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– It’s that time again
for another weekly update from The World Powered
by Hashgraph, let’s go. Recapping the recent announcement
from Hedera Hashgraph. Further notoriety for the project, more projects to join the ecosystem, plus an update from the
Gossip Guy at the end, so, with all this said, let’s get started. What is talkin’ about, and who am I? That’s a secret you obviously know. You know you like me, hashgraph hashgraph. Hello everyone, it’s the
Gossip Guy, your trusted source for news and developmenets
from The World Powered by Hashgraph, and if it’s
not obvious already, things have been quite active from
The World Powered by Hashgraph. For this week, I wanna cover
a lookback at the recent announcement from Hedera
Hashgraph on the accredited investor crowd sale, some
other notoriety that Hedera Hashgraph has obtained from
the industry, a look at some recent projects that
have announced their plans to join the ecosystem, and
an update from yours truly at the end of this episode,
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as this helps the Gossip Guy content get discovered on Youtube. Okay, that out of the way, at
this point, you’re probably aware that Hedera Hashgraph
has raised over a hundred million dollars today
and has announced its accredited investor crowdsale. We learned about this through
an update that was made by the Co-Founders, Dr. Leemon
Baird and Mance Harmon, that was announced on Wednesday,
August 1st, now I probably could spend this entire
episode lookin into this announcement, however I
already had the opportunity to produce two pieces
of content that featured Tom Trowbridge, the president
of Hedera Hashgraph that allowed us to gain further
insights around this. This included an overview
of the actual announcement and details surrounding the
security of the platform and the role that the token plays. I definitely recommend that
you go check out these videos when you get the chance,
but I don’t wanna leave you with a cliffhanger, so I
thought to point some other key resources available in addition
to my content that you can go in order to gain further
information regarding the accredited investor crowdsale. Starting off first with
the original update made by Dr. Baird and Mance which
provided an update on the status of the platform overall, the
Hedera Hashgraph website and associated staff portal, which
the Hedera Hashgraph team has noted are the authoritative
sources for all resources related to the crowdsale, an
FAQ document that was posted after the announcement was
made, which was sourced from questions generated from the
community, and a subsequent update video that featured
Mance Harmon, which looked at and provided answers to some
of the most asked about topics related to the announcement,
the upcoming milestones for the project, the accreditation
process for the SAFT, token supply distribution
and insights into early stage investors, nevertheless, the
community had a wide range of reactions, ranging from the
good, the bag, and the ugly, which is certainly understandable
considering many of us have been following this
project for quite some time. Although I’m holding off on
providing some of my opinions related to this crowdsale, if
you’re looking for some really good commentary regarding this,
I highly recommend that you go check out The Crytoverse
podcast titled, “Thoughts On Hedera Hashgraph Crowdsale.” Honestly, Chris Coney does a
better job at articulating this than I could ever do and also
provides an objective overview of the Hashgraph Consesus
Algorithm, the Hedera Hashgraph platform, which is clearly supported by some very thorough research. Personally, I also agree
with the viewpoints expressed by Cryptoverse, I see the
actions taken by their Hasgraph at this early stage to be
sound, they may not be popular, but they’re needed in order to ensure a long term, stable platform. And moving on, Hedera Hasgraph
also gains some notoriety within the DLT industry, starting
first with 34, the number of tokens currently being
explored by Coinbase as part of their expansion of their
custody services which also includes Hedera Hasgraph. Recently, in a media post,
Coinbase announced their plans to explore the support of 34
additional crypto assets for their Coinbase custody
services which is offered to institutional clients to optimize storage across multiple crypto currencies. Now this announcement is
simply to announce their plans to explore supporting the
custody of these tokens for storage purposes only and
does not represent Coinbase’s plans to list the tokens on an exchange for trading purposes. However, this is exciting
news as custody services are a critical element for the
further enterprise adoption of DLT technologies, especially
allowing for tokens to be stored in a highly secured fashion. Obviously, this is great news
to hear that Hedera Hasgraph is being considered. Next, 150, that’s the first
page where we see a reference to Hashgraph, an acclaimed
writer, George Gilder’s new book, “Life after Google.” In case you don’t know, George
Gilder is one of the leading economic and technological
thinkers of the past forty years, and the author of 19 books. In his newest book, “Life
