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Hi I’m Justin and this is Hawk life 101
life on campus. Did you know that there are more than
150 student groups at Illinois Tech and over 600 on-campus events every year. Whether into robotics, theater, math, international culture or Quidditch there’s something
here for everyone. The Office of Campus Life overseas student groups and
activities on campus. Campus Life runs the Freshman Fifteen, a specially
designed program to help first-year students get acclimated to life at Illinois Tech. The Freshman 15 is a great way to learn more about student groups and
upcoming events as well as student services, academic programs, and so much more. The Campus Life website has a list of student groups at Illinois Tech. You can
follow the campus life hawk link page to learn more to. The university’s daily
campus e-newsletter Illinois Tech Today is another great resource as is Tech
News the student newspaper. Lots of student groups promote events on
posters throughout the campus to. The Athletics Department is home to the
universities sports program. Try out for a varsity team or cheer on the scarlet
Hawks as a fan. The Athletics Department also oversees an array of recreational
sports from cricket, to soccer, to dodgeball in addition to fitness classes
from dance to yoga. There is no shortage of academic groups that you can join to.
Illinois Tech’s colleges, schools, and departments oversee many academic groups. These range from physics, business, medical, and humanitarian groups to
groups for engineers, budding entrepreneurs, hackers and more. You have more ways to do what you love. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion organizes
events through awareness month. The Office of Residents in Greek Life hosts
events through sororities, fraternities, and res halls and if you commute for
classes the Commuter Student Association is a great way to get involved with
fellow students who live off campus. And remember with so much to do outside of
class Illinois Tech you’ll never be bored. You can always start your own group get

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