Well Played – Deck Tech Quest Rogue

well in this video we’ll dive deep into the
quest rogue deck used by hearthstone pro rage to finish ranked one legend in the
September 2018 season this deck is a great example of how even a single pro
level card choice can vastly impact deck performance let’s get right into it in
many ways rages deck functions like a typical quest rope rage wants to
complete the caverns below quest as fast as possible and then overwhelm his
opponent with sheep for force but rages list also finds room for an innovative
addition lab recruiter why add this card because in September the pro meta was
full of other quest rogues as well as toggle druids and lab recruiter is
exceptionally strong in both matchups against tog waggled rude lab recruiter
almost single-handedly guarantees victory with FLIR the holo and play and
lab recruiter in hand you can safely let your opponent combo off with tog wazzle
and a Selena why because Valier is hero power can summon an extra lab recruiter
letting you shuffle the first into your deck for an infinite chain of minions
and suddenly tog waggle druid can’t fatigue you and they don’t have any
other way to win against other quest robed X lab recruiter provides more
strategic flexibility Sonya shadow dancers typically a key card in the
matchup held for the late game but with the addition of lab recruiter to the
deck quest row can now also play Sonya early for tempo safe and the knowledge
that more copies can be shuffled away for later use this added flexibility
makes it much easier to capitalize on a variety of draws to secure victory rages
inclusion of lab recruiter is indicative of the insightful decision making pros
use to dominate competitive hearthstone and rage wasn’t the only Pro to think of
this innovation so what are you waiting for
go out there and experiment with your own special tech to start earning HCT
points yourself thanks for watching everyone if you
enjoyed this video brought to you by the coaches at gamer sensei please visit
play hearthstone comm slash eSports for more of the well played series and all
things hearthstone eSports

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6 thoughts on “Well Played – Deck Tech Quest Rogue

  1. That list was pre-nerf. Now, Chain Gangs are played instead of Giggling Inventors, and it's a lot weaker against aggro. It's not that good anymore. I'd only use this in really heavy control/combo pocket metas.

  2. wtf giggling inventor is 7 mana. this deck is outdated and garbage now. are you just 3 months behind wherever you live or wtf ?!

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