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Welcome Deck Upgrades I really like to help get new players started
in Magic the Gathering. The Welcome Decks are the best first step,
but what do you do next? You upgrade, of course. Welcome Young Mage, I’m the Rhino. I want to help you get better at Magic. There are 10 color combinations the Welcome
Decks come in. I could have made 10 videos, one about each
combination… But I didn’t because I want you to see what
9 other people would do. Everyone had a limit of $5 and then a total
of $15 to upgrade their Welcome Deck. Most card shops charge 10 cent for commons
and 25 cent for uncommon cards. So we used that for judging the cost of the
upgrades. Rares and mythics are often at market price. If you are new to Magic, watch each person
describe their color combination. Learn what they picked and why. All of these decks are currently in Standard
and you can play them at Friday Night Magic. You probably won’t win first place, but
you WILL have fun. You WILL learn a lot. If you are an old pro at Magic these are some
great videos for you too. Each is a different YouTuber that makes very
different content. Each one wants to help you get better at your
game and help you train up the next generation
of competition for you. These videos ARE for everyone. Normally I would say “Comment below and
tell me what you think.” A thumbs up would be nice. But in this case I would rather you go to
the next video. Watch each one. Give them a thumbs up and comment on their
video. If you want to see more, subscribe to their
channel. See you at the end, Rhino out… for now.

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