!! The Royal Society of Chemistry conducted a study that found as many as 40 million unused gadgets with the endangered
materials are kicking around in UK homes. I mean, they’re not wrong I had all these in my drawers sorryyy… The solution? Properly recycle your gadgets! Twitter is introducing new flexible ad bidding options The new options will only charge if your video ad is
viewed for at least six seconds and 50% of it is on the screen. The platform is continuing to encourage marketers to
optimise their content for mobile for the most effective results. Facebook’s new ‘Clear History’ button does zero, zip, zilch, nada, nothing! The feature was promised over a year ago,
and will show your ‘off-Facebook activity’, as well as allowing you to stop your data
being shared with other apps and businesses your data however, will not be deleted
off Facebook’s servers. Roll eyes Oh er.. sorry Google Ads are removing yet ANOTHER option Wave goodbye to accelerated delivery because soon standard delivery will be the only
option available for search and shopping campaigns. However, it will still be available for
Display and Video campaigns Facebook are hiring journalists to create news… …I mean collect news Like us, Facebook understand how
important the news is, who knew? and the new job positions will curate news
stories from trusted news outlets to create on-brand new dedicated News sections Goodbye fake news! Donald Trump shot himself in the foot this week by calling out Google’s algorithm

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