after Google,” Gilder tackles the fall of big data and rise of the blockchain economy. In it, he discussed a number
of companies and DLT platforms but also focuses on Hedera
Hashgraph’s platform, citing Hashgraph as perhaps the most formidable new player within space. This was pretty cool news
to see that Hedera Hashgraph is gaining some further
awareness within the industry and definitely go check out
this book as it provides some other valuable insights
into the DLT space overall. Okay, next step, what does a
Non Fungible Token, a content delivery net, and AI neural
network all have in common? Well, these are the underlying
use cases behind three new projects that have announced
their plans to use Hedera Hasgraph and have joined the ecosystem. This includes Alto, a
decentralized platform with a suit of tools for game developers,
item creators, and players, built around the blockchain’s
item first economy. Through the Alto platform,
interoperable Cryptoitems will be minted, used, and sold across multiple games and users. Alto enables cyptoitems and
initial item offerings by using the ERC721 standard smart
contract, which are commonly referred to as Non Fungible Tokens. You’re probably familiar with
CryptoKitties, which is a NFT. However, unlike cats on the
blockchain, Alto has chosen to also support Hedera Hashgraph,
citing the platform’s potential for providing
lightning fast transaction speeds with very minimal gas
or transaction costs. Two of the biggest problems
blockchain developers have faced today while developing on other
popular public blockchains. Plus given Hedera Hashgraph’s
port of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, the Alto team notes
that they can easily port their Solidity based smart contracts
with minimal co-changes. Next we have NOIA network,
or Network of Internet Acceleration, which is a high
throughput content delivery network and middleware layer
based on a widely dispersed network of edge catches and relay notes. Basically NOIA utilizes the
spare bandwidth from household computers, routers, and
data centers and implements a distributed ledger based
delivery layer integrable with both web apps or DAPP
architectures, while currently NOIA’s main node network
is built on Ethereum, NOIA network has announced their
plans to launch an additional node network on Hedera
Hashgraph’s public ledger. The team notes that the process
of developing an additional node network will provide
the opportunity to explore the full range of benefits offered by the Hedera Hashgraph platform. Also, I had the chance
to connect with the team during the Tallinn, Estonia
meet-up that we hosted back in June, so this is definitely
a project I recommend you keep a close eye on. And finally, the third
project joining the ecoystem is OLPortal, decentralized
messenger DAPP on a neural network with the functionality of artificial intelligence dialogues. OLPortal offers users the
ability to create messages automatically using neural
bots that compose answers to messages within
selected chat applications. Users need only to confirm
the suggested variance of the bot’s answers to the messages. In case you’re not familiar,
neural networks are a computing system inspired by
biological neural networks similar to the brain. These systems learn to perform tasks without being programmed. To ensure user’s privacy
and security, the next stage of the project is to migrate
to a decentralized platform. Taking into account the
complexity and innovativeness of the neural network’s
development, OLPortal has decided to place the future of the
OLPortal ecosystem on the Hedera Hashgraph platform. Once again, the team cites
Hashgraph’s secure, fair, and lightning fast properties
as the main deciding factors to launch their application on top of Hedera Hashgraph’s public ledger. And on that note, as part of
next week’s episode, we’ll plan to take a closer look at
OLPortal and also get a demo of their product, so
make not to miss this. Obviously, this is great news
to hear of more DAPPS planning to use Hedera Hashgraph. The ecosystem continues to
steadily grow and the use cases become more and more interesting,
especially as the teams plan to take advantage of the
Hashgraph Consesus Algorithm’s stand-out properties. I hope you find these updates
to be helpful, and if there’s any project that you’re
interested in, lemme know by leaving a comment down below. Okay, so now that we’ve covered
the updates from The World Powered by Hashgraph, this
brings me to the final segment and an update of my own. I’m humbled to announce that
as of a few days ago, I’ve reached the 1,000 subscriber milestone. Obviously, this is a small
step in a creator’s journey on the Youtube platform,
however, I greatly appreciate the community’s support along the way. Without it, I’d just be a
guy here in New York City gossiping about an emerging technology. So I want to extend my
greatest of gratitude. Thank you. Lastly, as a final note,
next week, I’ll be switching over to a livestream for the
weekly Gossip and Hashgraph series which I’ll be
posting further details on in the coming days. The livestream has been a
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