Welcome to Shenzhen, China’s Tech Megacity

This is the Chinese mega city of Shenzhen a gleaming monument to China’s economic miracle. In 1980 it was a town with around 60,000 residents. Now it’s China’s technological hub,
with a population of over 12 million. Entrepreneurs, high-flying tech graduates
and international companies flock here to join the tech revolution. Welcome to Shenzhen Shenzhen sits north of Hong Kong in the Pearl River Delta. One of the most densely urbanised
regions in the world. The area has an estimated population of 120 million people In 1980 Shenzhen was dedicated a Free Economic
Zone – an experiment in market capitalism in Communist China. The effects were explosive. Shenzhen’s population
skyrocketed in just over 30 years. The city has a massive migrant workforce.
Over 4 million residents staying during the week and then returning home on the weekend. But, it’s tech hardware that has put this
city on the map. If Silicon Valley dreams it up, then this
is where it’s made. This is Huaqiangbei market – arguably the
world’s largest electronics market. Filming here is banned….. but here’s a sneaky peak. The market’s neon lit corridors stretch
across multiple buildings and many floors. The stalls sell everything from the latest
gadgets, to the tiniest screws and many items are rips off, Chinese fakes of US products. But if you wanted to, you could buy all you
need to build your own smartphone, or 100,000 of them Because Shenzhen draws in workers from across
China, its foods scene is just as varied as its population. If you’re looking for the full banquet experience, Shang Palace in the Shangri-La Hotel has got you covered. Their Dim Sum lunch is a feast for the eyes
and the mouth. It’s a showcases of authentic Cantonese cuisine. Or try something a little more casual, such
as Chinese Hot Pot. A simmering pot of soup stock is kept on your
table and you put your choice of ingredients in. One of the most famous variations is flavoured
which Sichuan pepper so watch out, it can pack a serious spicy punch. When you get the bill you’ll notice QR codes. Here in Shenzhen they’re used by locals
to pay for just about everything. Simply scan the code and the money is transferred.
Sound great but there’s a hitch. You can’t use them unless you have a Chinese
bank account. So a technology to make life easier only works
if you’re a local. Finally, why not enjoy some sport… Shenzhen style. This is Robomaster. A competition put on by
local drone and tech company DJI. Students teams from around the world compete using a variety of self made robots to shoot
each other and destroy the opposition base. The competition aims to foster engineering
and programming and keep Shenzhen at the forefront of the tech revolution.

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100 thoughts on “Welcome to Shenzhen, China’s Tech Megacity

  1. Anyone with common sense will know that USA don't made anything cheap, simply USA made ripoff products.
    I'd you have been to Shenzhen you will see there aren't anything like fake US products. Chinese are not so stupid to buy cheap fake handphones. Chinese made better brand phones than Yankees, we have Huawei, Oppo, Xiomi and etc.
    If there are cheap products, these are for cheapskate America tourist like you.

  2. I am 20 years old and I live in Shenzhen. Asia is with no doubt the future, you would have to visit China to realize how advanced the technology is, it can be scary sometimes

  3. Pretty cool to see how cosmopolitan it has become. I do hope that the city always keeps a bit of its Cantonese language, its (方言?), and culture, It has seemed to me like most communication there is in Mandarin(Putonghua) now, which in some ways, as the national form of the language (語言?), makes sense seeing as it has transcended merely being regional centre. Just don't loose too much of your past chasing the future.

    As a Canadian, I find it funny how people get all butthurt about how someone else is finally doing well. If you're doing well, just don't be a dick about it and don't degrade all those whom you 'perceive' as below or behind you. A lot of Americans, and now Chinese, seem to be bad at this. Power and hubristic pride are intoxicating. If you're not doing so well, or not as well as you would like, don't feel like you need to tear other people down to feel better, as if standing on rubble actually makes you taller.

  4. To all those bashing democracy, turn your vpn off and try commenting again… no democracy = stupid bans on things including youtube smh

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  6. 我喜欢唱 跳 rap 篮球🏀 music ~多冷呀 我在东北玩泥巴 东北不大 杜拉杜拉 哒哒哒~

  7. Okay I Agree China is on different level.
    Well done China you are inspirational to entire South Asia. We can learn from you.

  8. I went to shenzhen last week, and I was apalled how many rude chinese exist in that city, so many of them throw trash on the streets, poop and pee in public, and yell when speaking. disgusting chinese culture

  9. Shenzhen is now decades ahead of HongKong in technology; average people's living standard already ahead of HongKong

  10. The US shouldn't let it self be just a typical, historical incident of a risen and fallen super power. If it proposes to lead, it has to beat China in the realm of ideals as well as military and politics. In today's world, as in the worlds of old, things will revolve by way of practical persuasion–not by threat and high handed maneuver.

  11. 看到这个视频总是会痛心香港的迟缓和无知……中药港、电子港、互联网大潮…香港赶落了多少机会?金融和房地产还能撑多久?上海、北京、深圳在经济总量上都把香港超了,广州还在香港屁股后面撵…香港到底在干什么(=_=)

  12. Soon, someone is going to use a fake QR code and place it somewhere, and when you scan it..there goes your digital bank account. Lol

  13. Shenzhen is back up by Silicon Valley America, England, China itz a tech Revolution for the WORLD…open your eyes people stop hatting on each other. Time to ise this Tech to CLEAN THE OCEANS….

  14. You want to know how intelligent Americans is? Just look at who they voted to be their President, lol! That’s how intelligent they are, about 90% of them are like Trumps. 😂


  16. Do you like to play chess? You may look Budapest Hungary or if real Sankt Petersburg or Moscow cowboys I know China who are very clever and never think too much about them self can do even better than any one. Best to You! For comment below for the world many culture gave even ancient China and you knew how to live even better back than so you are not a só called developing country but rather a teacher your medicina and technology was best even many thousend years ago. (for example! from Budapest Hungary

  17. I love Chinese people, food, culture, I love Chinese herbal tea and medicine. I love Buddhism the most and I am stuck in stupid freezing 🇨🇦. I think I’m Transrace rather than Transgender, born the wrong race because I hate everything that is French. (Sorry, I am not sorry Quebec.)

  18. thank for your video, I want to add something about qr code payment used by "wechat pay and JIFUBAO (alipay)", you can use them without having a chinese bank acount, I have been there for 5 months without a chinese bank card and I really have enjoyed paying by wechat pay.

  19. Chinese commies prefer this rootless city because it seems to prove their wisdom and correctness. NO. And they're more graceful ones in Southern China with much more to discover, not some cities built from political instructions or yellow-dirt covered old Soviet-style Northern ones. Commies are commies, stupid forever. But people are not.

  20. Brazilian here and for real, the future is in Asia. If you can't believe in this you are not seeing the bigger picture. Gonna start learning mandarin and japanese to keep up with the world.

  21. Lets face it…the U.S and the Western world are now at the bottom of the race..Chinese dominates in everything now..from their high tech Cosmopolitan cities to their technology..

  22. very touching to see the young kids at Robomaster competition which was held by DJI. They are the future and outpouring strength of China.

  23. CCP Xi Jing Pig 🐷 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 is in the panic mode. Central banks of CCP. will collapse soon. They’re out of papers to printing money’s.The fake propaganda doesn’t works.

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