Well Played – Deck Tech: Togwaggle Druid with Starfall

Well played! In this video, We’ll look at the Togwaggle Druid deck used by Hearthstone pro ETC, to finish Rank 1 Legend on the Asia server during the October 2018 season. This deck list is a great example of how understanding
a strategy’s inherent weaknesses and finding ways to compensate, can lead to breakout success. Let’s get right into it. Togwaggle Druid wins by drawing
as many cards as possible, and then swapping your empty deck
with your opponent’s, using King Togwaggle. Normally, your opponent can swap the empty deck back using the Ransom card
that Togwaggle puts in their hand. But, thanks to Azalina Soulthief, you also create a Ransom copy
that will allow you to re-swap the decks a final time. If done correctly, you’ll be able to sit back and relax while your opponent helplessly dies
of fatigue. You’re probably wondering how Togwaggle Druid can play
15 Mana worth of minions in a single turn. But, thanks to Twig of the World Tree’s
Deathrattle, or the Cost reduction
from Dreampetal Florist, this combo is not only possible, but lethally effective. ETC’s list is especially innovative, because it solves
Togwaggle Druid’s biggest problem: dealing with wide boards. Druid already has Spreading Plague to address these game states. But oftentimes, it isn’t enough! You need to buy a lot of time
to draw your entire deck. So, ETC adds Starfall to complement Plague, giving him multiple cards
to deal with wide boards. This is a great addition that improves
Togwaggle Druid’s survivability and allowed ETC
to dominate the October ladder. ETC’s inclusion of Starfall is a great example of pro-level analysis, turbocharging an already strong deck. ETC wasn’t the only pro
to think of this innovation. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and experiment
with your own special tech, to level up your game, in preparation for Hearthstone esports’ 2019 program. Thanks for watching everyone. If you enjoyed this video, brought to you by the coaches
at Gamer Sensei, please visit playhearthstone.com/esports for more of the Well Played series and all things Hearthstone esports. Well played!

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5 thoughts on “Well Played – Deck Tech: Togwaggle Druid with Starfall

  1. Взял он одну карту в колоду и че? Видео теперь про ето снимать как будто ето достижение какое то??? Да много кто берет эту карту в колоды так что теперь про всех видео снимать??? Тьфу блять ну и чепуха!!!!

  2. Starfall is the most underestimated Druid deck. I've only seen three others play Starfall against me in Casual/Ranked and I use this deck a lot when I'm playing Custom control Druid decks.

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